group: org.apache.maven.mercury

fresh name packaging artifact id
Mercury Logging jar mercury-logging
Mercury Shared Metadata jar mercury-md-shared
Mercury Artifact jar mercury-artifact
Mercury Local M2 Repository jar mercury-repo-local-m2
Mercury Shared Utilities jar mercury-util
Mercury Crypto Basics jar mercury-crypto-basic
Mercury Remote M2 Repository jar mercury-repo-remote-m2
Mercury Event Framework jar mercury-event
Mercury Repository APIs jar mercury-repo-api
Mercury Virtual Repository jar mercury-repo-virtual
Mercury Jetty HTTP Transport jar mercury-transport-http
Mercury Crypto APIs jar mercury-crypto-api
Mercury Transport APIs jar mercury-transport-api
Mercury Dependency Builder jar mercury-md-sat
Mercury External Dependencies jar mercury-external
Mercury Plexus Component jar mercury-plexus
Mercury Repository FS Cache jar mercury-repo-cache-fs
Mercury Wagon provider jar mercury-wagon
Mercury Crypto pom mercury-crypto
Mercury Metadata pom mercury-md
Mercury Repository pom mercury-repo
Mercury Local Flat Repository jar mercury-repo-local-flat
Mercury Local Map-based Repository jar mercury-repo-local-map
Mercury Transport pom mercury-transport
Mercury File Transport jar mercury-transport-file
Mercury pom mercury

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