group: org.apache.clerezza

fresh name packaging artifact id
Clerezza - RDF - Core bundle rdf.core
Clerezza - RDF - Utilities bundle rdf.utils
Clerezza - RDF - Ontologies bundle rdf.ontologies
Clerezza - RDF - Jena - Parser bundle rdf.jena.parser
Clerezza - RDF - Jena - Serializer bundle rdf.jena.serializer
Clerezza - Platform Configuration bundle platform.config
Clerezza - Platform Graph Provider Content bundle platform.graphprovider.content
Clerezza - JAX-RS Utilities bundle jaxrs.utils
Clerezza - Platform Type Rendering Core bundle platform.typerendering.core
Clerezza - RDF - Simple Storage Provider bundle
Clerezza - Jax-Rs File Server bundle web.fileserver
Clerezza - Platform ScalaServerPages Renderlet bundle platform.typerendering.scalaserverpages
Clerezza - Platform - Bootmonitor and Constants bundle platform
Clerezza - RDF - Jena - Facade: Jena API on Clerezza RDF Commons bundle rdf.jena.facade
Clerezza - RDF Scala Utilities bundle rdf.scala.utils
Clerezza - RDF - Jena - Commons bundle rdf.jena.commons
Clerezza - RDF - Jena - SPARQL bundle rdf.jena.sparql
Clerezza - Permission Descriptions bundle permissiondescriptions
Clerezza - Utilities Project bundle utils
Clerezza - RDF - Core Testsuite jar rdf.core.test
Clerezza - RDF - rdf/json Parser and Serializer bundle rdf.rdfjson
Clerezza - OSGi Services DSL for Scala bundle
Clerezza - JAX-RS MessageBodyProviders for RDF bundle jaxrs.rdf.providers
Clerezza - Platform Content bundle platform.content
Clerezza - Platform GlobalMenu API bundle platform.globalmenu.api
Clerezza - RDF - Metadata bundle rdf.metadata
Clerezza - RDF - Jena - Storage bundle
Clerezza - Platform Type Handler Space bundle platform.typehandlerspace
Clerezza - Platform Type Rendering Utilities for Scala bundle platform.typerendering.scala
Clerezza - Platform Usermanager bundle platform.usermanager
Clerezza - Platform GraphNodeProvider bundle platform.graphnodeprovider
Clerezza - Platform Seedsnipe Renderlet bundle platform.typerendering.seedsnipe
Clerezza - Platform Dashboard Core bundle platform.dashboard.core
Clerezza - Platform Users Core bundle platform.users.core
Clerezza - Platform Type Priority Service bundle platform.typepriority
Clerezza - Platform Security bundle
Clerezza - SCB Web Access Ontologies bundle rdf.web.ontologies
Clerezza - Shell Service bundle shell
Clerezza - Triaxrs bundle triaxrs
Clerezza - Platform Security foaf+ssl Ontologies bundle
Clerezza - JAXRS Extensions bundle jaxrs.extensions
Clerezza - Test Utilities for Jax-Rs Applications jar jaxrs.testutils
Clerezza - Platform Dashboard Ontologies bundle platform.dashboard.ontologies
Clerezza - Apache UIMA extension utils bundle uima.utils
Clerezza - Templating Engine bundle templating
Clerezza - RDF File Storage Provider bundle
Clerezza - Templating seedsnipe bundle templating.seedsnipe
Clerezza - Platform Type Rendering Ontologies bundle platform.typerendering.ontologies
Clerezza - RDF Storage Web (Caching Web Storage Provider) bundle
Clerezza - jQuery bundlized bundle web.resources.jquery
Clerezza - Platform Documentation bundle platform.documentation
Clerezza - Apache UIMA related ontologies bundle uima.ontologies
Clerezza - Platform Mail Deliverly bundle platform.mail
Clerezza - Utils Custom Property bundle utils.customproperty
Clerezza - RDF Web Access Core bundle rdf.web.core
Clerezza - RDF - Jena - TDB Storage Provider bundle
Clerezza - RDF Composite Resource Index Service Ontologies bundle rdf.cris.ontologies
Clerezza - Platform Content Default 404 response provider bundle platform.content.default404
Clerezza - Platform Content Filesystem Adaptor bundle platform.content.fsadaptor
Clerezza - Utils Image Processor bundle utils.imageprocessing
Clerezza - Platform - Style Default bundle
Clerezza - Platform Content Representations Ontologies bundle platform.content.representations.ontologies
Clerezza - Platform Content Representations Core bundle platform.content.representations.core
Clerezza - FOAF+SSL Keygen :: Base Component bundle ssl.keygen.base
Clerezza - Platform Editor bundle platform.editor
Clerezza - Platform Language Ontologies bundle platform.language.ontologies
Clerezza - Platform Concepts Ontologies bundle platform.concepts.ontologies
Clerezza - Platform Concepts Core bundle platform.concepts.core
Clerezza - Apache UIMA CAS Consumer for Graph objects bundle uima.casconsumer
Clerezza - Platform Logging Ontologies bundle platform.logging.ontologies
Clerezza - Platform Scripting bundle platform.scripting
Clerezza - Platform Account Contral Panel Ontologies bundle platform.accountcontrolpanel.ontologies
Clerezza - SCB Enrichment Core bundle rdf.enrichment
Clerezza - Platform Typerendering GUI bundle platform.typerendering.gui
Clerezza - Filter for browsers that do not support XHTML bundle platform.xhtml2html
Clerezza - Platform Usermanager Webinterface bundle platform.usermanager.webinterface
Clerezza - SSH Shell Access bundle sshshell
Clerezza - Integartion of felix shell commands into clerezza shell bundle shell.felixshellcommand
Clerezza - Platform Documentation Viewer bundle platform.documentation.viewer
Clerezza - RDF Stable Serializer bundle rdf.stable.serializer
Clerezza JAX-RS Whiteboard Jersey bundle jaxrs.whiteboard.jersey
Clerezza - Bundle Development Tools bundle bundledevtool
Clerezza - Platform Security Conditions bundle
Clerezza - RDF - SchemaGen: Class Generator for Ontologies jar rdf.schemagen
Clerezza - Platform Security foaf+ssl Core bundle
Clerezza - Platform Shell customizer bundle platform.shellcustomizer
Clerezza - Platform Type Handler Space Jaxrs 2.0 Based Implementation bundle platform.typehandlerspace.jaxrs
Clerezza - RDF - RDFa parsing support bundle rdf.rdfa
Clerezza - Platform Logging Initializer bundle platform.logging.initializer
Clerezza Ext - Virtuoso JDBC OSGi Bundle bundle ext.virtuoso.jdbc
Clerezza - Maven PlaDoc Plugin API jar maven-pladoc-plugin.api
Clerezza - Platform Account Control Panel Core bundle platform.accountcontrolpanel.core
Clerezza - Platform Configuration GUI bundle platform.config.gui
Clerezza - Platform Content Image Metadata bundle platform.content.imagemetadata
Clerezza - CURIE prefix manager Ontologies bundle platform.curieprefixmanager.ontologies
Clerezza - Platform Dashboard Webinterface bundle platform.dashboard.webinterface
Clerezza - Platform RDF Enrichment bundle platform.enrichment
Clerezza - Platform Language Core bundle platform.language.core
Clerezza - Platform Logging Core bundle platform.logging.core
Clerezza - Platform Script Manager bundle platform.scripting.scriptmanager
Clerezza - Platform Security Basic Authentication bundle
Clerezza - Platform Security Cookie Authentication bundle
Clerezza - Platform Security foaf+ssl Test Pages bundle
Clerezza - RDF Composite Resource Index Service Core bundle rdf.cris.core
Clerezza - Apache UIMA and Annotation Ontology bundle
Clerezza - Scripts bundle web.resources.scripts
Clerezza Ext - Yui JS bundle web.resources.yui
Clerezza - Tools Offline Site Generator bundle tools.offline
Clerezza - Maven PlaDoc Plugin Service bundle maven-pladoc-plugin.service
Clerezza - SCB Virtuoso storage provider bundle
Clerezza - Platform Launcher Storageless jar platform.launcher.storageless
Clerezza - Website bundle website
Clerezza - Classic Style bundle
Clerezza - Platform Security foaf+ssl pom
Clerezza - Platform Logging pom platform.logging.parent
Clerezza - Platform Launcher with Jena TDB jar platform.launcher.tdb
Clerezza - SCB Literal Externalizing Storage Provider bundle
Clerezza - Platform Launcher Storageless Parent POM pom platform.launcher.storageless.parent
Clerezza - RDF Web Access pom rdf.web
Clerezza - Platform Language pom platform.language
Clerezza - Platform Dashboard pom platform.dashboard
Clerezza - Release Reactor 201407 pom reactor
Clerezza - CURIE prefix manager core bundle platform.curieprefixmanager.core
Clerezza - CURIE prefix manager pom platform.curieprefixmanager
Clerezza - Platform CRIS service for the content graph bundle platform.cris
Clerezza - FOAF+SSL Keygen Lib :: Creating WebIDs in one Click pom ssl.keygen
Clerezza - Platform Content Representations pom platform.content.representations
Clerezza - Platform Concepts pom platform.concepts
Clerezza - Platform Account Control Panel pom platform.accountcontrolpanel
Clerezza - Triaxrs Parent pom triaxrs.parent
Clerezza - Apache UIMA extension module pom uima
Clerezza - Maven PlaDoc Plugin Core maven-plugin maven-pladoc-plugin.core
Clerezza - Apache UIMA extension for concept tagging bundle uima.concept-tagging
Clerezza - Apache UIMA extension for metadata generation bundle uima.metadata-generator
Clerezza - Maven PlaDoc Plugin pom maven-pladoc-plugin
Clerezza - Apache UIMA integration samples bundle uima.samples
Clerezza - RDF - SchemaGen: Maven Ontologies Plugin maven-plugin maven-ontologies-plugin
Clerezza - Maven JaxRs Report Plugin maven-plugin maven-jaxrs-report-plugin
Clerezza - Support for Stanbol Webfragments bundle jaxrs.stanbol.fragments
Clerezza - Archetype for projects maven-archetype internal.archetype
Clerezza Jar shared resources jar clerezza-jar-resource-bundle
Clerezza - Parent for all pom clerezza
Clerezza - RDF - Jena pom rdf-jena-reactor
Clerezza - RDF - Jena - Dependency Management pom rdf.jena.dependencymanagement
Clerezza - RDF Utility for MGraph lock monitoring bundle rdf.locking
Clerezza - RDF Composite Resource Index Service pom rdf.cris
Clerezza - Platform Users pom platform.users
Clerezza - Platform Type Rendering pom platform.typerendering
Clerezza - Platform Type Handler Space Wink Based Implementation bundle platform.typehandlerspace.wink
Clerezza - Web GUI Examples bundle

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