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fresh name packaging artifact id
XApi - Core testing utilities jar xapi-core-test
XApi - Core Injection API jar xapi-core-inject
XApi - Dev mode tools for source generation jar xapi-dev-source
XApi - Jre Injection Implementation jar xapi-jre-inject
XApi - IO core API jar xapi-core-io
XApi - Collections Utilities jar xapi-core-collect
Gwt-dev jar gwt-dev
Gwt-user jar gwt-user
XApi - Public services exposed by XApi core jar xapi-core-util
XApi - Gwt Injection Service jar xapi-gwt-inject
XApi - Core reflection apis and interfaces jar xapi-core-reflect
XApi - Core Interfaces and Annotations jar xapi-core-api
XApi - Data model core API jar xapi-core-model
XApi - Core concurrency layer jar xapi-core-process
XApi - Core AutoUi jar xapi-core-ui-autoui
XApi - Gwt core emulation layer jar xapi-gwt-api
XApi - Gwt Testing Utilities jar xapi-gwt-test
XApi - Gwt collections implementation jar xapi-gwt-collect
XApi - Server server api jar xapi-server-api
XApi - Basic logger interface jar xapi-core-log
XApi - Classpath Scanner jar xapi-dev-scanner
XApi - Jre implementation of data model jar xapi-jre-model
Gwt-elemental jar gwt-elemental
XApi - Gwt reflection implementation jar xapi-gwt-reflect
XApi - Jre concurrency layer jar xapi-jre-process
XApi - Jre Reflection and Classpath Scanning jar xapi-jre-reflect
XApi - Argument Processors jar xapi-core-args
XApi - Gwt uber jar jar xapi-gwt
XApi - Bytecode Reader jar xapi-dev-bytecode
XApi - Code Generator Templates jar xapi-dev-template
XApi - Jre core API jar xapi-jre-io
XApi - Gwt IO implementation jar xapi-gwt-io
XApi - Common dev mode tools jar xapi-dev-api
Gwt-reflect jar gwt-reflect
XApi - Core Html utils jar xapi-core-ui-html
XApi - Gwt Compiler Api jar xapi-gwtc-api
Gwt-codeserver jar gwt-codeserver
Gwt-method-inject jar gwt-method-inject
XApi - Core UI Apis jar xapi-core-ui-api
XApi - utilities jar xapi-dev-file
XApi - Pom scanner and portable maven api jar xapi-dev-maven
XApi - Command line interface. jar xapi-dev-shell
XApi - Jre implementation of basic utils jar xapi-jre-api
XApi - Jre collections implementation jar xapi-jre-collect
XApi - Web Component Implementation jar xapi-components
XApi - GWT implementation of data model jar xapi-gwt-model
XApi - GWT AutoUi (generating GWT UI's based on model interfaces) jar xapi-gwt-ui-autoui
XApi - GWT Enhancements for zero-overhead Model-to-Html templating jar xapi-gwt-ui-html
XApi - Dev uber jar jar xapi-dev
XApi - Elemental Implementations jar xapi-elemental
XApi - GWT concurrency implementation jar xapi-gwt-process
XApi - GWT ui superpom jar xapi-gwt-ui-parent
XApi - Jre uber jar jar xapi-jre
XApi - Server SuperPom jar xapi-server-parent
XApi - Code Generator Templates jar xapi-template
Requestfactory-server jar requestfactory-server
Requestfactory-client jar requestfactory-client
Requestfactory-apt jar requestfactory-apt
XApi - Jre SuperPom jar xapi-jre-parent
RequestFactory pom requestfactory
Gwt-servlet jar gwt-servlet
XApi - Maven plugins maven-plugin xapi-maven-plugin
XApi - Polymer Wrappers jar xapi-polymer
Maven GWT Plugin maven-plugin gwt-maven-plugin
XApi - Dev Mode Gwt Compiler jar xapi-dev-gwtc
XApi - Dev mode super-pom jar xapi-dev-parent
GWT pom gwt
XApi - Gwt Compiler Implementation jar xapi-gwtc-impl
XApi - Core ui superpom jar xapi-core-ui-parent
XApi - Core SuperPom jar xapi-core-parent
XApi - Gwt SuperPom jar xapi-gwt-parent
XApi (Extremely Extensible Cross-Platform API) jar xapi

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