group: org.apache.cxf.dosgi

fresh name packaging artifact id
CXF Local Discovery Service Bundle bundle cxf-dosgi-ri-discovery-local
CXF dOSGi Distribution provider bundle cxf-dosgi-ri-dsw-cxf
CXF DOSGi Common bundle cxf-dosgi-common
CXF DOSGi ZooKeeper Server Control Bundle bundle cxf-dosgi-ri-discovery-distributed-zookeeper-server
CXF DOSGi ZooKeeper-based Discovery Service Bundle bundle cxf-dosgi-ri-discovery-distributed
Distributed OSGI Distributed Discovery Zookeeper Library Wrapper Bundle bundle cxf-dosgi-ri-discovery-distributed-zookeeper-wrapper
Distributed OSGi Topology Manager implementation bundle cxf-dosgi-ri-topology-manager
Distributed OSGI Single-Bundle Distribution bundle cxf-dosgi-ri-singlebundle-distribution
CXF DOSGi Distribution Repository jar cxf-dosgi-repository
Distributed OSGI Distributed Discovery ZooKeeper Server Control Configuration Bundle bundle cxf-dosgi-ri-discovery-distributed-zookeeper-server-config
CXF DOSGi provider ws bundle cxf-dosgi-provider-ws
CXF DOSGi provider rs bundle cxf-dosgi-provider-rs
Distributed OSGi Remote Service Admin interfaces bundle cxf-dosgi-remote-service-admin-interfaces
Distributed OSGI Multi-Bundle Distribution jar cxf-dosgi-ri-multibundle-distribution
CXF dOSGi Required OSGi Compendium APIs bundle cxf-dosgi-ri-osgi-api
Distributed OSGI Reference Implementation Parent pom cxf-dosgi-ri-parent
Distributed OSGI Source Distribution jar cxf-dosgi-ri-source-distribution
CXF DOSGI Samples Features xml cxf-dosgi-samples
CXF DOSGi Samples Repository xml.gz cxf-dosgi-samples-repository
CXF DOSGi Source Distribution jar cxf-dosgi-source-distribution
CXF DOSGi Karaf Features xml cxf-dosgi
Distributed OSGi Temporary Private Apache Felix Shell TUI Build bundle felix-shell-extension
CXF DOSGi Service decorator support bundle cxf-dosgi-decorator
CXF DOSGi Distribution Parent pom cxf-dosgi-distribution-parent
CXF DOSGi main zip cxf-dosgi-main
CXF DOSGi Multi-Bundle Distribution xml cxf-dosgi-multibundle-distribution
CXF DOSGi Parent pom cxf-dosgi-parent
Distributed OSGI Reference Implementation pom cxf-dosgi-ri
Distributed OSGI Discovery Service Modules pom cxf-dosgi-ri-discovery
Distributed OSGI Distributed Discovery Parent pom cxf-dosgi-ri-discovery-distributed-parent
Distributed OSGI Distribution Parent pom cxf-dosgi-ri-distribution-parent
Distributed OSGI Distributed Software Modules pom cxf-dosgi-ri-dsw
Distributed OSGi Temporary Private Felix Framework Build pom cxf-dosgi-ri-felix
Distributed OSGi Felix Profiles jar cxf-dosgi-ri-felix-profiles

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