group: org.andromda.thirdparty.jaxb2_commons

fresh name packaging artifact id
JAXB2 Commons Tools jar tools
JAXB2 Commons Runtime jar runtime
JAXB2 Commons - Modular [jaxb-xjc] jar jaxb-xjc
JAXB2 jakarta-commons-lang Plugin jar commons-lang-plugin
JAXB2 Default Value Plugin jar default-value-plugin
JAXB2 @XmlElementWrapper Plugin jar xml-element-wrapper
JAXB2 Booleangetter Plugin jar booleangetter
JAXB2 CamelCase Always plugin jar camelcase-always
JAXB2 Collection setter injector plugin jar collection-setter-injector
JAXB2 Fluent API Plugin jar jaxb-fluent-api
JAXB2 Listener-injector JAXB XJC plugin jar property-listener-injector
JAXB2 Simple regenerator XJC plugin jar simple-regenerator
JAXB2 Value-Constructor Plugin jar value-constructor
JAXB2 Interface Insertion Plugin jar xjc-if-ins
JAXB2 Commons pom project
JAXB2 Commons Basic Plugins jar basic
JAXB2 Commons - Modular [jaxb] pom jaxb
JAXB2 Commons Annotate Plugin jar annotate
JAXB2 Commons pom jaxb-commons
JAXB2 Commons Testing jar testing
JAXB2 Commons Ant Task jar jaxb2_commons-ant
JAXB2 JMX plugin jar jmx
JAXB2 XJC Parent Pointer Plugin jar parent-pointer-plugin

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