group: net.sourceforge.openutils

fresh name packaging artifact id
Tasks for for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnltasks
openutils-mgnlext jar openutils-mgnlext
Generic utilities for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlutils
openutils-elfunctions jar openutils-elfunctions
Controls module for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlcontrols
Criteria API for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlcriteria
Openutils testing library jar openutils-testing
Openutils testing4web jar openutils-testing4web
openutils base Spring-Hibernate DAO bundle openutils-bshd5
openutils usermanagement dataobjects jar openutils-usermanagement-dataobjects
Flazr jar flazr
Openutils testing library (JUnit) jar openutils-testing-junit
Test utilities for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnltests
openutils-usermanagement jar openutils-usermanagement
SimpleMedia Module for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlmedia
openutils spring tools jar openutils-spring
openutils for Log4j jar openutils-log4j
Openutils testing library (TestNG) jar openutils-testing-testng
openutils-configuration-dataobjects jar openutils-configuration-dataobjects
openutils pom openutils
bobo browse jar bobo-browse
Magnolia Struts 1.1 module jar openutils-mgnlstruts11
Tagcloud module for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnltagcloud
Openutils Notifications jar openutils-notifications
openutils pom openutils-parent
openutils pom openutils-site
hibernate remote lazy loading jar openutils-spring-rmibernate
openutils tags for spring MVC jar openutils-tags-spring
openutils test utils (junit) for dwr jar openutils-testing-junit-dwr
openutils generic web utilities jar openutils-web
openutils-cas jar openutils-cas
openutils-configuration jar openutils-configuration-services
openutils dbmigration jar openutils-dbmigration
openutils deployment tools jar openutils-deployment
openutils hibernate security jar openutils-hibernate-security
openutils maven skin jar openutils-maven-skin
Amazon AWS consciousness for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlaws
Magnolia Bootstrap Sync jar openutils-mgnlbootstrapsync
Simplecache module for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlcache
Magnolia CAS integration module jar openutils-mgnlcas
ContextMenu Module for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlcontextmenu
Groovy Shell for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlgroovy
E-learning Module for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnllms
simplemail module for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlmail
Messages Module for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlmessages
Magnolia - Mobile Module jar openutils-mgnlmobile
Repository tools for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlrepoutils
Rules module for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlrules
openutils-mgnlspring jar openutils-mgnlspring
Stripes module for Magnolia CMS jar openutils-mgnlstripes

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