group: org.apache.cocoon

fresh name packaging artifact id
Cocoon Core jar cocoon-core
Cocoon Flowscript Block Implementation jar cocoon-flowscript-impl
Cocoon Servlet Service Components jar cocoon-servlet-service-components
Cocoon Template Framework Block Implementation jar cocoon-template-impl
Apache Cocoon XML Utilities bundle cocoon-xml
Cocoon Spring Configurator jar cocoon-spring-configurator
Cocoon Configuration API jar cocoon-configuration-api
Cocoon Pipeline Implementation jar cocoon-pipeline-impl
Apache Cocoon Serializers Charsets bundle cocoon-serializers-charsets
Cocoon Sitemap Implementation jar cocoon-sitemap-impl
Cocoon Expression Language API jar cocoon-expression-language-api
Cocoon Thread API jar cocoon-thread-api
Cocoon XML API jar cocoon-xml-api
Cocoon Servlet Service Implementation jar cocoon-servlet-service-impl
Cocoon Util jar cocoon-util
Cocoon Expression Language Implementation. jar cocoon-expression-language-impl
Cocoon XML Implementation jar cocoon-xml-impl
Cocoon Pipeline API jar cocoon-pipeline-api
Cocoon Pipeline Components jar cocoon-pipeline-components
Cocoon Thread Implementation jar cocoon-thread-impl
Cocoon JNet jar cocoon-jnet
Cocoon XML Utilities jar cocoon-xml-util
Cocoon Linkrewriter Block Implementation jar cocoon-linkrewriter-impl
Cocoon Ajax Block Implementation jar cocoon-ajax-impl
Cocoon Sitemap API jar cocoon-sitemap-api
Cocoon Store Implementation jar cocoon-store-impl
Cocoon Authentication Block API jar cocoon-auth-api
Cocoon XML Resolver jar cocoon-xml-resolver
Cocoon Sitemap Components jar cocoon-sitemap-components
Cocoon Batik Block Implementation jar cocoon-batik-impl
Cocoon Database Block Mocks jar cocoon-databases-mocks
Cocoon Block Deployment jar cocoon-block-deployment
Cocoon Captcha Block Implementation jar cocoon-captcha-impl
Cocoon 2.2 Archetype: Web Application jar cocoon-22-archetype-webapp
Cocoon Bootstrap Implementation jar cocoon-bootstrap
Cocoon Database Block Bridge for Avalon components jar cocoon-databases-bridge
Cocoon Forms Block Implementation jar cocoon-forms-impl
Cocoon Licenses jar cocoon-licenses
Cocoon Reloading ClassLoader - Spring reloader jar cocoon-rcl-spring-reloader
Cocoon Reloading ClassLoader - Webapp Wrapper jar cocoon-rcl-webapp-wrapper
Cocoon FOP Block Implementation jar cocoon-fop-impl
Ajax Block pom cocoon-ajax
Flowscript Block [modules] pom cocoon-flowscript
Cocoon Mail Block Implementation jar cocoon-mail-impl
Cocoon Maven Javadocs Script Report maven-plugin cocoon-maven-javadocs-script-report
Cocoon Maven Plugin maven-plugin cocoon-maven-plugin
Cocoon Deployer - Maven 2 Plugin maven-plugin cocoon-deployer-plugin
Cocoon Deployer [modules] pom cocoon-deployer-modules
Cocoon Deployer - Core jar cocoon-deployer-core
Cocoon 2.2 Archetype: Block (plain) jar cocoon-22-archetype-block-plain
Cocoon 2.2 Archetype: Block jar cocoon-22-archetype-block
Cocoon Database Block Implementation jar cocoon-databases-impl
Cocoon Serializers Block Implementation jar cocoon-serializers-impl
Cocoon Hsqldb Server Block Implementation jar cocoon-databases-hsqldb-server
Cocoon Hsqldb Client Implementation jar cocoon-databases-hsqldb-client
Cocoon Core [modules] pom cocoon-core-modules
Cocoon Commons [modules] pom cocoon-commons-modules
Apache Cocoon pom cocoon
Cocoon Blocks [modules] pom cocoon-blocks-modules
Blocks Framework Implementation jar cocoon-blocks-fw-impl
Template framework [modules] pom cocoon-template
Blocks Framework pom cocoon-blocks-fw
Cocoon Maven Skin jar cocoon-thien-maven-site-skin
Batik Block pom cocoon-batik
Cocoon Authentication Block Implementation jar cocoon-auth-impl
Cocoon Tools [modules] pom cocoon-tools-modules
Cocoon Archetypes [modules] pom cocoon-archetypes
Cocoon Apples Block Implementation jar cocoon-apples-impl
Forms Block pom cocoon-forms
Cocoon Apples Block pom cocoon-apples
Cocoon HTML Block Implementation jar cocoon-html-impl
Cocoon Integration Test Framework [maven-plugin] maven-plugin cocoon-it-fw

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