group: org.apache.atlas

fresh name packaging artifact id
Apache Atlas Typesystem jar atlas-typesystem
Apache Atlas Client pom atlas-client
Apache Atlas Notification jar atlas-notification
Apache Atlas Common jar atlas-common
Apache Atlas Plugin Classloader jar atlas-plugin-classloader
Apache Atlas Web Application war atlas-webapp
Apache Atlas Hive Bridge jar hive-bridge
Apache Atlas Graph Database Implementation Dependencies pom atlas-graphdb-impls
Apache Atlas Repository jar atlas-repository
Apache Atlas Server API jar atlas-server-api
Apache Atlas Integration jar atlas-intg
Apache Atlas Graph Database API jar atlas-graphdb-api
Atlas-client-v1 jar atlas-client-v1
Apache Atlas FileSystem Model jar hdfs-model
Apache Atlas Authorization jar atlas-authorization
Apache Atlas Titan 0.5.4 Graph DB Impl jar atlas-graphdb-titan0
Apache Atlas Storm Bridge jar storm-bridge
Atlas-client-common jar atlas-client-common
Graph Database Common Code jar atlas-graphdb-common
Shaded version of Apache hbase client jar atlas-hbase-client-shaded
Shaded version of Apache hbase server jar atlas-hbase-server-shaded
Apache Atlas Titan jar atlas-titan
Atlas-client-v2 jar atlas-client-v2
Apache Atlas Test Utility Tools jar atlas-testtools
Apache Atlas UI war atlas-dashboardv2
Apache Atlas JanusGraph DB Impl jar atlas-graphdb-janus
Apache Atlas Business Catalog jar atlas-catalog
Apache Atlas JanusGraph-HBase2 Module jar atlas-janusgraph-hbase2
Apache Atlas Titan 1.0.0 GraphDB Impl jar atlas-graphdb-titan1
Apache Atlas Sqoop Bridge jar sqoop-bridge
Apache Atlas Falcon Bridge jar falcon-bridge
Apache Atlas UI war atlas-dashboard
Apache Atlas Hbase Bridge Shim jar hbase-bridge-shim
Apache Atlas Hive Bridge Shim jar hive-bridge-shim
Apache Atlas Kafka Bridge jar kafka-bridge
Apache Atlas Sqoop Bridge Shim jar sqoop-bridge-shim
Apache Atlas Server Build Tools jar atlas-buildtools
Apache Atlas Migration Exporter jar atlas-migration-exporter
Apache Atlas Storm Bridge Shim jar storm-bridge-shim
Apache Atlas Graph Database Projects pom atlas-graphdb
Apache Atlas Documentation jar atlas-docs
Apache Atlas Distribution jar atlas-distro
apache-atlas pom apache-atlas
Apache Atlas Falcon Bridge Shim jar falcon-bridge-shim
Apache Atlas Hbase Bridge jar hbase-bridge

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