group: org.apache.lucene

fresh name packaging artifact id
Lucene Core jar lucene-core
Lucene Common Analyzers jar lucene-analyzers-common
Lucene QueryParsers jar lucene-queryparser
Lucene Test Framework jar lucene-test-framework
Lucene Highlighter jar lucene-highlighter
Lucene Queries jar lucene-queries
Lucene Common Analyzers jar lucene-analyzers
Lucene Miscellaneous jar lucene-misc
Lucene codecs jar lucene-codecs
Lucene Memory jar lucene-memory
Lucene Suggest jar lucene-suggest
Lucene Grouping jar lucene-grouping
Lucene Kuromoji Japanese Morphological Analyzer jar lucene-analyzers-kuromoji
Lucene Spatial jar lucene-spatial
Lucene Join jar lucene-join
Lucene Memory jar lucene-backward-codecs
Lucene Benchmark jar lucene-benchmark
Lucene Expressions jar lucene-expressions
Lucene Sandbox jar lucene-sandbox
Lucene Phonetic Filters jar lucene-analyzers-phonetic
Lucene Facets jar lucene-facet
Lucene Spatial Extras jar lucene-spatial-extras
Lucene Smart Chinese Analyzer jar lucene-analyzers-smartcn
Lucene Spatial 3D jar lucene-spatial3d
Lucene Spellchecker jar lucene-spellchecker
Lucene ICU Analysis Components jar lucene-analyzers-icu
Lucene Classification jar lucene-classification
Lucene Snowball jar lucene-snowball
Lucene Stempel Analyzer jar lucene-analyzers-stempel
Lucene Morfologik Polish Lemmatizer jar lucene-analyzers-morfologik
Lucene UIMA Analysis Components jar lucene-analyzers-uima
Lucene Regex jar lucene-regex
Lucene Demo jar lucene-demo
Lucene Smart Chinese Analyzer jar lucene-smartcn
Lucene Demos jar lucene-demos
Lucene ICU Analysis Components jar lucene-icu
Lucene Stempel Analyzer jar lucene-stempel
Lucene Wordnet jar lucene-wordnet
Lucene CollationKeyFilter/Analyzer & ICUCollationKeyFilter/Analyzer jar lucene-collation
Lucene Specific xercesImpl jar lucene-xercesImpl
Lucene Specific ICU4J jar lucene-icu4j
Lucene Nori Korean Morphological Analyzer jar lucene-analyzers-nori
Lucene Fast-Vector-Highlighter jar lucene-fast-vector-highlighter
Lucene-modules jar lucene-modules
Lucene Replicator jar lucene-replicator
Lucene Wikipedia Tools jar lucene-wikipedia
Lucene Kuromoji Japanese Morphological Analyzer jar lucene-kuromoji
Lucene Phonetic Analyzer jar lucene-phonetic
Lucene OpenNLP integration jar lucene-analyzers-opennlp
Lucene XML Query Parser jar lucene-xml-query-parser jar
Lucene Remote jar lucene-remote
Lucene parent POM pom lucene-parent
Lucene Contrib bdb jar lucene-bdb
lucene-contrib-similarity jar lucene-similarity
Lucene Lucli jar lucene-lucli
Lucene InstantiatedIndex jar lucene-instantiated
Lucene Contrib bdb-je jar lucene-bdb-je
Lucene Java Contrib POM pom lucene-contrib
Lucene Contrib Ant jar lucene-ant jar
Apache Lucene jar org.apache.lucene
Lucene Surround jar lucene-surround
Lucene Swing jar lucene-swing jar
Grandparent POM for Apache Lucene Core and Apache Solr pom lucene-solr-grandparent
Lucene Pruning jar lucene-pruning

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