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EasyConfig provides simple way to overview and apply settings to file or folder based collections of files. Synonyms to "setting" are property, attribute, value while throughout application "setting" is used. The settings are groupped in "configuration" that is collection of settings from various sources. Main design concepts are: * minimalistic way to describe configuration * pluggable support for data types (validation), setting sources, source handlers Sample use case: An application is deployed in multiple locations. We need to quickly check key settings/parameters and optionally modify some of them. These values are located in different places: - in files directly in file structure - in files inside archive files (optionally nested archives) - values in DB tables - values accessible via URLs - other sources (just guessed: SSH/telnet connection+some command(s), UPnP devices, proprietary protocols, etc) We gather info from any supported (extendable) source and can modify and apply changes if supported by source (e.g. we can't update value that is count of rows in DB table, but we can read that value).

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