group: org.apache.solr

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Solr Solrj jar solr-solrj
Apache Solr Core jar solr-core
Apache Solr Test Framework jar solr-test-framework
Solr Specific Commons CSV jar solr-commons-csv
Apache Solr Content Extraction Library jar solr-cell
Apache Solr DataImportHandler jar solr-dataimporthandler
Apache Solr Search Server war solr
Apache Solr Morphlines Core jar solr-morphlines-core
Apache Solr Analysis Extras jar solr-analysis-extras
Apache Solr Security Utilities jar solr-security-util
Apache Solr Language Identifier jar solr-langid
Apache Solr Sentry Request Handlers jar solr-sentry-handlers
Apache Solr Common jar solr-common
Apache Solr Cell Morphlines jar solr-morphlines-cell
Apache Solr Velocity jar solr-velocity
Solr Specific Noggit jar solr-noggit
Apache Solr Clustering jar solr-clustering
Apache Solr DataImportHandler Extras jar solr-dataimporthandler-extras
Solr Specific Lucene Core jar solr-lucene-core
Solr Specific Carrot2 jar solr-carrot2-core
Solr Specific UIMA Alchemy Annotator jar solr-uima-an-alchemy
Solr Specific UIMA Whitespace Tokenizer jar solr-uima-an-wst
Solr Specific UIMA HMM Tagger jar solr-uima-an-tagger
Solr Specific UIMA Open Calais Annotator jar solr-uima-an-calais
Solr Specific JSONIC jar solr-jsonic
Solr Specific Lucene Queries jar solr-lucene-queries
Solr Specific Lucene Highlighter jar solr-lucene-highlighter
Solr Specific Lucene Snowball jar solr-lucene-snowball
Solr Specific Lucene Spellchecker jar solr-lucene-spellchecker
Apache Solr map-reduce index construction jar solr-map-reduce
Solr Specific Lucene Analyzers jar solr-lucene-analyzers
Solr Specific langdetect jar solr-langdetect
Apache Solr UIMA integration jar solr-uima
Apache Solr Analytics Package jar solr-analytics
Solr Specific Lucene Contrib POM pom solr-lucene-contrib
Apache Solr parent POM pom solr-parent
Apache Solr Prometheus Exporter Package jar solr-prometheus-exporter
Sentry libs that Solr depends on. jar solr-depends-sentry-libs
Apache Solr Learning to Rank Package jar solr-ltr

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