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fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Log4j Core jar log4j-core
Apache Log4j SLF4J Binding jar log4j-slf4j-impl
Apache Log4j API jar log4j-api
Apache Log4j 1.x Compatibility API jar log4j-1.2-api
Apache Log4j Commons Logging Bridge jar log4j-jcl
Apache Log4j Web jar log4j-web
Apache Log4j JUL Adapter jar log4j-jul
Apache Log4j SLF4J 1.8+ Binding jar log4j-slf4j18-impl
Apache Log4j to SLF4J Adapter jar log4j-to-slf4j
Apache Log4j 2 xml log4j
SLF4J Binding jar slf4j-impl
Apache Log4j Layout for JSON template jar log4j-layout-template-json
Apache Log4j Streaming Interface jar log4j-iostreams
Apache Log4j Scala API bundle log4j-api-scala_2.12
Apache Log4j BOM pom log4j-bom
Apache Log4j Scala API bundle log4j-api-scala_2.11
Apache Log4j JDK Platform Logging Adapter jar log4j-jpl
Apache Log4j Tag Library jar log4j-taglib
Apache Log4j Kotlin API jar log4j-api-kotlin
Apache Log4j NoSQL jar log4j-nosql
Apache Log4j Flume Bridge jar log4j-flume-ng
Apache Log4j API Java 9 support log4j-api-java9
Apache Log4j Core Java 9 support log4j-core-java9
Log4j Catalog API jar log4j-catalog-api
Apache Log4j App Server Support jar log4j-appserver
Apache Log4j Scala API bundle log4j-api-scala_2.13
Apache Log4j Spring Boot Support jar log4j-spring-boot
Apache Log4j Scala API bundle log4j-api-scala_2.10
Apache Log4j JMX GUI jar log4j-jmx-gui
Log4j Audit API jar log4j-audit-api
Apache Log4j Liquibase Binding jar log4j-liquibase
Apache Log4j JPA jar log4j-jpa
Apache Log4j Plugins log4j-plugins
Log4J Compatibility API jar log4j12-api
Log4j Catalog JPA DAO jar log4j-catalog-jpa
Log4j Catalog Git DAO jar log4j-catalog-git
Apache Log4j Core Integration Tests pom log4j-core-its
Apache Log4j MongoDB 4 jar log4j-mongodb4
Apache Log4j Jakarta Web jar log4j-jakarta-web
Apache Log4j MongoDB 3 jar log4j-mongodb3
Apache Log4j OSGi jar log4j-osgi
Log4j Audit pom log4j-audit
Apache Log4j Spring Cloud Config Client Support jar log4j-spring-cloud-config-client
Apache Log4j MongoDB jar log4j-mongodb
Apache Log4j MongoDB 2 jar log4j-mongodb2
Apache Log4j to JUL Bridge jar log4j-to-jul
Apache Log4j CouchDB jar log4j-couchdb
Apache Log4j Audit pom log4j-audit-parent
Apache Log4j Kotlin API Parent zip log4j-api-kotlin-parent
Apache Log4J Performance Tests jar log4j-perf
Apache Log4j JDBC DBCP 2 jar log4j-jdbc-dbcp2
Apache Log4j Plugins Module support log4j-plugins-java9
Apache Log4j 2 Scala API xml log4j-scala
log4j-audit-maven-plugin Maven Plugin maven-plugin log4j-audit-maven-plugin
Log4j Catalog Editor jar log4j-catalog-editor
Apache Log4j Kotlin API Benchmark jar log4j-api-kotlin-benchmark
Apache Log4j Spring Cloud Config Support xml log4j-spring-cloud-config
Apache Log4j Docker Library jar log4j-docker
Apache Log4j Kotlin API Samples jar log4j-api-kotlin-sample
Apache Log4j Cassandra jar log4j-cassandra
Apache Log4j Kubernetes Library jar log4j-kubernetes
Log4j Audit Service war log4j-audit-war
Log4j Catalog Parent pom log4j-catalog

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