group: org.apache.maven.doxia

fresh name packaging artifact id
Doxia :: Sink API jar doxia-sink-api
Doxia :: Core jar doxia-core
Doxia Sitetools :: Site Renderer jar doxia-site-renderer
Doxia Sitetools :: Decoration Model jar doxia-decoration-model
Doxia :: TWiki Module jar doxia-module-twiki
Doxia :: APT Module jar doxia-module-apt
Doxia :: XHTML Module jar doxia-module-xhtml
Doxia :: Simplified DocBook Module jar doxia-module-docbook-simple
Doxia :: Logging API jar doxia-logging-api
Doxia :: XDoc Module jar doxia-module-xdoc
Doxia :: FML Module jar doxia-module-fml
Doxia :: Markdown Module jar doxia-module-markdown
Doxia :: Confluence Module jar doxia-module-confluence
Doxia Sitetools :: Integration Tools jar doxia-integration-tools
Doxia :: iText Module jar doxia-module-itext
Doxia :: FO Module jar doxia-module-fo
Doxia Sitetools :: Document Renderer jar doxia-doc-renderer
Doxia Tools :: Converter jar doxia-converter
Doxia :: Test Documents jar doxia-test-docs
Doxia :: Latex Module jar doxia-module-latex
Doxia :: Book Component jar doxia-book
Doxia Sitetools :: Skin Model jar doxia-skin-model
Doxia :: RTF Module jar doxia-module-rtf
Doxia Tools :: Linkcheck jar doxia-linkcheck
Doxia zip doxia
Doxia :: Maven Plugin maven-plugin doxia-maven-plugin
Doxia Sitetools zip doxia-sitetools
Doxia :: Modules xml doxia-modules
Apache Maven Doxia Tools xml doxia-tools

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