group: opensymphony

fresh name packaging artifact id
Sitemesh jar sitemesh
OS Core jar oscore
OS Property Set jar propertyset
retired WebWork jar webwork
retired XWork jar xwork
OSCache jar oscache
Quartz-all jar quartz-all
retired Quartz jar quartz
OSUser jar osuser
Pell-multipart jar pell-multipart
retired OGNL - Object Graph Navigation Library jar ognl
Osworkflow jar osworkflow
Compass-core jar compass-core
Clickstream jar clickstream
Compass-gps jar compass-gps
XWork Tiger Extensions jar xwork-tiger
Webwork2 jar webwork2
retired Quartz-oracle jar quartz-oracle
retired Quartz-weblogic jar quartz-weblogic
Seraph jar seraph
Compass-annotations jar compass-annotations
Webwork-src jar webwork-src
Compass jar compass
Xwork-src jar xwork-src
Compass-vocabulary jar compass-vocabulary
Xwork-tiger-src jar xwork-tiger-src
Compass-spring jar compass-spring
retired Quartz-jboss jar quartz-jboss

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