group: org.apache.juddi

fresh name packaging artifact id
jUDDI Client side Code bundle juddi-client
UDDIv2 and v3 WS Stubs and Schema Bindings Generated from WSDL bundle uddi-ws
jUDDI Core Services bundle juddi-core
jUDDI jar juddi
UDDI Technical Compatibility Kit (TCK) Base bundle uddi-tck-base
jUDDI Core - OpenJPA bundle juddi-core-openjpa
jUDDI Tomcat Packaging pom juddi-tomcat
jUDDI Services WAR war juddiv3-war
UDDI TCK Tests jar uddi-tck
jUDDI CXF Deployment pom juddi-cxf
UDDI Portlets war uddi-portlets
jUDDI REST Services using Apache CXF jar juddi-rest-cxf
jUDDI Service Registration Examples war juddiv3-samples
jUDDI Web Client Digital Signature Applet jar juddi-gui-dsig
jUDDI-WS jar juddi-ws
jUDDI GUI WAR construction war juddi-gui-war
jUDDI Replication Services WAR war juddiv3-war-repl
jUDDI Document Packaging pom juddi-docs
UDDI Client jar uddi-client
jUDDI Subscription Listener war subscription-listener
jUDDI User Guide -(en-US) jdocbook userguide
jUDDI Axis2 Deployment war juddi-axis
jUDDI CLI Client bundle juddi-client-cli
jUDDI Console pom juddi-console
juddi-ddl-generator jar juddi-ddl-generator
jUDDI Distribution Packaging pom juddi-dist
Apache jUDDI Documentation Style jdocbook-style juddi-docbook-style
Apache jUDDI DocBook XSLT jar juddi-docbook-xslt
jUDDI_v3 Parent pom juddi-parent
jUDDI Portal pom juddi-portal-bundle
Apache jUDDI_v3 Site jar juddi-site-style
Apache jUDDI_v3 Style Parent pom juddi-style-parent
juddi-web Maven Webapp war juddi-web
juddi-web-lean Maven Webapp war juddi-web-lean
UDDI Migration tool bundle uddi-migration-tool
UDDI TCK Test Runner bundle uddi-tck-runner
jUDDI Dev Guide -(en-US) jdocbook devguide

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