group: org.apache.gora

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Gora :: Core bundle gora-core
Apache Gora :: HBase bundle gora-hbase
Apache Gora :: Cassandra - CQL bundle gora-cassandra
Apache Gora :: Compiler bundle gora-compiler
Apache Gora :: SQL bundle gora-sql
Apache Gora :: Shims Hadoop bundle gora-shims-hadoop
Apache Gora :: Shims Distribution bundle gora-shims-distribution
Apache Gora :: Compiler-CLI bundle gora-compiler-cli
Apache Gora :: CouchDB bundle gora-couchdb
Apache Gora :: Solr bundle gora-solr
Apache Gora :: Accumulo bundle gora-accumulo
Apache Gora :: JCache bundle gora-jcache
Apache Gora :: MongoDB bundle gora-mongodb
Apache Gora :: Solr5 bundle gora-solr-5
Apache Gora :: Aerospike bundle gora-aerospike
Apache Gora :: Sources-Dist jar sources-dist
Apache Gora :: Dynamodb bundle gora-dynamodb
Apache Gora :: GoraCI jar gora-goraci
Apache Gora :: Infinispan bundle gora-infinispan
Apache Gora :: Maven Plugin bundle gora-maven-plugin
Apache Gora :: OrientDB bundle gora-orientdb
Apache Gora :: Shims Hadoop 1.x bundle gora-shims-hadoop1
Apache Gora :: Shims Hadoop 2.x bundle gora-shims-hadoop2
Apache Gora :: Tutorial bundle gora-tutorial
Apache Gora zip gora

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