group: org.apache.reef

fresh name packaging artifact id
REEF Common jar reef-common
REEF Runtime for YARN jar reef-runtime-yarn
REEF Runtime Local jar reef-runtime-local
REEF Tang jar tang
REEF IO jar reef-io
REEF HTTP Server jar reef-webserver
REEF Wake jar wake
REEF Checkpoint jar reef-checkpoint
REEF Examples jar reef-examples
REEF Runtime for HDInsight jar reef-runtime-hdinsight
REEF Poison jar reef-poison
REEF Annotations jar reef-annotations
REEF Runtime for Mesos jar reef-runtime-mesos
Tang Test Jar A jar tang-test-jarA
REEF Utils jar reef-utils
REEF Utils for Hadoop jar reef-utils-hadoop
REEF Bridge Java jar reef-bridge-java
REEF Vortex jar vortex
REEF Runtime for multiple runtime scenarios jar reef-runtime-multi
Tang Test Jar AB jar tang-test-jarAB
Tang Test Jar B jar tang-test-jarB
Tang Test Jar B conflict A jar tang-test-jarB-conflictA
REEF Tests jar reef-tests
REEF Runtime Standalone jar reef-runtime-standalone
REEF Examples CLR jar reef-examples-clr
REEF Tang Project pom tang-project
REEF Dot Net jar reef-dotnet
REEF Tang Tint jar tang-tint
REEF Bridge (Client) jar reef-bridge-client
REEF Applications pom reef-applications
REEF Wake Project pom wake-project
REEF Website jar website
REEF zip reef-project
REEF Experimental jar reef-experimental
REEF Spark Examples jar reef-examples-spark
REEF Examples on HDInsight jar reef-examples-hdinsight

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