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This library allows your Java program to interface very easily with the Python world. It uses the Pyro protocol to call methods on remote objects. (See https://github.com/irmen/Pyro4). To that end, it also contains and uses a feature complete pickle protocol implementation -read and write- to exchange data with Pyro/Python. Pyrolite only implements part of the client side Pyro library, hence its name 'lite'... But because Pyrolite has no dependencies, it is a much lighter way to use Pyro from Java/.NET than a solution with jython+pyro or IronPython+Pyro would provide. So if you don't need Pyro's full feature set, and don't require your Java/.NET code to host Pyro objects itself, Pyrolite may be a good choice to connect java or .NET and python. Version 4.20 changes: Compatible with Java 9, but now requires Java 8 (JDK 1.8) minimum to run. Require Serpent library 1.23.

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