group: org.apache.portals.jetspeed-2

fresh name packaging artifact id
Jetspeed-2 Core API jar jetspeed-api
Jetspeed-2 Portal Commons jar jetspeed-commons
Jetspeed-2 RDBMS Components jar jetspeed-rdbms
Jetspeed-2 Component Manager jar jetspeed-cm
Jetspeed-2 File Cache jar jetspeed-file-cache
Jetspeed-2 Security Components jar jetspeed-security
Jetspeed-2 ID Generator jar jetspeed-id-generator
Jetspeed-2 Registry Components jar jetspeed-registry
Jetspeed-2 Serializer jar jetspeed-serializer
Jetspeed-2 Page Manager jar jetspeed-page-manager
Jetspeed-2 Search Component jar jetspeed-search
Jetspeed-2 Profiler jar jetspeed-profiler
Jetspeed-2 Template Locator jar jetspeed-locator
Jetspeed 2 Maven Utils jar jetspeed-maven-utils
Jetspeed-2 Capability Components jar jetspeed-capability
Jetspeed-2 Portal Database pom etc
Jetspeed-2 Single Sign On SSO Components jar jetspeed-sso
Jetspeed-2 Portal Statistics Components jar jetspeed-statistics
Jetspeed-2 Deploy Tools jar jetspeed-deploy-tools
Jetspeed-2 Header Resource Management jar jetspeed-header-resource
Jetspeed-2 Portal Components jar jetspeed-portal
Jetspeed-2 Portal Site jar jetspeed-portal-site
Jetspeed-2 Portlet Factory jar jetspeed-portlet-factory
Jetspeed-2 Page Layout jar jetspeed-page-layout
Jetspeed-2 Portal Application war jetspeed
Jetspeed-2 WebApp Logging jar jetspeed-webapp-logging
Jetspeed-2 Preferences SPI Components jar jetspeed-prefs
Jetspeed-2 Layout Portlets jar jetspeed-layout-portlets
Apache Portals Gems jar portals-gems
Jetspeed-2 Rewriter Component jar jetspeed-rewriter
Jetspeed-2 Application Dependencies pom jetspeed-dependencies
Jetspeed 2 File-Utils Maven Plugin maven-plugin jetspeed-fileutils-maven-plugin
Jetspeed-2 Portal Resources jar jetspeed-portal-resources
STEP2 Common jar com-google-step2-common
Jetspeed-2 Demo Portlet Application war demo
Jetspeed-2 Layouts Portlet Application war jetspeed-layouts
Jetspeed-2 Components jar jetspeed-components
Jetspeed-2 RSS Application JAR jar jetspeed-rss
Jetspeed-2 Web Content jar jetspeed-web-content
Jetspeed-2 Administration war j2-admin
Jetspeed-2 TreeControl TagLib jar jetspeed2-taglib-treecontrol
Jetspeed-2 RSS Application WAR war rss
Jetspeed-2 Maven2 Shared Component Archetype jar shared-component-archetype
Jetspeed-2 Maven2 Portal Application Archetype jar application-archetype
Jetspeed-2 Applications pom applications
Jetspeed-2 Portal Application Server Deployment pom app-servers
STEP2 Project pom com-google-step2-parent
Jetspeed-2 Maven2 Component Archetype jar component-archetype
Jetspeed-2 Components pom components
Content-server jar content-server
Jetspeed-2 PSML Database Import pom import
Jetspeed-2 Enterprise Portal zip jetspeed-2
Jetspeed-2 Taglibs pom jetspeed2-taglibs
Jetspeed-2 Ant Tasks jar jetspeed-ant-tasks
Jetspeed 2 Maven Archetype maven-archetype jetspeed-archetype
Jetspeed 2 Database Maven Plugin maven-plugin jetspeed-db-maven-plugin
Jetspeed-2 Database Tools jar jetspeed-db-tools
Jetspeed-2 Demo Portal Application war jetspeed-demo
Jetspeed 2 Deploy Maven Plugin maven-plugin jetspeed-deploy-maven-plugin
Jetspeed Maven Skin jar jetspeed-maven-skin
Jetspeed 2 Maven Invoker Plugin maven-plugin jetspeed-mvn-maven-plugin
Jetspeed-security-schema jar jetspeed-security-schema
Jetspeed 2 Unpack Maven Plugin maven-plugin jetspeed-unpack-maven-plugin
Jetspeed 2 Unpack WAR Maven Plugin maven-plugin jetspeed-unpack-war-maven-plugin
Jetspeed-2 Utils jar jetspeed-utils
Jetspeed-2 Layout Portlets pom layout-portlets
Jetspeed-2 Maven Plugins pom maven
Jetspeed-2 Maven2 Archetypes pom maven-archetypes
Maven-jetspeed2-plugin plugin maven-jetspeed2-plugin
Jetspeed-2 Maven2 Portal Archetype jar portal-archetype
Jetspeed-2 Maven2 Portal Archetype Resources jar portal-archetype-resources
Jetspeed-2 Maven2 Portal Component Archetype jar portal-component-archetype
Portlet-api jar portlet-api
Jetspeed-2 RSS Application pom rss-applications
Jetspeed-2 Ant Tasks jar ant-tasks

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