group: org.apache.struts

fresh name packaging artifact id
Struts 2 Core jar struts2-core
Struts 2 Spring Plugin jar struts2-spring-plugin
Struts Core jar struts-core
Struts 2 Convention Plugin jar struts2-convention-plugin
Struts 2 JSON Plugin jar struts2-json-plugin
Struts 2 JUnit Plugin jar struts2-junit-plugin
Struts Taglib jar struts-taglib
Struts 2 Configuration Browser Plugin jar struts2-config-browser-plugin
Struts Extras jar struts-extras
Struts 2 Tiles Plugin jar struts2-tiles-plugin
Struts EL jar struts-el
Struts Annotations jar struts-annotations
Struts 2 Sitemesh Plugin jar struts2-sitemesh-plugin
Struts Tiles jar struts-tiles
Struts 2 Dojo Plugin jar struts2-dojo-plugin
Struts 2 REST Plugin jar struts2-rest-plugin
Struts 2 DWR Plugin jar struts2-dwr-plugin
Struts 2 OSGi Plugin jar struts2-osgi-plugin
Struts 2 Portlet Plugin jar struts2-portlet-plugin
Struts 2 Jasper Reports Plugin jar struts2-jasperreports-plugin
Struts 2 Struts 1 Plugin jar struts2-struts1-plugin
Struts 2 JSF Plugin jar struts2-jsf-plugin
Struts 2 JFreeChart Plugin jar struts2-jfreechart-plugin
Struts 2 Embedded JSP Plugin jar struts2-embeddedjsp-plugin
Struts 2 Codebehind Plugin jar struts2-codebehind-plugin
Struts Mailreader DAO jar struts-mailreader-dao
Struts 2 Java Templates Plugin jar struts2-javatemplates-plugin
Struts 2 TestNG Plugin jar struts2-testng-plugin
Struts 2 OVal Plugin jar struts2-oval-plugin
Struts 2 Sitegraph Plugin jar struts2-sitegraph-plugin
Struts 2 Pell Multipart Plugin jar struts2-pell-multipart-plugin
Struts 2 Plexus Plugin jar struts2-plexus-plugin
Struts 2 OSGi Demo Bundle bundle struts2-osgi-demo-bundle
Struts 2 OSGi Admin Bundle bundle struts2-osgi-admin-bundle
Struts 2 GXP Plugin jar struts2-gxp-plugin
Struts 2 Tiles 3 Plugin jar struts2-tiles3-plugin
Struts 2 CDI Plugin jar struts2-cdi-plugin
Struts 2 Bean Validation Plugin jar struts2-bean-validation-plugin
Struts 2 Portlet Tiles Plugin jar struts2-portlet-tiles-plugin
Struts Faces jar struts-faces
Struts Scripting jar struts-scripting jar
Struts 2 API jar struts2-api
Struts 2 Java 8 support plugin jar struts2-java8-support-plugin
Struts OSGi Bundles pom struts2-osgi-bundles
Struts 2 Archetypes - Angular JS jar struts2-archetype-angularjs
Struts 2 Showcase Webapp war struts2-showcase
Struts pom struts-parent
Struts 2 Continuations Plugin jar struts2-continuations-plugin
Struts 2 JBoss Blank Webapp war struts2-jboss-blank
Struts 2 Bill of Materials pom struts2-bom
Struts 2 Blank Webapp war struts2-blank
Struts Plugins xml struts2-plugins
Struts 2 Archetypes - Starter jar struts2-archetype-starter
Struts 2 Maven Archetypes pom struts2-archetypes
Struts 2 Maven Archetypes pom struts-archetypes
Struts 2 Archetypes - Portlet jar struts2-archetype-portlet
Struts 2 Archetypes - Plugin jar struts2-archetype-plugin
Struts 2 Archetypes - Database Portlet jar struts2-archetype-dbportlet
Struts 2 Archetypes - Blank Convention jar struts2-archetype-convention
Struts 2 Archetypes - Blank jar struts2-archetype-blank
Apache Struts zip struts-master
Struts 2 Webapps pom struts2-apps
Struts 2 Assembly zip struts2-assembly
Struts 2 Portlet Webapp war struts2-portlet
Struts 2 zip struts2-parent
Struts 2 Mail Reader Webapp war struts2-mailreader
Struts 2 Rest Showcase Webapp war struts2-rest-showcase
Struts 2.3.8 - 2.5.5 secure Jakarta Multipart parser plugin jar struts2-secure-jakarta-multipart-parser-plugin
Struts 2.3.20 - 2.5.5 secure Jakarta stream Multipart parser plugin jar struts2-secure-jakarta-stream-multipart-parser-plugin

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