group: org.apache.axis2

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Axis2 - Kernel jar axis2-kernel
Apache Axis2 - Data Binding jar axis2-adb
Apache Axis2 - Transport - HTTP jar axis2-transport-http
Apache Axis2 - Root pom axis2
Apache Axis2 - Addressing mar addressing
Apache Axis2 - Transport - Local bundle axis2-transport-local
Apache Axis2 - Code Generation jar axis2-codegen
Apache Axis2 - Java2WSDL jar axis2-java2wsdl
Apache Axis2 - MTOM Policy jar axis2-mtompolicy
Apache Axis2 - Transport - Base bundle axis2-transport-base
Apache Axis2 - spring jar axis2-spring
Apache Axis2 - SAAJ jar axis2-saaj
Apache Axis2 - JAXWS jar axis2-jaxws
Apache Axis2 - ADB Codegen jar axis2-adb-codegen
Apache Axis2 - Metadata jar axis2-metadata
Apache Axis 2.0 - JAXWS API jar axis2-jaxws-api
Apache Axis2 - JSON jar axis2-json
Apache Axis2 - Clustering jar axis2-clustering
Apache Axis2 - JAXB-RI Data Binding jar axis2-jaxbri
Apache Axis2 - JiBX Data Binding jar axis2-jibx
Apache Axis 2.0 - SAAJ API jar axis2-saaj-api
Apache Axis2 - XMLBeans Data Binding jar axis2-xmlbeans
Apache Axis2 - JWS API jar axis2-jws-api
Apache Axis2 - MEX mar mex
Apache Axis2 - Transport - testkit jar axis2-transport-testkit
Apache Axis2 - Transport - JMS bundle axis2-transport-jms
Apache Axis2 - Transport - Mail bundle axis2-transport-mail
Apache Axis2 - OSGi Integration bundle org.apache.axis2.osgi
Apache Axis2 - SOAP Monitor Servlet jar axis2-soapmonitor-servlet
Apache Axis 2.0 - MEX jar mex-impl
Apache Axis2 - Fast Infoset jar axis2-fastinfoset
Apache Axis2 - Test Utilities jar axis2-testutils
Apache Axis2 - CORBA jar axis2-corba
Apache Axis2 - tool - WSDL2Code Maven Plugin maven-plugin axis2-wsdl2code-maven-plugin
Apache Axis2 - tool - AAR Maven Plugin maven-plugin axis2-aar-maven-plugin
Apache Axis2 - Scripting mar scripting
Apache Axis2 - JAXWS Integration Tests jar axis2-jaxws-integration
Apache Axis2 - Ping mar ping
Apache Axis2 - tool - Ant Plugin maven-plugin axis2-ant-plugin
Apache Axis2 - SOAP Monitor Module mar soapmonitor
Apache Axis2 - Version Service aar version
Apache Axis2 - JAXWS (mar) mar axis2-jaxws-mar
Apache Axis2 - MTOM Policy module mar mtompolicy
Apache Axis2 - Transport - TCP bundle axis2-transport-tcp
Apache Axis2 - tool - Java2WSDL Maven Plugin maven-plugin axis2-java2wsdl-maven-plugin
Apache Axis2 - Web Application module war axis2-webapp
Apache Axis2 - tool - MAR Maven Plugin maven-plugin axis2-mar-maven-plugin
Apache Axis2 - Resource bundle jar axis2-resource-bundle
axis2-repo-maven-plugin maven-plugin axis2-repo-maven-plugin
Apache Axis2 - Integration jar axis2-integration
Apache Axis2 - Scripting mar axis2-scripting
Apache Axis2 - Transport - UDP bundle axis2-transport-udp
Apache Axis2 - Transport - XMPP bundle axis2-transport-xmpp
Apache Axis2 - Transport - Root pom axis2-transports
Apache Axis2 - Transport - Sms bundle axis2-transport-sms
Axis2-addressing jar axis2-addressing
Apache Axis2 - Transport - RabbitMQ AMQP axis2-transport-rabbitmq-amqp
Apache Axis2 - Parent pom axis2-parent
Apache Axis 2.0 - tool - Eclipse Codegen Plugin maven-plugin axis2.eclipse.codegen.plugin
Apache Axis2 - Transport - Tests axis2-transport-tests
Apache Axis2 - Transport - HTTP Tests bundle axis2-transport-http-tests
Apache Axis2 - Samples jar axis2-samples
Apache Axis2 - Transport - All bundle axis2-transport-all
Axis2-ping jar axis2-ping
Apache Axis2 - SOAP Monitor Servlet soapmonitor-servlet
Apache Axis2 - Distribution pom distribution
Apache Axis2 - Documentation pom documentation
Axis2-mex jar axis2-mex
Axis2-tools jar axis2-tools
Axis2-secpolicy jar axis2-secpolicy
Axis2-security jar axis2-security
Apache Axis2 - OSGi Tests jar osgi-tests
Apache Axis 2.0 - tool - Intellij IDEA Plugin maven-plugin axis2-idea-plugin
Rahas mar rahas
Rampart mar rampart
Apache Axis 2.0 - tool - Eclipse service Plugin maven-plugin axis2.eclipse.service.plugin
Apache Axis2 Simple HTTP server Maven Plugin maven-plugin simple-server-maven-plugin
Axis2-soapmonitor jar axis2-soapmonitor
Apache Axis 2.0 - Remote Method Invocation jar axis2-rmi
Axis2-rahas jar axis2-rahas

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