group: org.apache.oozie

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Oozie Core jar oozie-core
Apache Oozie Share Lib Oozie jar oozie-sharelib-oozie
Apache Oozie Client jar oozie-client
Apache Oozie Hadoop Utils 2.6.0-cdh5.12.2.oozie-4.1.0-cdh5.12.2 jar oozie-hadoop-utils
Apache Oozie Hadoop 2.6.0-cdh5.12.2.oozie-4.1.0-cdh5.12.2 jar oozie-hadoop
Apache Oozie Hadoop 2.6.0-cdh5.12.2.oozie-4.1.0-cdh5.12.2 Test jar oozie-hadoop-test
Apache Oozie Share Lib Hive jar oozie-sharelib-hive
Apache Oozie HCatalog 1.1.0-cdh5.12.2.oozie-4.1.0-cdh5.12.2 jar oozie-hcatalog
Apache Oozie Share Lib Pig jar oozie-sharelib-pig
Apache Oozie Share Lib HCatalog jar oozie-sharelib-hcatalog
Apache Oozie Hadoop Distcp 2.6.0-mr1-cdh5.12.2.oozie-4.1.0-cdh5.12.2 jar oozie-hadoop-distcp
Apache Oozie Examples jar oozie-examples
Apache Oozie Share Lib Streaming jar oozie-sharelib-streaming
Apache Oozie Share Lib Distcp jar oozie-sharelib-distcp
Apache Oozie WebApp war oozie-webapp
Apache Oozie Hadoop Auth hadoop-2- Test jar oozie-hadoop-auth
Apache Oozie Hbase 1.2.0-cdh5.12.2.oozie-4.1.0-cdh5.12.2 jar oozie-hbase
Apache Oozie Share Lib Sqoop jar oozie-sharelib-sqoop
Apache Oozie Tools jar oozie-tools
Apache Oozie Share Lib Hive 2 jar oozie-sharelib-hive2
Apache Oozie Share Lib pom oozie-sharelib
Apache Oozie Share Lib Streaming Yarn jar oozie-sharelib-streaming-yarn
Apache Oozie Tests pom oozie-tests
Apache Oozie Tests For Pig jar oozie-tests-pig
Apache Oozie Main zip oozie-main
Apache Oozie ZooKeeper Security Tests jar oozie-zookeeper-security-tests
Apache Oozie HCatalog Libs pom oozie-hcataloglibs
Apache Oozie Share Lib Distcp Yarn jar oozie-sharelib-distcp-yarn
Apache Oozie Hbase Libs pom oozie-hbaselibs
Apache Oozie Hadoop Libs pom oozie-hadooplibs
Apache Oozie Share Lib Spark jar oozie-sharelib-spark
Apache Oozie Distro jar oozie-distro

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