group: net.smartcosmos

fresh name packaging artifact id
SMART COSMOS Framework Annotations jar smartcosmos-framework
SMART COSMOS Core jar smartcosmos-core
Platform Core SDK jar platform-core
SMART COSMOS Extension API jar smartcosmos-extension-api
SMART COSMOS Java Client jar smartcosmos-java-client
SMART COSMOS Framework Monitoring Annotations jar smartcosmos-framework-monitoring
SMART COSMOS Framework Test jar smartcosmos-framework-test
SMART COSMOS USER DAO Entities and Services jar smartcosmos-user-entity-devkit
SMART COSMOS Framework Messaging Annotations jar smartcosmos-framework-messaging
SMART COSMOS RDAO for User Details jar smartcosmos-user-details
SMART COSMOS DAO for Metadata Entities jar smartcosmos-dao-metadata
SMART COSMOS DAO for Relationship Entities jar smartcosmos-dao-relationships
SMART COSMOS DAO for Thing Entities jar smartcosmos-dao-things
SMART COSMOS Metadata DAO Impl for JPA Entities jar smartcosmos-dao-metadata-default
SMART COSMOS DAO Impl for JPA Entities jar smartcosmos-dao-things-default
SMART COSMOS DAO Impl for Relationship Entities jar smartcosmos-dao-relationships-default
SMART COSMOS Event Notification Listener jar smartcosmos-event-listener
SMART COSMOS Event Stream jar smartcosmos-events
SMART COSMOS Framework Parent pom smartcosmos-framework-parent
SMART COSMOS Framework Root pom smartcosmos-framework-root
SMART COSMOS Gateway jar smartcosmos-gateway
SMART COSMOS Service Discovery Server jar smartcosmos-service-discovery
SMART COSMOS Sample User Details Service jar smartcosmos-user-details-devkit
SMART COSMOS User Details Service jar smartcosmos-user-details-service
SMART COSMOS Stormpath User Details Service jar smartcosmos-user-details-stormpath
SMART COSMOS Validation jar smartcosmos-validation
AWS S3 Storage Services jar aws-s3-storage-service
Stormpath Authentication Service jar stormpath-authn-service
AWS SES Email Services jar aws-ses-email-service
AWS SNS Notification Services jar aws-sns-notification-service
AWS SQS Queue Services jar aws-sqs-queue-service
Platform Client jar java-client
SMART COSMOS Authorization Server jar smartcosmos-auth-server
SMART COSMOS Build pom smartcosmos-build
SMART COSMOS Build Dependencies pom smartcosmos-build-dependencies
SMART COSMOS Build Tools jar smartcosmos-builds-tools
SMART COSMOS Build Tools jar smartcosmos-build-tools
SMART COSMOS Configuration Server jar smartcosmos-config-server
SMART COSMOS Dependencies pom smartcosmos-dependencies
SMART COSMOS Documentation pdf smartcosmos-documentation
SMART COSMOS Objects Bulk Import jar smartcosmos-edge-bulkimport
SMART COSMOS Objects Things Edge REST Service jar smartcosmos-edge-things
SMART COSMOS DAO for Tenant Entities jar smartcosmos-edge-user-devkit

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