group: net.sf.ehcache

fresh name packaging artifact id
ehcache jar ehcache
Ehcache Core jar ehcache-core
Ehcache Web Filters jar ehcache-web
ehcache-terracotta jar ehcache-terracotta
Ehcache JCache Implementation jar ehcache-jcache
JMS Replication jar ehcache-jmsreplication
JGroups Replication jar ehcache-jgroupsreplication
Ehcache Size-Of Agent jar sizeof-agent
OpenJPA Caching Plugin jar ehcache-openjpa
Ehcache Enterprise jar ehcache-ee
ehcache-explicitlocking jar ehcache-explicitlocking
management-ehcache-common jar management-ehcache-common
management-ehcache jar management-ehcache
management-ehcache-impl jar management-ehcache-impl
Ehcache Core Enterprise jar ehcache-core-ee
management-ehcache-impl-v2 jar management-ehcache-impl-v2
management-ehcache-impl-v1 jar management-ehcache-impl-v1
management-ehcache-v1 jar management-ehcache-v1
management-ehcache-v2 jar management-ehcache-v2
ehcache-terracotta-ee jar ehcache-terracotta-ee
Ehcache Server war ehcache-server
Ehcache Debugger jar ehcache-debugger
unlockedreadsview jar ehcache-unlockedreadsview
Ehcache Web Filters Parent pom ehcache-web-parent
Implementation Tester jar jcache-tck-runner
nonstopcache jar ehcache-nonstopcache
Ehcache EE Parent pom ehcache-ee-parent
Ehcache JCache Parent Pom pom ehcache-jcache-parent
management-ehcache-impl-parent pom management-ehcache-impl-parent
Ehcache Parent pom ehcache-parent
ehcache-ee-root pom ehcache-ee-root
ehcache-root pom ehcache-root
Ehcache Site jar ehcache-site
Ehcache Standalone Server jar ehcache-standalone-server
Ehcache Distribution pom ehcache-distribution
Ehcache Terracotta Support pom ehcache-terracotta-root
Ehcache Terracotta Enterprise Support pom ehcache-terracotta-root-ee

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