group: org.alfresco

fresh name packaging artifact id
Alfresco Core jar alfresco-core
Alfresco Repository jar alfresco-repository
Alfresco Data Model jar alfresco-data-model
Alfresco Legacy Lucene jar alfresco-legacy-lucene
Alfresco-pdf-renderer pom alfresco-pdf-renderer
Alfresco JLan jar alfresco-jlan-embed
Alfresco Remote API jar alfresco-remote-api
Alfresco-text-gen jar alfresco-text-gen
Alfresco greenmail implementation jar alfresco-greenmail
Alfresco MBeans jar alfresco-mbeans
Alfresco Module Management Tool jar alfresco-mmt
Alfresco Heartbeat Data Sender jar alfresco-heartbeat-data-sender
Alfresco XML Factory jar alfresco-xmlfactory
JODConverter - Core Library jar alfresco-jodconverter-core
Alfresco Web Framework common libraries war alfresco-web-framework-commons
Alfresco-benchmark-server jar alfresco-benchmark-server
Selenium-grid jar selenium-grid
Alfresco Deployment jar alfresco-deployment
alfresco-benchmark-spring-social jar alfresco-benchmark-spring-social
Share-po jar share-po
Alfresco Solr Client jar alfresco-solrclient
Alfresco File Transfer Receiver jar alfresco-file-transfer-receiver
Distribution of Alfresco Share pom alfresco-content-services-share-distribution
Alfresco-benchmark-util jar alfresco-benchmark-util
Alfresco Solr Search jar alfresco-search
Fetch jar fetch
Aikau jar aikau
Alfresco Content Services WAR Installation jar alfresco-content-services-distribution
Alfresco WDR Deployment jar alfresco-wdr-deployment
Alfresco-benchmark-webdrone jar alfresco-benchmark-webdrone
Webdrone jar webdrone
Alfresco-benchmark-client jar alfresco-benchmark-client
Alfresco Content Services Community Distribution zip jar alfresco-content-services-community-distribution
Alfresco JNDI Client jar alfresco-jndi-client
Alfresco WCMQS Client API jar alfresco-wcmqs-client-api
Alfresco Content Services Community Full Distribution zip jar alfresco-content-services-community-full-distribution
alfresco-lambda-java-utils jar alfresco-lambda-java-utils
Alfresco Content Services Installer Resources jar alfresco-installer-resources
Alfresco Web Service Client jar alfresco-web-service-client
Alfresco-datamodel jar alfresco-datamodel
Alfresco SURF base WAR and embeddable JAR distro war alfresco-web-framework
Alfresco Web Client war alfresco-web-client
Alfresco embeddable ReST webscript framework jar alfresco-webscript-framework
Alfresco Share war alfresco-share
Alfresco Content Services Full Distribution jar alfresco-content-services-full-distribution
Facebook jar facebook
Alfresco Platform Parent pom alfresco-platform-parent
Alfresco Content Services Public API Javadoc pom alfresco-public-javadoc
Alfresco Records Management pom alfresco-rm
Alfresco Records Management Automation jar alfresco-rm-automation
Alfresco Records Management Community pom alfresco-rm-community
Alfresco Solr Search parent pom alfresco-search-parent
Alfresco Search Services jar alfresco-search-services
Distribution of Alfresco Share pom alfresco-share-distribution
Alfresco Share Installers pom alfresco-share-installer
Packaging Alfresco Share pom alfresco-share-packaging
Alfresco Share Parent pom alfresco-share-parent
Alfresco Solr 4 pom alfresco-solr4-parent
Alfresco Solr war alfresco-solr-integration
Alfresco Solr Parent pom alfresco-solr-parent
Alfresco pom alfresco-super-pom
Alfresco System Build Test jar alfresco-system-test
alfresco-trashcan-cleaner project jar alfresco-trashcan-cleaner
Alfresco WCMQS jar alfresco-wcmqs
Alfresco WCMQS Parent pom alfresco-wcmqs-parent
Alfresco Web Editor jar alfresco-webeditor
Alfresco WebEditor Distribution Zip pom alfresco-webeditor-distribution
Alfresco Web Editor Plugin jar alfresco-web-editor-plugin
Alfresco Web Editor Plugin jar alfresco-webeditor-plugin
Alfresco-webeditor-taglib jar alfresco-webeditor-taglib
Alfresco and Share customizations with DB and runner embedded pom alfresco-with-rm-parent
Alfresco 3rd-party project pom 3rd-party
ACS Community Docker Image Builder for Alfresco Community pom content-services-community-docker-alfresco
ACS Community full Docker image builder for Alfresco pom content-services-community-full-docker-alfresco
ACS Community full Docker image builder for Share pom content-services-community-full-docker-share
Enable Cors support jar enablecors
Freemarker freemarker
Alfresco Content Services Community Full Packaging pom full-community-packaging
Maven Alfresco Amp Archetype maven-archetype maven-alfresco-amp-archetype
Maven Alfresco Archetypes base project pom maven-alfresco-archetypes
Maven alfresco Extension archetype maven-archetype maven-alfresco-extension-archetype
Maven Alfresco Lifecycle support base project pom maven-alfresco-lifecycle
Alfresco Share Docker image builder pom share-docker
Alfresco Content Services Community Docker image builder pom content-services-community-docker
Alfresco Content Services Community Packaging pom acs-community-packaging
Aikau Additional Languages jar aikau-additional-languages
Aikau-dojo-hccss-patch-module jar aikau-dojo-hccss-patch-module
Aikau Forms Runtime Support jar aikau-forms-runtime-support
Aikau Project Aggregator pom aikau-parent
Aikau Client Archetype maven-archetype aikau-sample-archetype
Alfresco Benchmark Project pom alfresco-benchmark
Alfresco-benchmark-bm-0005 jar alfresco-benchmark-bm-0005
Alfresco-benchmark-bm-0006 jar alfresco-benchmark-bm-0006
Alfresco-benchmark-bm-cloud-signup jar alfresco-benchmark-bm-cloud-signup
Alfresco-benchmark-bm-ent-signup jar alfresco-benchmark-bm-ent-signup
Alfresco-benchmark-bm-publicapi jar alfresco-benchmark-bm-publicapi
Alfresco-benchmark-bm-sample jar alfresco-benchmark-bm-sample
alfresco-benchmark-client-archetype maven-archetype alfresco-benchmark-bm-sample-archetype
Alfresco-benchmark-bm-share jar alfresco-benchmark-bm-share
Alfresco-benchmark-bm-webdav jar alfresco-benchmark-bm-webdav
Alfresco-benchmark-bm-wf-api jar alfresco-benchmark-bm-wf-api
alfresco-benchmark-client-archetype maven-archetype alfresco-benchmark-client-archetype
BenchMark Commons Project pom alfresco-benchmark-common
alfresco-benchmark-sample-archetype maven-archetype alfresco-benchmark-sample-archetype
BenchMark Test Common Project pom alfresco-benchmark-tests-common
Alfresco Catalina Virtual jar alfresco-catalina-virtual
Alfresco CMM Automation QA jar alfresco-cmm-qa
Alfresco Content Services pom alfresco-content-services
Alfresco Content Services Community Full Installers pom alfresco-content-services-community-full-installer
ACS Docker image builder for Alfresco pom alfresco-content-services-docker-alfresco
ACS Docker image builder for Share pom alfresco-content-services-docker-share
ACS full Docker image builder for Alfresco pom alfresco-content-services-full-docker-alfresco
ACS full Docker image builder for Share pom alfresco-content-services-full-docker-share
Alfresco Content Services Full EAR Distribution pom alfresco-content-services-full-ear-distribution
Alfresco Data Model jar alfresco-data-model-opencmis-upgrade
alfresco-dev-tomcat-conf pom alfresco-dev-tomcat
Alfresco Distribution (WAR Installation) jar alfresco-distribution
Alfresco-fdk-client jar alfresco-fdk-client
Alfresco File Transfer Receiver Distribution jar alfresco-ftr-distribution
Alfresco File Transfer Receiver Parent pom alfresco-ftr-parent
Alfresco Installers jar alfresco-installer
Alfresco JLan jar alfresco-jlan
Alfresco JLAN Parent pom alfresco-jlan-parent
alfresco-lambda-empty-s3-bucket jar alfresco-lambda-empty-s3-bucket
Alfresco License Headers jar alfresco-license-headers
Alfresco Packaging pom alfresco-packaging
Alfresco pom alfresco-parent
Alfresco Platform Distribution (WAR Installation) jar alfresco-platform-community-distributionzip
Alfresco Community Platform Distribution descriptor pom alfresco-platform-distribution

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