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This is the main aggregator for all gwt submodules. All gwt-specific code resides here. Submodules should avoid inheriting from each other unless necessary. This goes for maven structure and gwt.xml structure. The super module is where our jre emulation layer and super-source live; all modules should inherit super, and a minimum of other modules. Some modules, like injection, are fulfilling an api in the core module, and should be accessed only through core service interfaces. Other modules, like reflection, are capable of being standalone inherits, but can benefit from core utilities like injection, so, two (or more) .gwt.xml modules may be provided. As XApi nears 1.0, all submodules will be routinely stitched together into an uber-jar, in order to have a single jar with a single gwt module that can provide all of the services at once. Internal projects will never use the uber jar, to help maintain modularity, but external projects that want to use more than one service will certainly prefer inheriting one artifact, instead of twelve. When distributed in uber-jar format, it will likely be necessary for either the uber jar, or just xapi-gwt-api.jar to appear before gwt-dev on your compile-time classpath. If using gwt-maven-plugin, the gwtFirstOnClasspath option may become problematic. If so, we will provide a forked gwt-plugin to make sure our compiler enhancements are included in the build process. There is also work going on to make a super-source-everything plugin, which will use maven to find source files, and generate synthetic .gwt.xml for you, as part of an effort to create a wholly unified programming environment. In addition to java-to-javascript, we intend to compile java-to-java and possibly other languages, like go; imagine implementing gwt deferred binding to eliminate cross-platform differences between server environments, or operating systems, or versions of a platform, or anywhere else a core api needs to bind to multiple implementations, depending on the runtime environment.

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