group: org.apache.stratos

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Stratos - Common bundle org.apache.stratos.common
Apache Stratos - Messaging bundle org.apache.stratos.messaging
Apache Stratos - Cloud Controller Service Stub bundle
Apache Stratos - Autoscaler Service Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.autoscaler.service.stub
Apache Stratos - Manager bundle org.apache.stratos.manager
Apache Stratos - Load Balancer - Extension API jar org.apache.stratos.load.balancer.extension.api
Apache Stratos - Kubernetes API Java Client bundle org.apache.stratos.kubernetes.client
Apache Stratos - Load Balancer - Common bundle org.apache.stratos.load.balancer.common
Apache Stratos - Mock IaaS API Client bundle org.apache.stratos.mock.iaas.client
Apache Stratos - Manager Service Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.manager.service.stub
Apache Stratos - Mock IaaS bundle org.apache.stratos.mock.iaas
Fabric8 :: Kubernetes API bundle kubernetes-api
jclouds Amazon EC2 provider bundle aws-ec2
Apache Stratos - Metadata Client bundle org.apache.stratos.metadata.client
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Agent jar org.apache.stratos.cartridge.agent
Apache Stratos - Common Server Feature pom org.apache.stratos.common.server.feature
Apache Stratos - CLI jar org.apache.stratos.cli
WSO2 Carbon - UI bundle org.wso2.carbon.ui
Apache Stratos - Event Processor Server Feature pom org.apache.stratos.event.processor.server.feature
Apache Stratos - Tenant Management Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.tenant.mgt.stub
jclouds vcloud api bundle vcloud
jclouds Google Compute Engine provider bundle google-compute-engine
Apache Stratos - CEP Extensions jar org.apache.stratos.cep300.extension
Apache Stratos - Custom Handlers Feature pom org.apache.stratos.custom.handlers.feature
Apache Stratos - Common Stubs bundle org.apache.stratos.common.stub
Apache Stratos - Cartridge app Management Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.manager.stub
Apache Stratos - Tenant Managment bundle org.apache.stratos.tenant.mgt
jclouds ec2 api bundle ec2
Apache Stratos - Status Monitor Core bundle org.apache.stratos.status.monitor.core
jclouds Google Compute Engine provider bundle gce
Apache Stratos - Tenant Managment Core bundle org.apache.stratos.tenant.mgt.core
Apache Stratos - PCA - Integration Common Module jar org.apache.stratos.python.cartridge.agent.integration.common
Apache Stratos - Integration Common Module jar org.apache.stratos.integration.common
Apache Stratos - TenantActivity bundle org.apache.stratos.tenant.activity
Apache Stratos - CEP Extensions jar org.apache.stratos.cep.extension
jclouds openstack-neutron api bundle openstack-neutron
Apache Stratos - Keystore Generation and Management bundle org.apache.stratos.keystore.mgt
Apache Stratos - Common UI Feature pom org.apache.stratos.common.ui.feature
Apache Stratos - Logging View UI bundle org.apache.stratos.logging.view.ui
Apache Stratos - Cloud Manager UI styles bundle org.apache.stratos.manager.styles
Apache Stratos - Management Core Feature pom org.apache.stratos.manager.server.feature
Apache Stratos - Load Balancer bundle org.apache.stratos.load.balancer
Apache Stratos - Autoscaler bundle org.apache.stratos.autoscaler
Apache Stratos - Cloud Controller bundle
Apache Stratos - Deployment bundle org.apache.stratos.deployment
Apache Stratos - Tenant Theme Configurations bundle org.apache.stratos.theme.mgt
Guice bundle guice
Apache Stratos - Theme Configuration User Interface bundle org.apache.stratos.theme.mgt.stub
Apache Stratos - Activation bundle org.apache.stratos.activation
Apache Stratos - Tenant activity Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.tenant.activity.stub
Apache Stratos - DAS Extension jar org.apache.stratos.das.extension
Apache Stratos - CEP Extensions jar org.apache.stratos.cep310.extension
Apache jclouds :: OpenStack :: Nova API bundle openstack-nova
Fabric8 :: Kubernetes Generated Model bundle kubernetes-model
Apache Stratos - Repository Notification Service Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.adc.reponotification.service.stub
Apache Stratos - Validate Domains Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.validate.domain.stub
Apache Stratos - Tenant Dispatcher bundle org.apache.stratos.tenant.dispatcher
Apache Stratos - Status Monitor Back-End bundle org.apache.stratos.status.monitor
Apache Stratos - Tenant Registration Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.tenant.register.stub
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Agent Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.cartridge.agent.stub
Apache Stratos - Status Monitor Server Feature pom org.apache.stratos.status.monitor.server.feature
Apache Stratos - Status Monitor - User Interface bundle org.apache.stratos.status.monitor.ui
jclouds Components compute bundle jclouds-compute
Apache Stratos - Tenant Specific URL redirector Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.redirector.servlet.stub
Apache Stratos - Status Monitor Agent Feature pom org.apache.stratos.status.monitor.agent.feature
Apache Stratos - Account Management Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.account.mgt.stub
Apache Stratos - Status Monitor Agent bundle org.apache.stratos.status.monitor.agent
Apache Stratos - SSO redirector UI component bundle org.apache.stratos.sso.redirector.ui
Apache Stratos - Tenant Specific URL redirector UI component bundle org.apache.stratos.redirector.servlet.ui
Apache Stratos - Email Sender Component bundle
Apache Stratos - Status Monitor UI Feature pom org.apache.stratos.status.monitor.ui.feature
Apache Stratos - Theme Configuration User Interface bundle org.apache.stratos.theme.mgt.ui
Apache Stratos - User Interface for Tenant CRUD operations bundle org.apache.stratos.tenant.mgt.ui
Apache Stratos - Tenant Specific URL redirector bundle org.apache.stratos.redirector.servlet
Apache Stratos - Tenant Registration GApp Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.tenant.register.gapp.stub
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Management UI bundle org.apache.stratos.cartridge.mgt.ui
Apache Stratos - Tenant Activity - User Interface bundle org.apache.stratos.tenant.activity.ui
Apache Stratos - Cleanup Notification Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.manager.cleanup.notification.stub
Apache Stratos - Usage Feature Aggregator Module pom usage-feature
Apache Stratos - Python CLI pom org.apache.stratos.python.cli
Apache Stratos - CEP Extension pom apache-stratos-cep-extension
Apache Stratos - CEP Extensions jar org.apache.stratos.cep.310.extension
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Agent Feature Aggregator Module pom cartridge-agent
sshj bundle net.schmizz.sshj
Apache Stratos - PCA - Integration Tests jar python-agent-test-integration
Apache Stratos - Messaging Module pom messaging-features
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Info Management Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.adc.instanceinfo.mgt.stub
Apache Stratos - GApp Feature Aggregator Module pom gapp-feature
Apache Stratos - HAProxy Extension zip apache-stratos-haproxy-extension
Apache Stratos - Distribution jar apache-stratos
Apache Stratos - Billing Management Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.billing.mgt.stub
Apache Stratos - Metadata Service war org.apache.stratos.metadata.service
Apache Stratos - Python Cartridge Agent pom python-cartridge-agent-distribution
jclouds cloudstack core bundle cloudstack
Apache Stratos - Autoscaler Features pom autoscaler-features
Apache Stratos - Manager Features Aggregator Module pom stratos-manager-features
Apache Stratos - Integration Tests jar stratos-test-integration
Apache Stratos - Metadata client Feature pom org.apache.stratos.metadata.client.feature
Apache Stratos - Metering Service CApps pom metering-service-capps
Apache Stratos - Self Registration For New Tenant - User Interface bundle org.apache.stratos.register.ui
Apache Stratos - Usage bundle org.apache.stratos.usage
Apache Stratos - Common Feature Aggregator Module pom common-feature
Apache Stratos - Metering Query DS Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.usage.meteringqueryds.stub
Apache Stratos - Distribution jar stratos-distribution
Apache Stratos - ADC Management Composite Feature pom org.apache.stratos.adc.mgt.feature
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Agent Product pom cartidge-agent
Apache Stratos - RESTful admin services feature pom
99soft :: Rocoto bundle rocoto
Apache Stratos - CLI pom apache-stratos-cli
Apache Stratos - Features pom stratos-features-parent
Apache Stratos - Cloud Manager Core Feature pom org.apache.stratos.server.feature
Apache Stratos - Load Balance Agent bundle
Apache Stratos - Cloud Controller Feature pom
Apache Stratos - Load Balance Agent Feature pom load-balance-agent-feature
Apache Stratos - Manager Dashboard Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.manager.dashboard.stub
Apache Stratos - Account Management bundle org.apache.stratos.account.mgt
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Agent - Messages bundle org.apache.stratos.cartridge.messages
Apache Stratos - Profile Generation pom stratos-profile-gen
Apache Stratos - Dependent Projects pom stratos-dependents
jclouds Components joda bundle jclouds-joda
Apache Stratos - Tenant Activity UI Feature pom org.apache.stratos.tenant.activity.ui.feature
Apache Stratos - Tenant activity Server Feature pom org.apache.stratos.tenant.activity.server.feature
Apache Stratos - Cloud Manager Composite Feature pom org.apache.stratos.feature
Apache Stratos - LVS Extension zip apache-stratos-lvs-extension
Apache Stratos - Python Cartridge Agent pom apache-stratos-python-cartridge-agent
Apache Stratos - DAS Extension Spark Time UDF jar org.apache.stratos.das.extension.spark.time.udf
Apache Stratos - Common Features pom common-features
Apache Stratos - Load Balancer - Common bundle
Apache Stratos - Cloud Manager UI Feature pom org.apache.stratos.ui.feature
Apache Stratos - Distribution jar apache-stratos-sc
Apache Stratos - Usage UI Feature pom org.apache.stratos.usage.ui.feature
Apache Stratos - AWS LB Extension zip
Apache Stratos - Python Cartridge Agent pom org.apache.stratos.python.cartridge.agent
Google Guice - Extensions - MultiBindings bundle guice-multibindings
Apache Stratos - ADC Management Core Feature pom org.apache.stratos.adc.mgt.server.feature
Apache Stratos - Extensions pom stratos-extensions
Apache Stratos - Deployment Features pom org.apache.stratos.deployment.feature
jclouds Google Cloud Storage provider bundle google-cloud-storage
jclouds Components sshj bundle jclouds-sshj
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Agent - Composite Feature pom org.apache.cartridge.agent.feature
Apache Stratos - GApp Server Feature pom org.apache.stratos.gapp.server.feature
Apache Stratos - Usage - User Interface bundle org.apache.stratos.usage.ui
jclouds OAuth Core bundle oauth
Apache Stratos - Mock IaaS API war org.apache.stratos.mock.iaas.api
Apache Stratos - AWS LB Extension zip apache-stratos-aws-extension
Apache Stratos - Throttling Feature Aggregator Module pom throttling-feature
Apache Stratos - Cloud Controller Feature Aggregator Module pom cloud-controller-feature
Apache Stratos - ADC Management Feature Aggregator Module pom adc-mgt-feature
Apache Stratos - Autoscaler Module pom autoscaler-feature
Apache Stratos - Throttling Manager Feature pom org.apache.stratos.throttling.manager.feature
Apache Stratos - Logging Management Feature pom org.apache.stratos.logging.mgt.feature
Apache Stratos - GApp Composite Feature pom org.apache.stratos.gapp.feature
Apache Stratos - Cloud Manager Dashboard User Interface bundle org.apache.stratos.manager.dashboard.ui
Apache Stratos - ADC BE bundle org.apache.stratos.adc.mgt
Apache Stratos - Load Balancer - Endpoint Management Feature pom
Apache Stratos - Throttling Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.throttling.stub
Apache Stratos - Load Balance Agent Feature pom
Apache Stratos - Autoscaler Feature pom org.apache.stratos.mediator.autoscale.feature
Apache Stratos - CEP Features pom cep-features
Apache Stratos - Load Balance Agent Server Feature pom
Apache Stratos - Agent - Aggregator Module pom stratos-agent-parent
Apache Stratos - Tenant activity Feature Aggregator Module pom tenant-activity-feature
Apache Stratos - Multitenancy Tenant Management Server Feature pom org.apache.stratos.tenant.mgt.server.feature
Apache Stratos - Multitenancy Tenant Management Core Feature pom org.apache.stratos.tenant.mgt.core.feature
Apache Stratos - Common Composite Feature pom org.apache.stratos.common.feature
Apache Stratos - Nginx Extension zip apache-stratos-nginx-extension
Apache Stratos - Validate Domains bundle org.apache.stratos.validate.domain
Apache Stratos - Manager Cloud Services Icons pom cloud-services-icons
Apache Stratos - Python CLI Product pom apache-stratos-python-cli-parent
Apache Stratos - Tools pom stratos-tools
Apache Stratos - Throttling - User Interface bundle org.apache.stratos.throttling.ui
Apache Stratos - Components pom stratos-components-parent
Apache Stratos - Product pom stratos
Apache Stratos - Cloud Manager Cloud Services Management bundle
Apache Stratos - Usage Server Feature pom org.apache.stratos.usage.server.feature
jclouds Components blobstore bundle jclouds-blobstore
Apache Stratos - CLI Product pom apache-stratos-cli-parent
Apache Stratos - ADC Topology Management Feature pom org.apache.stratos.adc.topology.mgt.feature
Apache Stratos - RESTful admin service module war
Apache Stratos - Features Aggregator Module pom stratos-features
Apache Stratos - CEP Extensions pom cep-extensions
Apache Stratos - Features Dashboard Webapp war features-dashboard
jclouds OpenStack Components Core bundle openstack-common
Apache Stratos - Agent - P2 Profile Generation pom wso2agent-p2-profile-gen
Apache Stratos - Status Monitor Aggregator Module pom status-monitor-feature
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Management UI Feature Aggregator Module pom cartridge-mgt-feature
jclouds Components bouncycastle bundle jclouds-bouncycastle
Apache Stratos - Tenant Aware LoadBalance Endpoint bundle
Apache Stratos - Controller Parent pom stratos-controller-parent
jclouds Components netty bundle jclouds-netty
Apache Stratos - Custom Handlers bundle org.apache.stratos.custom.handlers
Apache Stratos - Python Cartridge Agent Integration Aggregator pom python-cartridge-agent-integration
jclouds Components enterprise bundle jclouds-enterprise
Apache Stratos - CEP Artifacts pom apache-stratos-cep-artifacts
jclouds openstack-keystone api bundle openstack-keystone
Apache Stratos - Management Composite Feature pom org.apache.stratos.manager.feature
Apache Stratos - Validate Domains - User Interface bundle org.apache.stratos.validate.domain.ui
Apache Stratos - Cloud Controller Features pom cloud-controller-features
Apache Stratos - Load Balancer - Management Feature pom org.apache.stratos.load.balancer.feature
Apache Stratos - Load Balancer Features pom loadbalancer-features
Apache Stratos - Dependent Projects pom google-jclouds-labs
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Management UI Feature pom org.apache.stratos.cartridge.mgt.ui.feature
Apache Stratos - Topology Management Service Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.adc.topologymgt.service.stub
jclouds sts api bundle sts
Apache Stratos - Throttling Agent Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.throttling.agent.stub
Apache Stratos - DAS Extension pom stratos-das-extension
Apache Stratos - Python CLI pom python-cli-distribution
Apache Stratos - Usage Agent bundle org.apache.stratos.usage.agent
Apache Stratos - Autoscale Mediator BE bundle org.apache.stratos.mediator.autoscale
Apache Stratos - Mock IaaS Features pom mock-iaas-features
Apache Stratos - Tenant Management Aggregator Module pom tenant-mgt-feature
Apache Stratos - Controller Profile Generation pom stratos-controller-profile-gen
Apache Stratos - Tenant Management Email Sender Component bundle
Apache Stratos - Load Balancer - Common Feature pom org.apache.stratos.load.balancer.common.feature
Python Cartridge Agent - Integration Tests jar python-agent-integration
Apache Stratos - Load Balance Agent Stub bundle
Apache Stratos - Status Monitor Feature pom org.apache.stratos.status.monitor.feature
Apache Stratos - Java Cartridge Agent Distribution zip java-cartridge-agent-distribution
Apache Stratos - Logging Management Aggregator Module pom logging-mgt-feature
Apache Stratos - Meta Data Service feature pom org.apache.stratos.metadata.service.feature
Apache Stratos zip stratos-parent
Apache Stratos - Python Cartridge Agent Product pom python-cartridge-agent-parent
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Agent Feature pom org.apache.stratos.cartridge.agent.server.feature
Apache Stratos - stratos manager admin theme pom org.apache.stratos.manager.styles.feature
Apache Stratos - DAS Extension pom apache-stratos-das-extension
Apache Stratos - Topology Management bundle org.apache.stratos.adc.topology.mgt
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Messages Feature pom org.apache.stratos.cartridge.messages.feature
Apache Stratos - Load Balancer - Common Feature pom
Apache Stratos - Usage - User Interface Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.usage.stub
Apache Stratos - DAS Extension Spark UDFs pom spark-udfs
Apache Stratos - Event Processor Aggregator Feature pom org.apache.stratos.event.processor.feature
Apache Stratos - Repository Information Service Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.adc.repositoryinformation.service.stub
Apache Stratos - DAS Artifacts pom org.apache.stratos.das.artifacts
Apache Stratos - DAS Extension pom das-extension
Apache Stratos - Cloud Manager Login User Interface bundle org.apache.stratos.manager.login.ui
Apache Stratos - Throttling Manager bundle org.apache.stratos.throttling.manager
jclouds Components Core bundle jclouds-core
Apache Stratos - Autoscaler Feature pom org.apache.stratos.autoscaler.feature
Apache Stratos - Load Balance Agent UI Feature pom
Apache Stratos - Account Managment - User Interface bundle org.apache.stratos.account.mgt.ui
Apache Stratos - Throttle Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.throttle.stub
jclouds Google Cloud Core bundle googlecloud
Apache Stratos - Usage Summary Generation Helper bundle org.apache.stratos.usage.summary.helper
Apache Stratos - Throttling Agent Feature pom org.apache.stratos.throttling.agent.feature
Apache Stratos - Mock IaaS API Feature pom org.apache.stratos.mock.iaas.api.feature
Apache Stratos - jclouds Dependent Projects pom stratos-dependencies-jclouds
Apache Stratos - Metering Summery Generation DS Stub bundle org.apache.stratos.usage.meteringsummarygenerationds.stub
Apache Stratos - Throttling Agent bundle org.apache.stratos.throttling.agent
Apache Stratos - Products Stratos Controller Features Parent pom apache-stratos-features-parent
Apache Stratos - Usage Agent Feature pom org.apache.stratos.usage.agent.feature
Fabric8 pom stratos-dependencies-fabric8
Apache Stratos - Usage Composite Feature pom org.apache.stratos.usage.feature
Apache Stratos - Stratos Management Aggregator Module pom stratos-mgt-parent-feature
Apache Stratos - Messaging Feature pom org.apache.stratos.messaging.feature
Guice Assistedinject bundle guice-assistedinject
Apache Stratos - Integration Aggregation Module pom stratos-integration
Apache Stratos - Service Stubs pom stratos-service-stubs-parent
Apache Stratos - Products pom stratos-products-parent
Apache Stratos - Load Balancer Extensions pom stratos-load-balancer-extensions
Apache Stratos - Agent - Distribution pom apache-stratos-agent
Apache Stratos - Monitoring Service CApps pom monitoring-service-capps
Apache Stratos - Cartridge Agent Distribution zip apache-stratos-cartridge-agent
Apache Stratos - GApp UI Feature pom org.apache.stratos.gapp.ui.feature

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