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This plugin gives SQuirreLSQL client the ability to configure alternate LaFs provided by the plugin as well as others that the user can provide. All dependencies listed with a groupId of net.sf.squirrel-sql and artifactId starting with squirrelsql-lf- are externally available open-source look and feels whose project maintainers have decided to not use maven, or those which were built and maintained only before the introduction of maven. Maven's central repository policy requires any pom that is deployed there to reference only artifacts which are also hosted in central. And a project may only use the groupId that is related to that project. So, this only leaves us with one option which is to host these external third-party artifacts using our groupId. The hope is that someday these projects will start using maven and the need for this will no longer be.

homepage: www.squirrelsql.org
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last release: 5 years ago, first release: 8 years ago
packaging: jar
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