fresh name packaging artifact id
ApacheDS All jar apacheds-all
ApacheDS Protocol Ldap bundle apacheds-protocol-ldap
ApacheDS Core API bundle apacheds-core-api
ApacheDS Protocol Shared bundle apacheds-protocol-shared
ApacheDS Interceptors for Kerberos bundle apacheds-interceptor-kerberos
ApacheDS Test Framework bundle apacheds-test-framework
ApacheDS Protocol Kerberos Codec bundle apacheds-kerberos-codec
ApacheDS Protocol Kerberos bundle apacheds-protocol-kerberos
ApacheDS LDIF Partition bundle apacheds-ldif-partition
ApacheDS Core Integration bundle apacheds-core-integ
ApacheDS JDBM Partition bundle apacheds-jdbm-partition
ApacheDS Mavibot Partition bundle apacheds-mavibot-partition
ApacheDS Server Integration bundle apacheds-server-integ
ApacheDS I18n bundle apacheds-i18n
ApacheDS Core bundle apacheds-core
ApacheDS JDBM implementation bundle apacheds-jdbm
ApacheDS Core Annotations bundle apacheds-core-annotations
ApacheDS Server JNDI bundle apacheds-server-jndi
ApacheDS Core Shared bundle apacheds-core-shared
Apacheds Server Annotations bundle apacheds-server-annotations
ApacheDS Server Unit jar apacheds-server-unit
ApacheDS Bootstrap Partition jar apacheds-bootstrap-partition
ApacheDS Protocol Dns bundle apacheds-protocol-dns
ApacheDS Core AVL bundle apacheds-core-avl
ApacheDS Core Entry jar apacheds-core-entry
ApacheDS Core JNDI bundle apacheds-core-jndi
ApacheDS Generalized (X) DBM Partition bundle apacheds-xdbm-partition
ApacheDS Server Config bundle apacheds-server-config
ApacheDS JDBM Store jar apacheds-jdbm-store
ApacheDS Core Constants bundle apacheds-core-constants
ApacheDS Protocol Ntp bundle apacheds-protocol-ntp
ApacheDS XDBM Base jar apacheds-xdbm-base
ApacheDS Schema Registries jar apacheds-schema-registries
ApacheDS Utils jar apacheds-utils
ApacheDS Bootstrap Schemas jar apacheds-schema-bootstrap
ApacheDS Generalized (X) DBM Search Engine jar apacheds-xdbm-search
ApacheDS Bootstrap Partition File Extractor jar apacheds-bootstrap-extract
ApacheDS Protocol Dhcp bundle apacheds-protocol-dhcp
ApacheDS Password Hashing Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-hash
ApacheDS Protocol Kerberos Shared jar apacheds-kerberos-shared
Apache Directory LDAP Client API test jar ldap-client-test
ApacheDS Protocol Change Password jar apacheds-protocol-changepw
ApacheDS Service jar apacheds-service
ApacheDS Server XML File jar apacheds-server-xml
ApacheDS Xbean Spring xsd.html apacheds-xbean-spring
ApacheDS Authentication Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-authn
ApacheDS Protocol Kerberos Test jar apacheds-kerberos-test
ApacheDS Generalized (X) DBM Tools bundle apacheds-xdbm-tools
ApacheDS Jetty HTTP Server Integration bundle apacheds-http-integration
ApacheDS Extra Schemas jar apacheds-schema-extras
ApacheDS DirectoryService-WebApp bridge bundle apacheds-http-directory-bridge
ApacheDS AdministrativePoint Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-admin
ApacheDS Triggers Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-trigger
ApacheDS Subtree Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-subtree
ApacheDS Event Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-event
ApacheDS Exception Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-exception
ApacheDS Collective Attribute Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-collective
ApacheDS ChangeLog Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-changelog
ApacheDS Schema Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-schema
ApacheDS Referral Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-referral
ApacheDS Operational Attribute Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-operational
ApacheDS Normalization Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-normalization
ApacheDS Journal Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-journal
ApacheDS Authorization Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-authz
ApacheDS Wrapper jar apacheds-wrapper
ApacheDS Server Replication Service bundle apacheds-server-replication
ApacheDS Avl Partition jar apacheds-avl-partition
ApacheDS Core Mock jar apacheds-core-mock
ApacheDS Server Main [Retrotranslated to 1.4] jar apacheds-server-main
ApacheDS Core Unit jar apacheds-core-unit
ApacheDS Server SSL [Retrotranslated to 1.4] jar apacheds-server-ssl
ApacheDS Interceptor to increment numeric attributes bundle apacheds-interceptors-number
ApacheDS Service Builder bundle apacheds-service-builder
ApacheDS Constants jar apacheds-constants
ApacheDS BTree Base jar apacheds-btree-base
ApacheDS Server Tools jar apacheds-server-tools
ApacheDS Core Cursor jar apacheds-core-cursor
ApacheDS Logger Interceptor bundle apacheds-interceptors-logger
kerberos-client jar kerberos-client
ApacheDS replication jar mitosis
ApacheDS Installers Maven Plugin maven-plugin apacheds-installers-maven-plugin
ApacheDS Interceptors pom apacheds-interceptors
ApacheDS pom build
ApacheDS Kerberos Client jar kerberos-client2
LDAP API unit test jar ldap-api-test
ApacheDS Testcase Archetype maven-plugin apacheds-testcase-archetype
ApacheDS Mavibot bulkloader jar apacheds-bulkloader
ApacheDS Server Sar Maven Plugin maven-plugin apacheds-sar-plugin
ApacheDS Server Sar (JBoss 3.x) sar apacheds-server-sar
ApacheDS Bootstrap Plugin maven-plugin apacheds-bootstrap-plugin
ApacheDS Core Plugin (Maven 2) maven-plugin apacheds-core-plugin
ApacheDS Core Splay jar apacheds-core-splay
ApacheDS Schema Archetype maven-plugin apacheds-schema-archetype
ApacheDS zip apacheds-parent
ApacheDS OSGi Integration Tests jar apacheds-osgi-integ
ApacheDS Default Config jar apacheds-default-config
ApacheDS Installers xml apacheds-installers

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