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This is the brand new, re-written from scratch plugin for ANTLR v3. Previous valiant efforts all suffered from being unable to modify the ANTLR Tool itself to provide support not just for Maven oriented things but any other tool that might wish to invoke ANTLR without resorting to the command line interface. Rather than try to shoe-horn new code into the existing Mojo (in fact I think that by incorporating a patch supplied by someone I ended up with tow versions of the Mojo, I elected to rewrite everything from scratch, including the documentation, so that we might end up with a perfect Mojo that can do everything that ANTLR v3 supports such as imported grammar processing, proper support for library directories and locating token files from generated sources, and so on. In the end I decided to also change the the ANTLR code so that it would be the provider of all the things that a build tool needs, rather than delegating things to 5 different tools. So, things like dependencies, dependency sorting, option tracking, generating sources and so on are all folded back in to ANTLR's code, where they belong, and they now provide a public interface to anyone that might want to interface with them. One other goal of this rewrite was to completely document the whole thing to death. Hence even this pom has more comments than funcitonal elements, in case I get run over by a bus or fall off a cliff while skiing. Jim Idle - March 2009

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