group: org.apache.maven.archiva

fresh name packaging artifact id
Archiva Repository Interface Layer jar archiva-repository-layer
Archiva Base :: Configuration jar archiva-configuration
Archiva Database jar archiva-database
Archiva Consumer API jar archiva-consumer-api
Archiva Base :: Model jar archiva-model
Archiva Reporting :: Report Manager jar archiva-report-manager
Archiva Base :: Common jar archiva-common
Archiva Base :: Indexer jar archiva-indexer
Archiva Base :: XML Tools jar archiva-xml-tools
Archiva Consumers :: Database Consumers jar archiva-database-consumers
Archiva Consumers :: Core Consumers jar archiva-core-consumers
Archiva Consumers :: GPG Signature Consumers jar archiva-signature-consumers
Archiva Base :: Proxy jar archiva-proxy
Archiva Transactions jar archiva-transaction
Archiva Base :: Repository Converter jar archiva-converter
Archiva Reporting :: Artifact Reports jar archiva-artifact-reports
Archiva Web :: Application war archiva-webapp
Archiva Consumers :: Lucene Consumers jar archiva-lucene-consumers
Archiva Web :: Security Configuration jar archiva-security
Archiva Artifact Converter jar archiva-artifact-converter
Archiva Base :: Scheduled Tasks jar archiva-scheduled
Archiva Web :: Plexus Application plexus-application archiva-plexus-application
Archiva Web :: Applet jar archiva-applet
Archiva Base :: Policies jar archiva-policies
Archiva Base :: Dependency Graph jar archiva-dependency-graph
Archiva pom archiva
Archiva Documentation pom archiva-docs
Archiva Reporting :: Project Reports jar archiva-project-reports
Archiva Web :: Runtime Generator jar archiva-plexus-runtime
Archiva Common Parent Project pom archiva-parent
Archiva Reporting :: Metadata Reports jar archiva-metadata-reports
Archiva Site pom archiva-site
Archiva Consumers pom archiva-consumers
Archiva Web pom archiva-web
Archiva Command Line Client jar archiva-cli
Archiva Web :: Standalone pom archiva-web-standalone
Archiva Base pom archiva-base
Archiva Reporting pom archiva-reporting
Maven Meeper pom maven-meeper

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