group: org.apache.bigtop.itest

fresh name packaging artifact id
iTest: system and integration testing in the cloud jar itest-common
packagesmoke jar package-smoke
smoke-tests-conf jar smoke-tests-conf
ooziesmoke jar oozie-smoke
flumesmoke jar flume-smoke
hbasesmoke jar hbase-smoke
hadoopsmoke jar hadoop-smoke
solrsmoke jar solr-smoke
crunchsmoke jar crunch-smoke
mahoutsmoke jar mahout-smoke
sqoopsmokes jar sqoop-smoke
giraphsmoke jar giraph-smoke
huesmoke jar hue-smoke
phoenixsmoke jar phoenix-smoke
io-longevity jar io-longevity
hcatalogsmoke jar hcatalog-smoke
sparksmoke jar spark-smoke
hivesmoke jar hive-smoke
stacks-validation-common tar.gz stacks-common
bigtop-smokes tar.gz bigtop-test-execution
datafusmoke jar datafu-smoke
fatjar jar fat-smoke
Flume smoke test execution jar flume-smoke-execution
Hadoop smoke test execution jar hadoop-smoke-execution
HBase smoke test execution jar hbase-smoke-execution
Hive smoke test execution jar hive-smoke-execution
httpfssmokes jar httpfs-smoke
Oozie smoke test execution jar oozie-smoke-test
packagesmokes jar package-smoke-execution
pigsmokes jar pig-smoke-execution
hadoop-stack-validation pom smoke-tests
sqoop-integration jar sqoop-integration
bigtop-smokes tar.gz bigtop-smokes

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