group: org.apache.marmotta

fresh name packaging artifact id
LDPath Core jar ldpath-core
LDClient: Core Library bundle ldclient-core
Apache Marmotta: Common Utilities bundle marmotta-commons
Apache Marmotta Platform: Core jar marmotta-core
LDClient: API bundle ldclient-api
LDPath API bundle ldpath-api
KiWi Triplestore: Core jar kiwi-triplestore
LDPath Backend: Sesame bundle ldpath-backend-sesame
LDCache: API bundle ldcache-api
LDCache: Core Library bundle ldcache-core
LDClient Provider: RDF Resource Access bundle ldclient-provider-rdf
LDCache Backend: File bundle ldcache-backend-file
LDClient Provider: XML Resource Access bundle ldclient-provider-xml
LDPath Functions: XML jar ldpath-functions-xml
Marmotta Sesame Tools: Sail Transactions jar marmotta-sail-transactions
LDPath Functions: HTML jar ldpath-functions-html
Marmotta Sesame Tools: Common Vocabularies bundle marmotta-model-vocabs
LDPath Backend: Jena bundle ldpath-backend-jena
LDPath Functions: Text jar ldpath-functions-text
LDClient Provider: Facebook Graph bundle ldclient-provider-facebook
Marmotta Sesame Tools: Resource Filters jar marmotta-util-filter
LDPath Functions: Math jar ldpath-functions-math
LDPath Functions: Date jar ldpath-functions-date
LDPath Backend: Linked Data bundle ldpath-backend-linkeddata
Apache Marmotta Platform: KiWi Backend jar marmotta-backend-kiwi
Loader: Core Library jar marmotta-loader-core
Apache Marmotta Platform: SPARQL Endpoint jar marmotta-sparql
Apache Marmotta Platform: Linked Data Caching (Common) jar marmotta-ldcache-common
LDClient Provider: RDFa Resource Access jar ldclient-provider-rdfa
Sesame I/O: API jar sesame-tools-rio-api
Apache Marmotta Platform: LDPath jar marmotta-ldpath
Sesame Tools: Resource Filters jar sesame-filter
Apache Marmotta Client Library for Java jar marmotta-client-java
Marmotta Sesame I/O: API jar marmotta-rio-api
KiWi Triplestore: SPARQL jar kiwi-sparql
Apache Marmotta Platform: Versioning (Common Services) jar marmotta-versioning-common
LDCache Backend: KiWi bundle ldcache-backend-kiwi
Marmotta Sesame Tools: Triple Table jar marmotta-util-tripletable
LDClient Provider: Vimeo Resources bundle ldclient-provider-vimeo
Loader: Abstract Titan Backend jar marmotta-loader-titan
LDClient Provider: YouTube Resources bundle ldclient-provider-youtube
LDPath Templating: Core bundle ldpath-template
LDClient Provider: MediaWiki API Access bundle ldclient-provider-mediawiki
KiWi Triplestore: Reasoner jar kiwi-reasoner
KiWi Triplestore: Transactions jar kiwi-transactions
KiWi Triplestore: Triple Table jar kiwi-tripletable
KiWi Triplestore: Versioning jar kiwi-versioning
LDCache: Sesame SAIL (Generic) jar ldcache-sail-generic
LDCache: Sesame SAIL (KiWi) jar ldcache-sail-kiwi
LDClient Provider: HTML Resource Access bundle ldclient-provider-html
Marmotta Client Library for JavaScript jar marmotta-client-js
Apache Marmotta Platform: Security jar marmotta-security
LDPath Functions: rdf-Collections jar ldpath-functions-collections
LDCache Backend: Infinispan bundle ldcache-backend-infinispan
Apache Marmotta Platform: User Management jar marmotta-user
Apache Marmotta Platform: Versioning (KiWi Backend) jar marmotta-versioning-kiwi
Apache Marmotta Platform: Reasoner jar marmotta-reasoner-kiwi
Apache Marmotta Platform: Linked Data Caching (KiWi Backend) jar marmotta-ldcache-kiwi
KiWi Triplestore: DB Loader jar kiwi-loader
LDPath Functions: JSON jar ldpath-functions-json
Marmotta Sesame Tools: RDF Patch Util jar marmotta-util-rdfpatch
Marmotta Sesame Tools: Facading jar marmotta-util-facading
Marmotta Sesame I/O: VCard jar marmotta-rio-vcard
Sesame I/O: JSON/LD jar sesame-tools-rio-jsonld
Sesame I/O: RDF/JSON jar sesame-tools-rio-rdfjson
Apache Marmotta Splash Screen jar marmotta-splash
Marmotta Sesame Test Tools: Hamcrest Matchers jar marmotta-sesame-matchers
Marmotta Sesame I/O: ICal jar marmotta-rio-ical
Marmotta Sesame Tools: Contextual Sail jar marmotta-sail-contextaware
Marmotta Sesame I/O: RSS/Atom jar marmotta-rio-rss
Sesame I/O: ICal jar sesame-tools-rio-ical
KiWi Triplestore: Contextual Sail jar kiwi-contextaware
Sesame Tools: Facading jar sesame-tools-facading
Sesame I/O: VCard jar sesame-tools-rio-vcard
Sesame I/O: RSS/Atom jar sesame-tools-rio-rss
Apache Marmotta Platform: LDP jar marmotta-ldp
KiWi Triplestore: EHCache Cache Backend jar kiwi-caching-ehcache
KiWi Triplestore: Hazelcast Cache Backend jar kiwi-caching-hazelcast
KiWi Triplestore: Infinispan Cache Backend jar kiwi-caching-infinispan
LDClient Provider: Freebase RDF Access jar ldclient-provider-freebase
Apache Marmotta Platform: Reasoner jar marmotta-reasoner
Apache Marmotta Parent pom marmotta-parent
Maven Marmotta Plugin maven-plugin marmotta-maven-plugin
Loader: KiWi Backend jar marmotta-loader-kiwi
Loader: HBase Backend jar marmotta-loader-hbase
Loader: BerkeleyDB Backend jar marmotta-loader-berkeley
Maven Buildinfo Plugin maven-plugin buildinfo-maven-plugin
Apache Marmotta Platform: Linked Data Caching (File Backend) jar marmotta-ldcache-file
Apache Marmotta Platform: Linked Data Caching jar marmotta-ldcache
Apache Marmotta Platform: Titan Backend jar marmotta-backend-titan
Apache Marmotta Platform: Sesame Native Backend jar marmotta-backend-native
Apache Marmotta Platform: Sesame Memory Backend jar marmotta-backend-memory
Apache Marmotta Platform: Accumulograph Backend jar marmotta-backend-accumulograph
Apache Marmotta Archetype: Web Application maven-archetype marmotta-archetype-webapp
Apache Marmotta Platform: Versioning jar marmotta-versioning
Apache Marmotta Archetype: Module maven-archetype marmotta-archetype-module
LDPath Templating: Linked Data jar ldpath-template-linkeddata
Apache Marmotta Platform: Zookeeper jar marmotta-zookeeper
Apache Marmotta: Maven Plugins pom plugins-reactor
Maven Refpack Plugin maven-plugin refpack-maven-plugin
Repository Plugin maven-plugin repocheck-maven-plugin
LDPath Bundle bundle ldpath-core-bundle
LDPath Backend: File bundle ldpath-backend-file
LDClient Provider: PHPBB Resource Access bundle ldclient-provider-phpbb
LDClient Provider: LDAP Resource Access bundle ldclient-provider-ldap
LDCache Backend: EHCache jar ldcache-backend-ehcache
KiWi Triplestore: Parent pom kiwi-parent
Dependency Supplements jar dependency-resource-supplement
Marmotta Build Support: Checkstyle Resources jar checkstyle-resources

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