group: org.apache.jena

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Jena - ARQ (SPARQL 1.1 Query Engine) jar jena-arq
Apache Jena - Core jar jena-core
Apache Jena - Libraries POM pom apache-jena-libs
Apache Jena - TDB1 (Native Triple Store) jar jena-tdb
Apache Jena - IRI jar jena-iri
Apache Jena - Base Common Environment jar jena-base
Apache Jena - OSGi bundle bundle jena-osgi
Apache Jena - JDBC Core API jar jena-jdbc-core
Apache Jena - Fuseki - A SPARQL 1.1 Server pom jena-fuseki
Apache Jena - Command line tools jar jena-cmds
Apache Jena - SDB (SQL based triple store) jar jena-sdb
Apache Jena - SPARQL Text Search jar jena-text
Apache Jena - Shadowed external libraries jar jena-shaded-guava
Apache Jena - RDF Connection jar jena-rdfconnection
Apache Jena - Distribution pom apache-jena
Apache Jena - JDBC In-Memory Driver jar jena-jdbc-driver-mem
Apache Jena - Fuseki Embedded Server jar jena-fuseki-embedded
Apache Jena zip jena
Apache Jena - JDBC Remote Endpoint Driver jar jena-jdbc-driver-remote
Apache Jena - JDBC TDB Driver jar jena-jdbc-driver-tdb
Apache Jena - Extras - Query Builder jar jena-querybuilder
Apache Jena - SPARQL Spatial Search jar jena-spatial
Apache Jena - Fuseki1 jar jena-fuseki1
Apache Jena - Fuseki Server Engine jar jena-fuseki-core
Apache Jena - Elephas - Map/Reduce jar jena-elephas-mapreduce
Apache Jena - Elephas - Common API jar jena-elephas-common
Apache Jena - Fuseki WAR File war jena-fuseki-war
Apache Jena - Fuseki Server Standalone Jar jar jena-fuseki-server
Apache Jena - Elephas - I/O jar jena-elephas-io
Apache Jena - Data Tables for RDF and SPARQL jar jena-csv
Apache Jena - DBOE Base jar jena-dboe-base
Apache Jena - TDB2 jar jena-tdb2
LARQ jar jena-larq
Apache Jena - DBOE Indexes jar jena-dboe-index
Apache Jena - DBOE Index test suite jar jena-dboe-index-test
Apache Jena - DBOE Transactional Datastructures jar jena-dboe-trans-data
Apache Jena - DBOE Transactions jar jena-dboe-transaction
Apache Jena - Fuseki Basic Server jar jena-fuseki-basic
Apache Jena - Fuseki Binary Distribution pom apache-jena-fuseki
Apache Jena - JDBC Driver Bundle jar jena-jdbc-driver-bundle
Apache Jena - Maven Plugins, including schemagen maven-plugin jena-maven-tools
Apache Jena - Security Permissions jar jena-permissions
jena-top pom jena-top
Apache Jena - Integration Testing jar jena-integration-tests
Apache Jena - Extras pom jena-extras
Apache Jena - JDBC Parent pom jena-jdbc
Apache Jena - Elephas - Statistics Demo App jar jena-elephas-stats
Apache Jena - Elephas pom jena-elephas
Apache Jena - OSGi Karaf features bundle jena-osgi-features
Apache Jena - OSGi integration tests bundle jena-osgi-test
Apache Jena - Parent pom jena-parent
Apache Jena - Project pom jena-project
Apache Jena - Security jar jena-security
Apache Jena - Database Operation Environment jar jena-db
Apache Jena - OSGi pom apache-jena-osgi
Apache Jena - SPARQL Text Search - Elasticsearch jar jena-text-es

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