group: org.apache.jackrabbit

fresh name packaging artifact id
Jackrabbit JCR Commons bundle jackrabbit-jcr-commons
Jackrabbit Core jar jackrabbit-core
Apache Jackrabbit API bundle jackrabbit-api
Oak Core bundle oak-core
Oak Commons bundle oak-commons
Jackrabbit SPI bundle jackrabbit-spi
Jackrabbit JCR Tests jar jackrabbit-jcr-tests
Jackrabbit SPI Commons bundle jackrabbit-spi-commons
Oak JCR Binding bundle oak-jcr
Jackrabbit Data bundle jackrabbit-data
Jackrabbit WebDAV Library bundle jackrabbit-webdav
Jackrabbit JCR Server bundle jackrabbit-jcr-server
Jackrabbit JCR to SPI bundle jackrabbit-jcr2spi
Jackrabbit JCR-RMI bundle jackrabbit-jcr-rmi
Oak Blob Store bundle oak-blob
Oak Segment bundle oak-segment
Oak Segment Tar bundle oak-segment-tar
Oak External Authentication Support bundle oak-auth-external
Oak MicroKernel API bundle oak-mk-api
Jackrabbit SPI to WebDAV jar jackrabbit-spi2dav
Jackrabbit JCR Benchmarks jar jackrabbit-jcr-benchmark
Oak MicroKernel bundle oak-mk
Oak Cloud Blob Store bundle oak-blob-cloud
Oak API bundle oak-api
Oak NodeStore and Commit SPI bundle oak-store-spi
Oak Solr core bundle oak-solr-core
Jackrabbit AWS Extension bundle jackrabbit-aws-ext
Jackrabbit JCR to WebDAV jar jackrabbit-jcr2dav
Jackrabbit Text Extractors jar jackrabbit-text-extractors
Oak Blob Plugins bundle oak-blob-plugins
Oak Core SPI bundle oak-core-spi
Jackrabbit JCR Servlets jar jackrabbit-jcr-servlet
Oak Lucene bundle oak-lucene
Oak HTTP Binding bundle oak-http
Oak upgrade jar oak-upgrade
Oak Integration Tests jar oak-it
Oak TarMK Standby bundle oak-tarmk-standby
Oak MicroKernel Remoting bundle oak-mk-remote
Jackrabbit SPI to JCR jar jackrabbit-spi2jcr
Oak Azure Cloud Blob Store bundle oak-blob-cloud-azure
Oak Query SPI bundle oak-query-spi
Jackrabbit Repository Classloader jar jackrabbit-classloader
Jackrabbit Web Application war jackrabbit-webapp
Jackrabbit JCR Client jar jackrabbit-jcr-client
Oak Solr OSGi bundle oak-solr-osgi
Oak DocumentNodeStore bundle oak-store-document
Oak Remote API bundle oak-remote
Oak Security SPI bundle oak-security-spi
Oak CUG Authorization bundle oak-authorization-cug
Oak Composite Store bundle oak-store-composite
JCRWebdavServer Webdav Library jar jackrabbit-jcr-webdav
Jackrabbit JCA Resource Adapter rar jackrabbit-jca
Oak Commons for Runnable modules jar oak-run-commons
Jackrabbit Object Content Mapping jar jackrabbit-ocm
Jackrabbit Standalone jar jackrabbit-standalone
Oak Mongo MicroKernel bundle oak-mongomk
JCRWebdavServer WebApplication war jackrabbit-server
Oak Integration Tests for MicroKernel implementations jar oak-it-mk
Jackrabbit Index Filters jar jackrabbit-index-filters
Jackrabbit VFS Extension bundle jackrabbit-vfs-ext
Oak Runnable Jar jar oak-run
Jackrabbit OCM Node management jar jackrabbit-ocm-nodemanagement
Wordnet-synonym-provider jar wordnet-synonym-provider
Oak Documentation jar oak-doc
Oak support for Apache Sling bundle oak-sling
Jackrabbit Parent POM pom jackrabbit-parent
Oak Performance Test Utilities jar oak-bench-base
Oak Solr remote bundle oak-solr-remote
Oak Exercises bundle oak-exercise
Apache Jackrabbit FileVault - Package Maven Plugin maven-plugin filevault-package-maven-plugin
Oak TarMK Failover bundle oak-tarmk-failover
Jackrabbit OSGi bundle bundle jackrabbit-bundle
Apache Jackrabbit pom jackrabbit
Apache Jackrabbit pom parent
Oak Solr embedded bundle oak-solr-embedded
Oak LDAP Authentication Support bundle oak-auth-ldap
Oak Parent POM pom oak-parent
Oak Search Machine Translation bundle oak-search-mt
Oak Performance Test Parent pom oak-bench-parent

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