group: org.apache.isis.core

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Isis Unit Test Support jar isis-core-unittestsupport
Apache Isis AppLib jar isis-core-applib
Apache Isis Runtime jar isis-core-runtime
Apache Isis MetaModel jar isis-core-metamodel
Apache Isis Wrapper Service jar isis-core-wrapper
Apache Isis Security + Bypass jar isis-core-security
Apache Isis Schemas jar isis-core-schema
Isis Core TCK DOM jar isis-core-tck-dom
Apache Isis Wicket Viewer UI Components jar isis-core-viewer-wicket-ui
Apache Isis RestfulObjects Viewer Rendering jar isis-core-viewer-restfulobjects-rendering
Isis Core CgLib Bytecode jar isis-core-bytecode-cglib
Apache Isis Spec Support jar isis-core-specsupport
Core MetaModel jar metamodel
Core Test Support jar testsupport
Isis Core (In-Memory) ObjectStore jar isis-core-objectstore
Apache Isis Integration Testing Support jar isis-core-integtestsupport
Apache Isis Log4j Impls jar isis-core-log4j
Isis Core (In-memory) ProfileStore jar isis-core-profilestore
Apache Isis RestfulObjects Viewer AppLib jar isis-core-viewer-restfulobjects-applib
Isis Core TCK Fixtures jar isis-core-tck-fixture
Apache Isis WebServer jar isis-core-webserver
Core ProgModel jar progmodel
Apache Isis RestfulObjects Viewer Server jar isis-core-viewer-restfulobjects-server
Core Runtime jar runtime
Core Commons jar commons
Apache Isis Security Shiro jar isis-core-security-shiro
Apache Isis Wicket Viewer Implementation jar isis-core-viewer-wicket-impl
Core Webapp jar webapp
Isis-core-commons jar isis-core-commons
Apache Isis Wicket Viewer Model jar isis-core-viewer-wicket-model
Apache Isis Wicket Viewer Applib jar isis-core-viewer-wicket-applib
Isis-core-plugins-codegen-bytebuddy jar isis-core-plugins-codegen-bytebuddy
Isis-core-plugins-discovery-reflections jar isis-core-plugins-discovery-reflections
Isis Core JDO ObjectStore MetaModel Support jar isis-core-objectstore-jdo-metamodel
Isis-core-plugins-eventbus-axon jar isis-core-plugins-eventbus-axon
Isis-core-plugins-jdo-datanucleus-5 jar isis-core-plugins-jdo-datanucleus-5
Isis-core-plugins-jaxrs-resteasy-3 jar isis-core-plugins-jaxrs-resteasy-3
Isis Core Javassist Bytecode jar isis-core-bytecode-javassist
Apache Isis pom isis
Isis-core-plugins-jaxrs-resteasy-4 jar isis-core-plugins-jaxrs-resteasy-4
Isis-core-plugins-jdo-datanucleus-4 jar isis-core-plugins-jdo-datanucleus-4
Isis Core RestfulObjects Viewer TCK tests war isis-core-tck-viewer-restfulobjects
Isis-core-unittestsupport-test jar isis-core-unittestsupport-test
Isis-core-plugins-eventbus-guava jar isis-core-plugins-eventbus-guava
Isis Core TCK App pom isis-core-tck
Isis-core-plugins-codegen-javassist jar isis-core-plugins-codegen-javassist
Isis-webdocker jar isis-webdocker
Isis Core JDO ObjectStore DataNucleus impl jar isis-core-objectstore-jdo-datanucleus

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