group: org.apache.maven.continuum

fresh name packaging artifact id
Continuum API jar continuum-api
Continuum Notifier API jar continuum-notifier-api
Continuum Model jar continuum-model
Continuum Test jar continuum-test
Continuum Core jar continuum-core
Continuum Store jar continuum-store
Continuum Security jar continuum-security
Continuum :: Data Management :: API jar data-management-api
Continuum XMLRPC :: API jar continuum-xmlrpc-api
Continuum Configuration jar continuum-configuration
Continuum IRC Notifier jar continuum-notifier-irc
Continuum Jabber Notifier jar continuum-notifier-jabber
Continuum MSN Notifier jar continuum-notifier-msn
Continuum XMLRPC :: Client jar continuum-xmlrpc-client
Continuum Application plexus-application continuum-plexus-application
Continuum Commons jar continuum-commons
Continuum XMLRPC :: Parent pom continuum-xmlrpc
Continuum Wagon Notifier jar continuum-notifier-wagon
Continuum Web APP war continuum-webapp
Continuum Release System jar continuum-release
Continuum XMLRPC :: Server jar continuum-xmlrpc-server
Redback Legacy Model jar redback-legacy
Continuum Legacy Model jar continuum-legacy
Continuum Web jar continuum-web
Continuum :: Data Management :: JDO jar data-management-jdo
Continuum :: Data Management :: Redback JDO jar data-management-redback-jdo
Continuum Reports jar continuum-reports
Continuum Notifiers pom continuum-parent-notifiers
Continuum Project pom continuum-parent
Continuum XMLRPC :: Backup Tool jar continuum-xmlrpc-backup
Continuum Notifiers pom continuum-notifiers
Continuum :: Data Management :: Parent pom continuum-data-management
Continuum Core Integration Test jar continuum-core-it
Continuum :: Data Management :: CLI jar data-management-cli
Continuum client XML-RPC jar continuum-rpc-client
Continuum Plexus Runtime jar continuum-plexus-runtime
Continuum Cruise Control Importer jar continuum-cc

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