group: org.apache.jclouds.labs

fresh name packaging artifact id
jclouds Google Compute Engine provider jar google-compute-engine
jclouds docker API bundle docker
jclouds CloudSigma v2 API bundle cloudsigma2
jclouds openstack-marconi api bundle openstack-marconi
jclouds openstack-neutron api bundle openstack-neutron
jclouds Rackspace Auto Scale API bundle rackspace-autoscale
Apache jclouds :: OpenStack :: Poppy API bundle openstack-poppy
jclouds joyent-cloudapi api bundle joyent-cloudapi
jcloud rds api bundle rds
jcloud elb api bundle elb
Apache jclouds :: OpenStack :: Heat API bundle openstack-heat
jcloud iam api bundle iam
jclouds OAuth core jar oauth
jclouds Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform bundle fgcp
jclouds openstack-glance api bundle openstack-glance
jclouds rackspace-cloudbigdata api bundle rackspace-cloudbigdata
jclouds openstack-swift api bundle openstack-swift
jclouds rackspace-cloudfiles api bundle rackspace-cloudfiles
jclouds Google Cloud Core jar googlecloud
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Files US provider bundle rackspace-cloudfiles-us
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Files UK provider bundle rackspace-cloudfiles-uk
jclouds Google Cloud Storage provider bundle google-cloud-storage
jclouds Abiquo api bundle abiquo
jclouds dmtf domain objects bundle dmtf
jclouds Rackspace Auto Scale US Provider bundle rackspace-autoscale-us
jclouds azure compute API bundle azurecompute
jclouds jdbc core bundle jdbc
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Queues US provider bundle rackspace-cloudqueues-us
jclouds openstack-trove api bundle openstack-trove
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Queues UK provider bundle rackspace-cloudqueues-uk
Apache jclouds B2 API bundle b2
Apache jclouds Chef :: Hosted Chef jar hostedchef
Apache jclouds :: AWS :: Glacier API bundle glacier
jclouds Azure Compute ARM API bundle azurecompute-arm
jclouds virtualbox api bundle virtualbox
jclouds joyentcloud provider bundle joyentcloud
jclouds :: management pom jclouds-management
jclouds :: representations pom jclouds-representations
jclouds :: represetations pom jclouds-represetations
Apache jclouds labs google pom jclouds-labs-google
jclouds Amazon Elastic Load Balancer provider bundle aws-elb
Apache jclouds labs aws jar jclouds-labs-aws
Apache jclouds labs jar jclouds-labs
jclouds OneAndOne REST api bundle oneandone
jclouds h2 jdbc provider bundle h2-jdbc
jclouds Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform DE provider bundle fgcp-de
jclouds Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform AU provider bundle fgcp-au
jclouds Dimension Data CloudControl API bundle dimensiondata-cloudcontrol
jclouds DigitalOcean v2 API Provider jar digitalocean2
jclouds openstack-quantum api bundle openstack-quantum
jclouds openstack-reddwarf api bundle openstack-reddwarf
jclouds DigitalOcean Provider bundle digitalocean
jclouds CloudSigma v2 Zurich Provider bundle cloudsigma2-zrh
jclouds Packet compute API bundle packet
Apache jclouds Chef :: Private Chef jar privatechef
jclouds ProfitBricks api bundle profitbricks
jclouds ProfitBricks REST api bundle profitbricks-rest
jclouds CloudSigma v2 Washington DC Provider bundle cloudsigma2-wdc
jclouds Rackspace Auto Scale UK Provider bundle rackspace-autoscale-uk
jclouds CloudSigma v2 San Jose Provider bundle cloudsigma2-sjc
jclouds Rackspace CDN UK provider bundle rackspace-cdn-uk
jclouds Rackspace CDN US provider bundle rackspace-cdn-us
jclouds CloudSigma v2 Miami Provider bundle cloudsigma2-mia
jclouds rackspace-cloudbigdata api provider bundle rackspace-cloudbigdata-us
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Databases UK provider bundle rackspace-clouddatabases-uk
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Databases US provider bundle rackspace-clouddatabases-us
jclouds CloudSigma v2 Las Vegas Provider bundle cloudsigma2-lvs
jclouds CloudSigma v2 Honolulu Provider bundle cloudsigma2-hnl
Apache jclouds Chef :: Labs pom chef-labs-project
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Networks UK provider bundle rackspace-cloudnetworks-uk
jclouds Rackspace Cloud Networks US provider bundle rackspace-cloudnetworks-us
jclouds cdmi api bundle cdmi
jclouds Amazon Relational Database Service provider bundle aws-rds
jclouds Rackspace Orchestration UK provider bundle rackspace-orchestration-uk
jclouds Rackspace Orchestration US provider bundle rackspace-orchestration-us
jclouds Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) provider bundle aws-iam
jclouds shipyard API bundle shipyard
jclouds Vagrant provider bundle vagrant
jclouds vcloud-director api bundle vcloud-director
Apache jclouds labs openstack jar jclouds-labs-openstack

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