group: org.apache.mahout

fresh name packaging artifact id
Mahout Math jar mahout-math
Mahout MapReduce Legacy jar mahout-mrlegacy
Mahout Math Scala bindings jar mahout-math-scala_2.10
Mahout Integration jar mahout-integration
Mahout Core jar mahout-core
Mahout Examples jar mahout-examples
Mahout Spark bindings jar mahout-spark_2.10
Mahout Math/Scala wrappers jar mahout-math-scala
Mahout Collections jar mahout-collections
Mahout Map-Reduce jar mahout-mr
Mahout Spark bindings jar mahout-spark
Mahout HDFS jar mahout-hdfs
Mahout Utilities jar mahout-utils
Apache Mahout zip mahout
Mahout Spark bindings shell jar mahout-spark-shell_2.10
Mahout H2O backend jar mahout-h2o_2.10
Mahout Taste Webapp war mahout-taste-webapp
Mahout Build Tools jar mahout-buildtools
Mahout Flink bindings jar mahout-flink_2.10
Mahout Release Package pom mahout-distribution
Mahout Eclipse jar mahout-eclipse-support
Maven Mojo to generate code for collections maven-plugin mahout-collection-codegen-plugin
Mahout Release Package pom apache-mahout-distribution
Mahout H2O backend jar mahout-h2o
Mahout Native VienniaCL OpenCL Bindings jar mahout-native-viennacl_2.10
Mahout Native VienniaCL OpenMP Bindings jar mahout-native-viennacl-omp_2.10
Mahout Common Maven Parent pom mahout-parent
Mahout Spark bindings shell jar mahout-spark-shell

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