group: org.apache.james

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache James :: Mime4j :: Assembly zip apache-mime4j
Apache James :: Mime4j :: Core bundle apache-mime4j-core
Apache James :: Mime4j :: DOM bundle apache-mime4j-dom
Apache James :: Mailbox :: API bundle apache-james-mailbox-api
Apache James :: Mailbox :: Store Framework bundle apache-james-mailbox-store
Apache James :: Basic Mailet Toolkit bundle apache-mailet-base
Apache James :: Server :: DNS Service :: API bundle james-server-dnsservice-api
Apache James :: Mailets parent and aggregator jar apache-mailet
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: API bundle james-server-data-api
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: Library bundle james-server-data-library
Apache James :: Server :: Lifecycle API bundle james-server-lifecycle-api
Apache James :: Server :: Filesystem API bundle james-server-filesystem-api
Apache James :: Server :: Common Utilities bundle james-server-util
Apache James :: Server :: Core bundle james-server-core
Apache James :: Mailet API bundle apache-mailet-api
Apache James :: Mailbox :: In Memory bundle apache-james-mailbox-memory
Apache James jSieve Mailet jar apache-jsieve-mailet
Apache James :: Server :: Mail Queue :: API bundle james-server-queue-api
Apache James Server Core Library jar james-server-core-library
Apache James :: Server :: Guice Common jar james-server-guice-common
Apache James Server Core API jar james-server-core-api
Apache James :: Server :: Protocols Library bundle james-server-protocols-library
Apache James :: Server :: Common Utilities :: Java 8 jar james-server-util-java8
Apache James Cassandra backend jar apache-james-backends-cassandra
Apache James :: Metrics :: API jar metrics-api
Apache James MPT Imap Mailbox Core jar apache-james-mpt-imapmailbox-core
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Configuration jar james-server-guice-configuration
Apache James Server User Library jar james-server-user-library
Apache James :: Server :: Mailetcontainer API bundle james-server-mailetcontainer-api
Apache James MPT Core jar apache-james-mpt-core
Apache James :: Mailbox :: JPA bundle apache-james-mailbox-jpa
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Jmap jar james-server-guice-jmap
Apache James Server User API jar james-server-user-api
Apache James :: Server :: DNS Service :: Library bundle james-server-dnsservice-library
Apache-james-backends-es jar apache-james-backends-es
Apache James Mail Library jar james-server-mail-library
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: MEMORY bundle james-server-data-memory
Apache James :: Server :: SMTP bundle james-server-protocols-smtp
Apache James Mail API jar james-server-mail-api
Apache James :: Server :: Mail Queue :: JMS bundle james-server-queue-jms
Apache James :: Mailbox :: Tika jar apache-james-mailbox-tika
Apache James :: Server :: Mailbox Adapter bundle james-server-mailbox-adapter
Apache James :: Server :: Mailetcontainer Camel bundle james-server-mailetcontainer-camel
Apache James :: Metrics :: Logger jar metrics-logger
Apache-james-backends-jpa jar apache-james-backends-jpa
Apache James :: Mailbox :: ElasticSearch jar apache-james-mailbox-elasticsearch
Apache James IMAP API jar apache-james-imap-api
Apache James :: Server :: Cassandra - guice injection jar james-server-cassandra-guice
Apache James IMAP Processor jar apache-james-imap-processor
Apache James :: Mailbox :: Maildir bundle apache-james-mailbox-maildir
Apache James :: Server :: Web Admin :: Core jar james-server-webadmin-core
Apache James :: Server :: Mailets bundle james-server-mailets
Apache James :: Server :: DNS Service :: Implementation bundle james-server-dnsservice-dnsjava
Apache James :: Mailbox :: JCR bundle apache-james-mailbox-jcr
Apache James :: Mailbox :: Lucene Index bundle apache-james-mailbox-lucene
Apache James :: Server jar james-server
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: File Persistence bundle james-server-data-file
Apache James :: Mailbox :: Tools bundle apache-james-mailbox-tool
Apache James :: Mime4j :: Storage bundle apache-mime4j-storage
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Smtp jar james-server-guice-smtp
Apache James IMAP Message Library jar apache-james-imap-message
Apache James :: Mailbox :: Cassandra jar apache-james-mailbox-cassandra
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: JMAP jar james-server-data-jmap
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Webadmin jar james-server-guice-webadmin
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: JPA Persistence bundle james-server-data-jpa
Apache James Server DomainList API jar james-server-domainlist-api
Apache James :: Server :: IMAP bundle james-server-protocols-imap4
Apache James :: Server :: FetchMail bundle james-server-fetchmail
Apache James :: Server :: Client bundle james-server-cli
Apache James :: Server :: Mail Queue :: ActiveMQ bundle james-server-queue-activemq
Apache James :: Server :: POP3 bundle james-server-protocols-pop3
Apache James Server Netty Socket jar james-server-netty-socket
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Lmtp jar james-server-guice-lmtp
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Pop jar james-server-guice-pop
Apache James :: jSieve :: Core bundle apache-jsieve-core
Apache James :: Standard Mailets bundle apache-mailet-standard
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Imap jar james-server-guice-imap
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Webadmin :: Data jar james-server-guice-webadmin-data
Apache James :: MPT :: Onami-test jar apache-james-mpt-onami-test
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: LDAP Implementation bundle james-server-data-ldap
Apache James :: Server :: Memory - guice injection jar james-server-memory-guice
Apache James Protocol Tester jar apache-james-imap-protocol-tester
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: JMX jar james-server-guice-jmx
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Managedsieve jar james-server-guice-managedsieve
Apache James Server DomainList Library jar james-server-domainlist-library
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Webadmin :: Mailbox jar james-server-guice-webadmin-mailbox
Apache James :: Server :: LMTP bundle james-server-protocols-lmtp
Apache James :: Mailbox :: HBase jar apache-james-mailbox-hbase
Apache James :: Server :: Mail Queue :: File bundle james-server-queue-file
Apache JAMES Standard Mailets jar apache-standard-mailets
Apache James :: Metrics :: Dropwizard jar metrics-dropwizard
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: Cassandra Persistence jar james-server-data-cassandra
Apache James :: Mime4j :: James utils bundle apache-mime4j-james-utils
Apache James :: Server :: ManageSieve jar james-server-protocols-managesieve
Apache James MPT ManageSieve Core jar apache-james-mpt-managesieve-core
Apache James Server SMTP jar james-server-smtpserver
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Mailet jar james-server-guice-mailet
Apache James :: Server :: Web Admin :: mailbox jar james-server-webadmin-mailbox
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Mailbox jar james-server-guice-mailbox
Apache James :: Server :: Testing jar james-server-testing
Apache James :: Mime4j :: Code Examples bundle apache-mime4j-examples
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: LDAP Implementation :: Integration testing bundle james-server-data-ldap-integration-testing
Apache James :: Server :: JPA - guice common jar james-server-jpa-common-guice
Apache James :: Server :: Web Admin :: data jar james-server-webadmin-data
Apache James :: JSieve xml apache-jsieve
Apache James :: ICalendar Mailets jar apache-mailet-icalendar
Apache James :: Server :: JWT jar james-server-jwt
Apache James Server IMAP jar james-server-imapserver
Apache James Server Lifecycle Spring jar james-server-lifecycle-spring
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: HBase Persistence bundle james-server-data-hbase
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: JCR Persistence bundle james-server-data-jcr
Apache James :: Mime4j :: Benchmarks bundle apache-mime4j-benchmark
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: JDBC Persistence bundle james-server-data-jdbc
Apache James :: Mailbox :: Spring bundle apache-james-mailbox-spring
Apache James :: Mime4j :: Mbox Iterator bundle apache-mime4j-mbox-iterator
Apache James MPT SMTP Core jar apache-james-mpt-smtp-core
Apache James :: jSieve :: Utilities bundle apache-jsieve-util
Apache JAMES MPT Main jar apache-james-mpt-main
Apache JAMES jSPF jar apache-jspf
Apache James :: Server :: Jetty jar james-server-jetty
Apache James Server Mailetcontainer library jar james-server-mailetcontainer-library
Apache James Server LMTP jar james-server-lmtpserver
Apache James jSieve Manager API jar apache-jsieve-manager-api
Apache James :: Server :: Data :: JMAP :: Cassandra persistance jar james-server-data-jmap-cassandra
Apache James :: Server :: Container Spring bundle james-server-spring
Apache James :: Server :: JMAP jar james-server-jmap
Apache James Server POP3 jar james-server-pop3server
Apache James :: Server :: Onami jar james-server-onami
Apache James jSieve Manager Mailet jar apache-jsieve-manager-mock
Apache James :: Server :: JMAP :: Integration testing Common jar james-server-jmap-integration-testing
Apache James jSieve Manager Core jar apache-jsieve-manager-core
Apache James :: Crypto Mailets bundle apache-mailet-crypto
Apache James Server Container Spring jar james-server-container-spring
Metrics-es-reporter jar metrics-es-reporter
Apache James Mail JDBC jar james-server-mail-jdbc
Apache James Server DomainList XML jar james-server-domainlist-xml
Apache James :: Server :: Web Admin jar james-server-webadmin
Apache James Server DomainList JDBC jar james-server-domainlist-jdbc
Apache James Server User JPA jar james-server-user-jpa
Apache James Server LDAP Data Implementation jar james-server-ldap
Apache James Server User JCR jar james-server-user-jcr
Apache James Server JDBC Data Persistence jar james-server-jdbc
Apache James Server Core Function jar james-server-core-function
Apache James Mail File jar james-server-mail-file
Apache James Server JPA Data Persistence jar james-server-jpa
Apache James Server JCR Data Persistence jar james-server-jcr
Apache James Server User File jar james-server-user-file
Apache James Server RemoteManager jar james-server-remotemanager
Apache James Server DomainList JPA jar james-server-domainlist-jpa
Apache James Mail JCR jar james-server-mail-jcr
Apache James Server User JDBC jar james-server-user-jdbc
Apache James Server File Data Persistence jar james-server-file
Apache James Server User LDAP jar james-server-user-ldap
Apache JAMES jSieve Assembly pom apache-james-jsieve
Apache James jSieve Manager jSieve jar apache-jsieve-manager-jsieve
Apache James Server App jar apache-james
Apache James jSieve Manager Mailet jar apache-jsieve-manager-mailet
Apache James MPT AntLib jar apache-james-mpt-antlib
Apache James Torque Mailbox Manager jar apache-james-mailbox-torque
Apache James MPT Imap Mailbox - JPA jar apache-james-mpt-imapmailbox-jpa
JAMES Server 2.2.0 Documentation pom james-server-site-2-2-0
Apache James :: Server :: Cassandra/Ldap - guice injection jar james-server-cassandra-ldap-guice
Apache James MPT Imap Mailbox - ElasticSearch jar apache-james-mpt-imapmailbox-elasticsearch
Apache James MPT Imap Mailbox jar apache-james-mpt-imapmailbox
Apache James MPT Imap Mailbox - Maildir jar apache-james-mpt-imapmailbox-maildir
Apache James :: Server :: App bundle james-server-app
Apache James Skin jar james-skin
Apache JAMES Crypto Mailets jar apache-crypto-mailets
Apache James MPT Maven2 Plugin maven-plugin mpt-maven-plugin
Apache James MPT ManageSieve File jar apache-james-mpt-managesieve-file
Apache James Project jar james-project
Apache James :: Protocols jar protocols
Apache JAMES Parent POM pom james-parent
Apache James MPT Imap Mailbox - External James jar apache-james-mpt-external-james
Apache JAMES JSieve Project pom jsieve-project
Apache James MPT SMTP jar apache-james-mpt-smtp
Apache James MPT Imap Mailbox - LuceneSearch jar apache-james-mpt-imapmailbox-jpa-lucene
Apache James MPT Maven2 Plugin maven-plugin maven-mpt-plugin
JAMES Server pom james-server-root
Apache James IMAP Parent pom pom apache-james-imap-parent
Apache James MPT Application jar apache-james-mpt-app
Apache James :: Server :: JPA - guice injection jar james-server-jpa-guice
Apache James MPT All jar apache-james-mpt-all
Apache James :: Mailbox :: Kafka jar apache-james-mailbox-kafka
Apache James :: Mailbox :: Caching bundle apache-james-mailbox-caching
Apache James :: Server :: Mailets Integration Testing bundle james-server-mailets-integration-testing
Apache James :: Mailetdocs Maven Plugin maven-plugin mailetdocs-maven-plugin
JAMES Skin jar maven-skin
Apache JAMES backends common jar james-backends-common
Apache James IMAP pom apache-james-imap
Apache James :: Server :: Guice :: Mailet :: Custom testing mailets jar james-server-guice-custom-mailets
Apache James MPT Imap Mailbox - JCR jar apache-james-mpt-imapmailbox-jcr
Apache James :: Mailbox :: Zookeeper Sequence Provider bundle zookeeper-sequence-provider
Apache James :: Server :: Guice jar james-server-guice
Apache James MPT SMTP Cassandra jar apache-james-mpt-smtp-cassandra
Apache James MPT Imap Mailbox - Cassandra jar apache-james-mpt-imapmailbox-cassandra
Apache James :: Server :: Web Admin server integration tests jar james-server-webadmin-integration-test
Apache James MPT Imap Mailbox - HBase jar apache-james-mpt-imapmailbox-hbase
Apache James jSieve Manager pom apache-jsieve-manager
Apache JAMES MPT Project pom apache-james-mpt-project
Apache JAMES jSPF zip apache-jspf-project
Mailetdocs Maven Plugin maven-plugin maven-mailetdocs-plugin
Apache James MPT Imap Mailbox - InMemory jar apache-james-mpt-imapmailbox-inmemory
Apache James MPT jar apache-james-mpt
Apache James :: AI Mailets bundle apache-mailet-ai
Apache JAMES Protocols pom james-protocols
Apache James :: Mailbox jar apache-james-mailbox
Apache James MPT ManageSieve Cassandra jar apache-james-mpt-managesieve-cassandra
Apache James :: Mime4j :: Project zip apache-mime4j-project
Apache James MPT ManageSieve jar apache-james-mpt-managesieve
Apache James :: Server :: Cli :: Integretion jar james-server-cli-integration
Apache James :: Metrics jar metrics
Apache James :: Mailbox :: Scanning jar apache-james-mailbox-scanning-search
Apache James :: Server :: JPA + SMTP - guice injection jar james-server-jpa-smtp-guice
Apache James :: Server :: JMAP :: Integration testing jar jmap-integration-testing
Apache James MPT Imap Mailbox - Cyrus jar apache-james-mpt-imapmailbox-cyrus
Apache James :: jSieve :: All zip apache-jsieve-all

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