group: org.apache.hbase

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache HBase - Common jar hbase-common
Apache HBase - Client jar hbase-client
Apache HBase - Server jar hbase-server
Apache HBase - Hadoop Compatibility jar hbase-hadoop-compat
Apache HBase - Annotations jar hbase-annotations
Apache HBase - Hadoop Two Compatibility jar hbase-hadoop2-compat
Apache HBase - Protocol jar hbase-protocol
Apache HBase - Testing Util jar hbase-testing-util
Apache HBase - Integration Tests jar hbase-it
Apache HBase xml hbase
Apache HBase - Resource Bundle jar hbase-resource-bundle
Apache HBase - RSGroup jar hbase-rsgroup
Apache HBase - Prefix Tree jar hbase-prefix-tree
Apache HBase - Shell jar hbase-shell
Apache HBase - Procedure jar hbase-procedure
Apache HBase - Thrift jar hbase-thrift
Apache HBase - Spark jar hbase-spark
Apache HBase - MapReduce jar hbase-mapreduce
Apache HBase - Hadoop One Compatibility jar hbase-hadoop1-compat
Apache HBase - Zookeeper jar hbase-zookeeper
Apache HBase - Metrics API jar hbase-metrics-api
Apache HBase - Shaded Protocol jar hbase-protocol-shaded
Apache HBase - Shaded - Client jar hbase-shaded-client
Apache HBase - Metrics Implementation jar hbase-metrics
Apache HBase - HTTP jar hbase-http
Apache HBase - Examples jar hbase-examples
Apache HBase - External Block Cache jar hbase-external-blockcache
Apache HBase - Replication jar hbase-replication
Apache HBase - Rest jar hbase-rest
Apache HBase - Backup jar hbase-backup
Apache HBase - Shaded - MapReduce jar hbase-shaded-mapreduce
Apache HBase - Shaded - Server jar hbase-shaded-server
Apache HBase - Coprocessor Endpoint jar hbase-endpoint
Apache HBase - Spark Integration Tests jar hbase-spark-it
Hbase-core jar hbase-core
Apache HBase - Shaded - Client jar hbase-shaded-client-byo-hadoop
Apache HBase - Shaded pom hbase-shaded
Apache HBase - Checkstyle jar hbase-checkstyle
Apache HBase - Exemplar for hbase-client archetype jar hbase-client-project
Hbase-test jar hbase-test
Apache HBase - Assembly pom hbase-assembly
Apache HBase - Error Prone Rules jar hbase-error-prone
Apache HBase - Build Support pom hbase-build-support
Apache HBase - Build Configuration pom hbase-build-configuration
hbase-client-project-archetype maven-archetype hbase-client-project-archetype
Apache HBase - Archetypes pom hbase-archetypes
Apache HBase Shaded Packaging Invariants pom hbase-shaded-check-invariants
Apache HBase - Exemplar for hbase-shaded-client archetype jar hbase-shaded-client-project
hbase-shaded-client-project-archetype maven-archetype hbase-shaded-client-project-archetype
Apache HBase Shaded Packaging Invariants (with Hadoop bundled) pom hbase-shaded-with-hadoop-check-invariants
Apache HBase - Archetype builder pom hbase-archetype-builder

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