group: org.apache.maven

fresh name packaging artifact id
Maven Plugin API jar maven-plugin-api
Maven Core jar maven-core
Maven Project Builder jar maven-project
Maven Artifact jar maven-artifact
Maven Model jar maven-model
Maven Compat jar maven-compat
Maven Settings jar maven-settings
Maven Aether Provider jar maven-aether-provider
Apache Maven Archiver jar maven-archiver
Maven Embedder jar maven-embedder
Maven Settings Builder jar maven-settings-builder
Maven Model Builder jar maven-model-builder
Maven Repository Metadata Model jar maven-repository-metadata
Maven Ant Tasks jar maven-ant-tasks
Maven Artifact Manager jar maven-artifact-manager
Maven Plugin Descriptor Model jar maven-plugin-descriptor
Apache Maven Distribution zip apache-maven
Maven Toolchains jar maven-toolchain
Maven Plugin Tools APIs jar maven-plugin-tools-api
Maven Artifact Resolver Provider jar maven-resolver-provider
Maven Ant Mojo Support jar maven-script-ant
Maven Profile Model jar maven-profile
Maven Builder Support jar maven-builder-support
Maven Plugin Registry Model jar maven-plugin-registry
Maven Monitor jar maven-monitor
Maven Plugin Parameter Documenter API jar maven-plugin-parameter-documenter
Maven-archetype-core jar maven-archetype-core
Maven Artifact Test Helper Library jar maven-artifact-test
Maven Tasks for Ant jar maven-artifact-ant
Maven Error Diagnostics jar maven-error-diagnostics
Apache Maven xml maven
Maven Plugin Tools for Java jar maven-plugin-tools-java
Maven JXR jar maven-jxr
Maven Model v3 jar maven-model-v3
Maven SLF4J Simple Provider jar maven-slf4j-provider
Maven Marmalade Mojo Support jar maven-script-marmalade
Maven Plugin Tools for Beanshell jar maven-plugin-tools-beanshell
Maven Project Builder jar maven-project-builder
Maven Plugin jar maven-plugin
Maven Plugin Metadata Model jar maven-plugin-tools-model
Apache Maven zip maven-parent
Maven Mercury jar maven-mercury
Maven Lifecycle Model jar maven-lifecycle
Maven Plugin Tools for Marmalade jar maven-plugin-tools-marmalade
Maven Reporting API jar maven-reporting-api
Maven Beanshell Mojo Support jar maven-script-beanshell jar
Maven Plugin Tools Base POM pom maven-plugin-tools
Maven Plugins Surrogate Parent pom maven-plugin-surrogate-parent
Maven Script Support Root pom maven-script
Maven-archetype pom maven-archetype jar
Maven-core-it-support jar maven-core-it-support
Maven-core-it-support-old-location jar maven-core-it-support-old-location
Maven Site pom maven-site
Maven Pluggy Simplistic Plugin Generator jar maven-plugin-tools-pluggy
Maven Model Converter jar maven-model-converter
Maven Ant Plugin Tools jar maven-plugin-tools-ant

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