group: org.apache.shale

fresh name packaging artifact id
Shale Test Framework jar shale-test
Shale Core jar shale-core
Shale Remoting jar shale-remoting
Shale Validator Integration jar shale-validator
Shale View Controller jar shale-view
Shale Dialog Manager jar shale-dialog
Shale Application Controller jar shale-application
Shale Dialog Manager (Basic Implementation) jar shale-dialog-basic
Shale Spring Integration jar shale-spring
Shale Clay jar shale-clay
Shale Tiger Extensions jar shale-tiger
Shale Tiles Integration jar shale-tiles
Shale Dialog Manager (SCXML Implementation) jar shale-dialog-scxml
Apache Shale Framework Parent POM pom shale-parent
Shale Clay Usecases App war shale-clay-usecases
Shale SQL Browser Sample App war shale-sql-browser
Shale Blank Sample App war shale-blank
Apache Shale Framework Sample Apps pom shale-apps-parent
Shale Use Cases Sample App war shale-usecases
Apache Shale Framework Distribution pom shale-dist
Shale Mailreader (with JPA) Sample App war shale-mailreader-jpa
Shale Mailreader Sample App war shale-mailreader
Apache Shale Framework Master POM pom shale-master

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