group: org.apache.openjpa

fresh name packaging artifact id
OpenJPA Aggregate Jar bundle openjpa
OpenJPA Persistence JDBC jar openjpa-persistence-jdbc
OpenJPA Persistence jar openjpa-persistence
OpenJPA JDBC jar openjpa-jdbc
OpenJPA Aggregate Jar with Dependencies jar openjpa-all
OpenJPA Kernel jar openjpa-kernel
OpenJPA Utilities Library jar openjpa-lib jar
OpenJPA XML Store jar openjpa-xmlstore
OpenJPA Slice jar openjpa-slice
OpenJPA Maven Plugin maven-plugin openjpa-maven-plugin
OpenJPA Kernel 1.5 jar openjpa-kernel-5
OpenJPA JDBC 1.5 jar openjpa-jdbc-5 jar
OpenJPA Project Docs and Assemblies zip apache-openjpa
OpenJPA Utilities 1.5 jar openjpa-lib-5
OpenJPA JEST jar openjpa-jest
OpenJPA Aggregate Jar for OSGi openjpa-osgi
OpenJPA JPA TCK Integration Tests pom tck jar
OpenJPA Examples Integration Tests pom examples
OpenJPA Examples pom openjpa-examples
OpenJPA Features xml openjpa-features
OpenJPA Fetching Statistic Tool jar openjpa-fetch-statistics
OpenJPA Fetching Statistic Tool -- WAS Bundle jar openjpa-fetch-statistics-was
OpenJPA Integration Tests pom openjpa-integration
OpenJPA Integration Tests - Daytrader jar openjpa-integration-daytrader
OpenJPA Integration Tests - Examples pom openjpa-integration-examples
OpenJPA Integration Tests - JMX Platform MBeans jar openjpa-integration-jmx
OpenJPA Integration Tests - SLF4JLogFactory jar openjpa-integration-slf4j
OpenJPA Integration Tests - JPA TCK pom openjpa-integration-tck
OpenJPA Integration Tests - Bean Validation jar openjpa-integration-validation
OpenJPA Parent POM zip openjpa-parent
OpenJPA Persistence Locking Tests jar openjpa-persistence-locking
OpenJPA tools pom openjpa-tools

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