group: org.apache.npanday.plugins

fresh name packaging artifact id
NPanday :: .NET Plugin library NPanday.Plugin
NPanday :: ASPX Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-aspx-plugin
NPanday :: Compile Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-compile-plugin
NPanday :: FxCop Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-fxcop-plugin
NPanday :: Install Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-install-plugin
NPanday :: Link Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-link-plugin
NPanday :: Mojo Generator Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-mojo-generator-plugin
NPanday :: Repository Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-repository-plugin
NPanday :: ResGen Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-resgen-plugin
NPanday :: Resolver Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-resolver-plugin
NPanday :: Test Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-test-plugin
NPanday :: Visual Studio Addin Installer Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-vsinstaller-plugin
NPanday :: Webapp Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-webapp-plugin
NPanday :: WSDL Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-wsdl-plugin
NPanday :: XSD Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-xsd-plugin
NPanday :: XSP Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-xsp-plugin
NPanday :: WiX Maven Plugin maven-plugin wix-maven-plugin
NPanday :: SysRef Plugin netplugin NPanday.Plugin.SysRef
NPanday :: SysRef Plugin (Java Binding) maven-plugin NPanday.Plugin.SysRef.JavaBinding
NPanday :: Custom Lifecycle Extensions Plugin maven-plugin custom-lifecycle-maven-plugin
NPanday :: Addin Plugin netplugin NPanday.Plugin.Addin
NPanday :: Add-in Plugin (Java Binding) maven-plugin NPanday.Plugin.Addin.JavaBinding
NPanday :: Devenv Plugin netplugin NPanday.Plugin.Devenv
NPanday :: Denenv Plugin (Java Binding) maven-plugin NPanday.Plugin.Devenv.JavaBinding
NPanday :: .NET Plugin Loader exe NPanday.Plugin.Loader
NPanday :: .NET Plugin MojoGenerator exe NPanday.Plugin.MojoGenerator
NPanday :: Msbuild Plugin netplugin NPanday.Plugin.Msbuild
NPanday :: MSBuild Plugin (Java Binding) maven-plugin NPanday.Plugin.Msbuild.JavaBinding
NPanday :: ResX Plugin exe NPanday.Plugin.Resx
NPanday :: .NET Plugin Runner exe NPanday.Plugin.Runner
NPanday :: Settings Plugin netplugin NPanday.Plugin.Settings
NPanday :: Settings Plugin (Java Binding) maven-plugin NPanday.Plugin.Settings.JavaBinding
NPanday :: Maven Plugins pom maven-dotnet-plugins
NPanday :: .NET Plugins pom npanday.plugins
NPanday :: PartCover Maven Plugin maven-plugin partcover-maven-plugin

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