group: nl.cloudfarming.client

fresh name packaging artifact id
lib-common nbm lib-common
lib-geotools nbm lib-geotools
logging nbm logging
util nbm util
model nbm model
geoviewer-api nbm geoviewer-api
lib-swingx nbm lib-swingx
util-swing nbm util-swing
field-model nbm field-model
db nbm db
geoviewer-render nbm geoviewer-render
db-test nbm db-test
lib-beanbinding nbm lib-beansbinding
fleet-model nbm fleet-model
lib-jaxb nbm lib-jaxb
sensor-api nbm sensor-api
farm-model nbm farm-model
sensor-model nbm sensor-model
geoviewer-api nbm cloudfarming-client-geoviewer-api
sensor pom sensor
crop-model nbm crop-model
import nbm import
farm-project nbm farm-project
geoviewer-jxmap nbm geoviewer-jxmap
isobus-model nbm isobus-model
task-core nbm task-core
area nbm area
fleet-machine nbm fleet-machine
lib-flamengo NetBeans Module nbm lib-flamengo
field-type nbm field-type
stock-crop-model nbm stock-crop-model
isobus-type nbm isobus-type
geometry-model nbm geometry-model
area-field nbm area-field
message-api nbm message-api
lib-hsqldb nbm lib-hsqldb
planning-api nbm planning-api
stock-api nbm stock-api
db-local nbm db-local
sensor-cropcircle nbm sensor-cropcircle
sensor-area nbm sensor-area
sensor-greenseeker nbm sensor-greenseeker
AgroSense - Platform application branding resources nbm branding
crop pom crop
planning-tactical nbm planning-tactical
stock-model nbm stock-model
fleet-implement nbm fleet-implement
field-shape-type nbm field-shape-type
messaging nbm messaging
fleet-vehicle nbm fleet-vehicle
task-field nbm task-field
isobus-tree nbm isobus-tree
area-plot nbm area-plot
geoviewer-jxmap nbm cloudfarming-client-geoviewer-jxmap
menu nbm menu
farm-fieldplan nbm farm-fieldplan
stock-project nbm stock-project
geoviewer-layers nbm cloudfarming-client-geoviewer-layers
farm-fieldplan-model nbm farm-fieldplan-model
field-project nbm field-project
geoviewer-editor nbm geoviewer-editor
geoviewer-wms nbm geoviewer-wms
nbtaskfocus-model nbm nbtaskfocus-model
sensor-fritzmeijer nbm sensor-fritzmeijer
AgroSense Core UpdateCenter nbm uc-core
farm-type nbm farm-type
stock-type nbm stock-type
stock-crop-type nbm stock-crop-type
geoviewer-data nbm geoviewer-data
mask-model nbm mask-model
calendar-api jar calendar-api
task-model nbm task-model
sensor-yara nbm sensor-yara
crop-protection-clm nbm crop-protection-clm
geometry-import nbm geometry-import
messaging-twitter nbm twitter
isobus pom isobus
nbtaskfocus-monitor nbm nbtaskfocus-monitor
mask-type nbm mask-type
crop-type nbm crop-type
stock pom stock
task-type nbm task-type
fieldplan nbm fieldplan
nbtaskfocus-core nbm nbtaskfocus-core
isobus-project nbm isobus-project
geometry-shape-type nbm geometry-shape-type
calendar pom calendar
AgroSense - NetBeans Platform Application pom parent-core
agrosense-extra pom parent-extra
planning pom planning
field pom field
productionunit nbm productionunit
farm-productionunit nbm farm-productionunit
farm-cropfield-type nbm farm-cropfield-type
farm pom farm
sensor-fritzmeier nbm sensor-fritzmeier
cloudfarming-client - NetBeans Platform based application nbm-application application
crop-persistence-serialization nbm crop-persistence-serialization
stock-crop nbm stock-crop
crop-nl nbm crop-nl
stock-crop-old nbm stock-crop-old
stock-crop-provider-clm nbm stock-crop-provider-clm
stock-meta pom stock-meta
cloudfarming-client - NetBeans Platform Application pom cloudfarming-client
AgroSense - NetBeans Platform Application pom agrosense
task pom task
calendar-core nbm calendar-core
task-project nbm task-project
task-shape nbm task-shape
task-spray nbm task-spray
welcome nbm welcome
AgroSense Experimental UpdateCenter nbm uc-experimental
AgroSense Free UpdateCenter nbm uc-free
isobus-import nbm isobus-import
isobus-export nbm isobus-export
grid pom grid
geoviewer pom geoviewer
lib-platform-l10n nbm lib-platform-l10n
geometry pom geometry
fleet-project nbm fleet-project
mask pom mask
mask-project nbm mask-project
fleet-gpstrackerexample nbm fleet-gpstrackerexample
message pom message
fleet-gpssimulator nbm fleet-gpssimulator
message-inbox nbm message-inbox
message-notifier nbm message-notifier
fleet pom fleet
mock-vehicle-data-service nbm mock-vehicle-data-service
field-shape nbm field-shape
AgroSense Modules Core nbm modules-core
AgroSense Modules experimental nbm modules-experimental
AgroSense Modules Free nbm-application modules-free
nbtaskfocus pom nbtaskfocus
nbtaskfocus-idutil nbm nbtaskfocus-idutil

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