group: org.apache.qpid

fresh name packaging artifact id
Proton-J bundle proton-j
Apache Qpid Broker Core jar qpid-broker-core
Qpid AMQP 1.0 Client JMS jar qpid-amqp-1-0-client-jms
Apache Qpid JMS Client for AMQP 0-9-1/0-10 jar qpid-client
QpidJMS Client bundle qpid-jms-client
Apache Qpid Common jar qpid-common
Apache Qpid Broker Code Generation jar qpid-broker-codegen
Apache Qpid Test Utilities jar qpid-test-utils
Apache Qpid Broker for Java jar qpid-broker
Qpid AMQP 1.0 Common jar qpid-amqp-1-0-common
Qpid AMQP 1.0 Client jar qpid-amqp-1-0-client
proton-jms jar proton-jms
proton-j-impl jar proton-j-impl
Apache Qpid AMQP 0-10 Protocol Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-amqp-0-10-protocol
Apache Qpid AMQP 0-8 Protocol Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-amqp-0-8-protocol
Apache Qpid AMQP 1-0 Protocol Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-amqp-1-0-protocol
Qpid Management Common jar qpid-management-common
proton-api jar proton-api
Apache Qpid BDB Message Store Broker Plug-in jar qpid-bdbstore
Qpid JMX Management Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-management-jmx
Apache Qpid Memory Message Store Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-memory-store
Apache Qpid HTTP Management Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-management-http
Apache Qpid Access Control Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-access-control
Apache Qpid JDBC Message Store Connection Pooling Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-jdbc-provider-bone
Apache Qpid JDBC Message Store Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-jdbc-store
Apache Qpid JCA jar qpid-jca
QpidJMS Discovery Library jar qpid-jms-discovery
Apache Qpid AMQP 0-10 to 1-0 Message Conversion Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-amqp-msg-conv-0-10-to-1-0
Apache Qpid AMQP 0-8 to 0-10 Message Conversion Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-amqp-msg-conv-0-8-to-0-10
Apache Qpid AMQP 0-8 to 1-0 Message Conversion Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-amqp-msg-conv-0-8-to-1-0
Apache Qpid Derby Message Store Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-derby-store
Apache Qpid WebSocket Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-websocket
Qpid BDB Message Store JMX jar qpid-bdbstore-jmx
Qpid QMF2 jar qpid-qmf2
Apache Qpid LogBack Logging Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-logging-logback
Proton jar proton
proton-hawtdispatch jar proton-hawtdispatch
Qpid QMF2 REST jar qpid-qmf2-rest
Tests jar tests
Apache Qpid Proton-J tar.gz apache-qpid-proton-j
Dispatch-hawtio-console war dispatch-hawtio-console
proton-j-engine-demo jar proton-j-engine-demo
proton-j-messenger-example jar proton-j-messenger-example
Proton-J Parent pom proton-j-parent
proton-j-reactor-examples jar proton-j-reactor-examples
Proton-project zip proton-project
proton-tests jar proton-tests
Qpid pom qpid
Qpid AMQP 1.0 JMS Client Examples jar qpid-amqp-1-0-client-jms-examples
Qpid AMQP 1.0 Client WebSocket jar qpid-amqp-1-0-client-websocket
qpid-broker-plugins-firewall jar qpid-broker-plugins-firewall
Apache Qpid AMQP Management Protocol Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-management-amqp
Qpid QMF2 Management Broker Plug-in jar qpid-broker-plugins-management-qmf2
Apache Qpid Client for AMQP 0-9-1/0-10 Examples jar qpid-client-examples
Apache Qpid for Java pom qpid-java-build
QpidJMS pom qpid-jms-parent
Apache Qpid pom qpid-parent
Qpid-proton jar qpid-proton
Qpid QMF2 Parent pom qpid-qmf2-parent
Qpid QMF2 Tools jar qpid-qmf2-tools
Apache Qpid Resource Adaptor rar qpid-ra
Apache Qpid JMS tar.gz apache-qpid-jms

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