group: net.liftweb

fresh name packaging artifact id
Lift Webkit jar lift-webkit_2.10
Lift Webkit jar lift-webkit_2.11
Lift Webkit jar lift-webkit_2.9.1
Lift Webkit jar lift-webkit_2.9.2
Lift Webkit jar lift-webkit_2.9.1-1
Lift Json jar lift-json_2.10
Lift Json jar lift-json_2.11
Lift Json jar lift-json_2.9.1
Lift WebKit jar lift-webkit
Lift Util jar lift-util_2.9.1
Lift Testkit jar lift-testkit_2.10
Lift Common jar lift-common_2.9.1
Lift Testkit jar lift-testkit_2.11
Lift Testkit jar lift-testkit_2.9.1
Lift Testkit jar lift-testkit_2.9.2
Lift Testkit jar lift-testkit_2.9.1-1
Lift Webkit jar lift-webkit_2.8.0
Lift Record jar lift-record_2.9.1
Lift Webkit jar lift-webkit_2.8.1
Lift Util jar lift-util_2.10
Lift Json jar lift-json_2.8.0
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper_2.8.0
Lift Mongodb jar lift-mongodb_2.9.1
Lift Util jar lift-util_2.8.0
Lift Util jar lift-util_2.11
Lift Json jar lift-json_2.8.1
Lift Util jar lift-util_2.9.2
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper_2.9.1
Lift Core (full lift) jar lift-core
Lift Util jar lift-util_2.9.1-1
Lift Util jar lift-util_2.8.1
Lift Json jar lift-json_2.9.2
Lift Common jar lift-common_2.10
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper_2.8.1
Lift Json jar lift-json_2.9.0-1
Lift Mongodb Record jar lift-mongodb-record_2.9.1
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper
Lift Json jar lift-json_2.9.0
Lift Common jar lift-common_2.9.2
Lift Json jar lift-json_2.12
Lift Record jar lift-record_2.10
Lift Webkit jar lift-webkit_2.12
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper_2.9.2
Lift Json jar lift-json_2.9.1-1
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper_2.9.1-1
Lift Util jar lift-util
Lift Webkit jar lift-webkit_2.9.0-1
Lift Webkit jar lift-webkit_2.9.0
Lift Common jar lift-common_2.11
Lift Db jar lift-db_2.9.1
Lift Common jar lift-common_2.9.0-1
Lift Record jar lift-record_2.11
Lift Common jar lift-common_2.9.0
Lift WebKit jar lift-webkit_2.7.7
Lift Util jar lift-util_2.9.0-1
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper_2.11
Lift Util jar lift-util_2.9.0
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper_2.10
Lift Record jar lift-record_2.8.0
Lift Actor jar lift-actor_2.8.0
Lift Db jar lift-db_2.9.2
Lift Db jar lift-db_2.9.1-1
Lift Common jar lift-common_2.8.0
Lift Db jar lift-db_2.11
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper_2.7.7
Lift Mongodb jar lift-mongodb_2.10
Lift Db jar lift-db_2.10
Lift Mongodb jar lift-mongodb_2.9.0-1
Lift Mongodb jar lift-mongodb_2.9.0
Lift Actor jar lift-actor_2.8.1
Lift Proto jar lift-proto_2.11
Lift Testkit jar lift-testkit_2.12
Lift Record jar lift-record_2.8.1
Lift Json jar lift-json_2.7.7
Lift Util jar lift-util_2.7.7
Lift Record jar lift-record_2.9.2
Lift Record jar lift-record_2.9.1-1
Lift Proto jar lift-proto_2.9.1
Lift Mongodb Record jar lift-mongodb-record_2.10
Lift Mongodb jar lift-mongodb_2.11
Lift Actor jar lift-actor_2.9.1
Lift Common jar lift-common_2.8.1
Lift Mongodb Record jar lift-mongodb-record_2.9.0
Lift Common jar lift-common_2.9.1-1
Lift Mongodb Record jar lift-mongodb-record_2.9.0-1
Lift Json jar lift-json
Lift Record jar lift-record_2.9.0
Lift Record jar lift-record_2.9.0-1
Lift Proto jar lift-proto_2.9.2
Lift Proto jar lift-proto_2.9.1-1
Lift Actor jar lift-actor_2.10
Lift Util jar lift-util_2.12
Lift Proto jar lift-proto_2.10
Lift Actor jar lift-actor_2.9.2
Lift Actor jar lift-actor_2.9.1-1
Lift Db jar lift-db_2.8.1
Lift Json Ext jar lift-json-ext_2.8.0
Lift Json Ext jar lift-json-ext_2.11
Lift Db jar lift-db_2.8.0
Lift Json Ext jar lift-json-ext_2.9.1
Lift Mongodb Record jar lift-mongodb-record_2.8.0
Lift Actor jar lift-actor_2.11
Lift Actor jar lift-actor_2.7.7
Lift Common jar lift-common_2.7.7
Lift Actor jar lift-actor
Lift Mongodb jar lift-mongodb_2.8.0
Lift Markdown jar lift-markdown_2.11
Lift Mongodb Record jar lift-mongodb-record_2.8.1
Lift Json Scalaz7 jar lift-json-scalaz7_2.10
Lift Json Ext jar lift-json-ext_2.8.1
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper_2.9.0-1
Lift Json Ext jar lift-json-ext_2.10
Lift Proto jar lift-proto_2.8.0
Lift Db jar lift-db_2.9.0
Lift Proto jar lift-proto_2.8.1
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper_2.9.0
Lift Db jar lift-db_2.9.0-1
Lift Testkit jar lift-testkit_2.8.1
Lift Testkit jar lift-testkit_2.8.0
Lift Json Ext jar lift-json-ext_2.9.2
Lift Oauth jar lift-oauth_2.8.0
Lift Common jar lift-common
Lift Widgets jar lift-widgets
Lift Mongodb jar lift-mongodb_2.9.1-1
Lift Json Ext jar lift-json-ext_2.9.1-1
Lift Mongodb jar lift-mongodb_2.9.2
Lift Record jar lift-record
Lift Mongodb Record jar lift-mongodb-record_2.11
Lift Db jar lift-db_2.12
Lift Record jar lift-record_2.7.7
Lift Common jar lift-common_2.12
Lift Record jar lift-record_2.12
Lift Proto jar lift-proto_2.12
Lift Mongodb jar lift-mongodb_2.8.1
Lift Json Extensions jar lift-json-ext_2.7.7
Lift Actor jar lift-actor_2.9.0-1
Lift Actor jar lift-actor_2.9.0
Lift Oauth jar lift-oauth_2.8.1
Lift Json jar lift-json_2.8.2
Lift Textile jar lift-textile
Lift Facebook jar lift-facebook
Lift Json Ext jar lift-json-ext_2.12
Lift XMPP jar lift-xmpp
Lift Widgets jar lift-widgets_2.9.1
Lift AMQP jar lift-amqp
Lift Webkit jar lift-webkit_2.8.2
Lift Json Scalaz jar lift-json-scalaz_2.9.1
Lift Machine jar lift-machine
Lift Actor jar lift-actor_2.12
Lift Proto jar lift-proto_2.9.0-1
Lift Proto jar lift-proto_2.9.0
JPADemo-spa jar JPADemo-spa
Lift Markdown jar lift-markdown_2.10
Lift OAuth jar lift-oauth_2.7.7
Lift Mongodb Record jar lift-mongodb-record_2.9.2
Lift MongoDB jar lift-mongodb_2.7.7
Lift Mongodb jar lift-mongodb_2.12
Lift Util jar lift-util_2.8.2
Lift TestKit jar lift-testkit_2.7.7
Lift Markdown jar lift-markdown_2.12
Lift Json Scalaz jar lift-json-scalaz_2.9.2
Lift Markdown jar lift-markdown_2.9.1-1
Lift Markdown jar lift-markdown_2.9.2
Lift Markdown jar lift-markdown_2.9.1
Lift Json Scalaz jar lift-json-scalaz_2.10
Lift Widgets jar lift-widgets_2.8.1
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper_2.8.2
Lift Testkit jar lift-testkit_2.9.0-1
Lift Mongodb Record jar lift-mongodb-record_2.9.1-1
Lift JPA jar lift-jpa
Lift Testkit jar lift-testkit_2.9.0
Lift OAuth jar lift-oauth
Lift Db jar lift-db_2.8.2
Lift Oauth jar lift-oauth_2.9.0
Lift Oauth jar lift-oauth_2.9.0-1
Lift Mapper jar lift-mapper_2.12
Lift Json Ext jar lift-json-ext_2.9.0-1
Lift Proto jar lift-proto_2.7.7
Lift Json Ext jar lift-json-ext_2.9.0
Lift Common jar lift-common_2.8.2
Lift Jpa jar lift-jpa_2.8.1
Lift Record jar lift-record_2.8.2
Lift Actor jar lift-actor_2.8.2
Lift Testkit jar lift-testkit_2.8.2
Lift Oauth jar lift-oauth_2.9.1
Lift MongoDB jar lift-mongodb
Lift Mongodb Record jar lift-mongodb-record_2.12
Lift Proto jar lift-proto_2.8.2
Lift TestKit jar lift-testkit
Lift Widgets jar lift-widgets_2.8.0
Lift Jpa jar lift-jpa_2.8.0
Lift Mongodb jar lift-mongodb_2.8.2
Lift Facebook jar lift-facebook_2.8.1
JPADemo-spa jar JPADemo-spa_2.8.1
Lift Oauth jar lift-oauth_2.8.2
Lift Textile jar lift-textile_2.8.1
Lift Json Ext jar lift-json-ext_2.8.2
Lift Wizard jar lift-wizard_2.8.1
Lift Scalate jar lift-scalate_2.8.1
Lift Wizard jar lift-wizard
Lift Facebook jar lift-facebook_2.8.0
Lift Wizard jar lift-wizard_2.8.0
Lift JTA jar lift-jta
JPADemo-spa jar JPADemo-spa_2.8.0
Lift Jpa jar lift-jpa_2.9.1
Lift Textile jar lift-textile_2.8.0
Lift Scalate jar lift-scalate_2.8.0
Lift Jpa jar lift-jpa_2.8.2
Lift Base Components pom lift-base_2.8.1
HelloLift example application war lift-hellolift
Lift Jpa jar lift-jpa_2.9.2
Lift AMQP jar lift-amqp_2.7.7
Lift Web Framework Parent Project Model pom lift-parent
Lift Site Skin jar lift-site-skin_2.8.1
HelloLift example application war lift-hellolift_2.7.7
lift-archetype-jpa-blank_2.8.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-blank_2.8.1
lift-archetype-mvc_2.9.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-mvc_2.9.1
Lift Archetypes pom archetypes
lift-archetype-jpa-blank_2.9.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-blank_2.9.1
Lift Imaging jar lift-imaging_2.8.0
lift-archetype-sbt_2.8.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-sbt_2.8.1
Lift Modules pom lift-modules_2.8.1
Lift Xmpp jar lift-xmpp_2.8.0
Lift Xmpp jar lift-xmpp_2.8.1
Lift Jpa jar lift-jpa_2.11
Lift Oauth Mapper jar lift-oauth-mapper_2.8.1
Lift Imaging jar lift-imaging_2.8.1
Lift Oauth Mapper jar lift-oauth-mapper_2.9.0-1
Lift LDAP jar lift-ldap_2.7.7
Lift PayPal jar lift-paypal_2.7.7
OSGi Examples for Lift pom examples-osgi_2.7.7
Lift Standard Example war lift-example_2.7.7
lift-archetype-blank maven-archetype lift-archetype-blank
Lift Oauth Mapper jar lift-oauth-mapper_2.9.0
lift-archetype-jpa-blank_2.7.7 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-blank_2.7.7
Lift Base Components pom lift-base_2.7.7
Lift Jpa jar lift-jpa_2.9.0
Lift Textile jar lift-textile_2.8.2
Lift OpenID jar lift-openid_2.7.7
lift-archetype-blank_2.9.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-blank_2.9.1
Lift Couchdb jar lift-couchdb_2.9.0-1
Lift Widgets jar lift-widgets_2.9.0-1
Scalate Example Application war lift-hello-scalate_2.8.0
JPADemo-web war JPADemo-web
Lift Couchdb jar lift-couchdb_2.8.2
lift-archetype-basic maven-archetype lift-archetype-basic
lift-archetype-jpa-blank-single_2.8.0 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-blank-single_2.8.0
lift-archetype-jpa-basic_2.10 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-basic_2.10
lift-archetype-basic_2.9.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-basic_2.9.1
Lift Ldap jar lift-ldap_2.9.1-1
JPADemo-web war JPADemo-web_2.8.1
Lift Addon Modules pom lift-modules
Lift Jpa jar lift-jpa_2.10
Lift MongoDB Record jar lift-mongodb-record_2.7.7
Skittr Example war skittr-example_2.7.7
Lift Couchdb jar lift-couchdb_2.9.1
lift-archetype-blank_2.10 maven-archetype lift-archetype-blank_2.10
Lift Machine jar lift-machine_2.9.0
Lift Oauth Mapper jar lift-oauth-mapper_2.9.1
Lift Facebook jar lift-facebook_2.8.2
Lift CouchDB jar lift-couchdb_2.7.7
JPADemo-spa jar JPADemo-spa_2.7.7
lift-archetype-jpa-blank-single_2.10 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-blank-single_2.10
Lift Flot widget example war lift-flot-demo_2.8.1
Lift Flot widget example war lift-flot-demo_2.7.7
Lift Persistence Components pom lift-persistence_2.8.0
Lift MongoDB Record jar lift-mongodb-record
Lift Squeryl Record jar lift-squeryl-record_2.9.1-1
Lift Standard Example war lift-example_2.8.0
Lift Jta jar lift-jta_2.9.0-1
Lift Jta jar lift-jta_2.9.1
Lift Examples pom examples_2.8.0
Lift Openid jar lift-openid_2.9.0-1
lift-archetype-jpa-blank-single_2.7.7 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-blank-single_2.7.7
Lift Paypal jar lift-paypal_2.8.2
Lift Framework pom lift-framework_2.9.0-1
Lift Json Scalaz jar lift-json-scalaz_2.8.0
Lift Framework pom lift-framework_2.8.0
Facebook Connect Example Application war lift-hellofbc_2.8.1
Lift Base Components pom lift-base_2.8.0
lift-archetype-sbt_2.8.0 maven-archetype lift-archetype-sbt_2.8.0
Lift Json Scalaz jar lift-json-scalaz_2.9.1-1
Lift Standard Example war lift-example_2.8.1
Lift Squeryl Record jar lift-squeryl-record_2.10
HTTP Authentication example war http-authentication_2.8.0
Lift Squeryl Record jar lift-squeryl-record_2.9.1
Lift Json Scalaz jar lift-json-scalaz_2.9.0-1
lift-archetype-basic_2.10 maven-archetype lift-archetype-basic_2.10
Lift Ldap jar lift-ldap_2.8.1
Lift OpenID jar lift-openid
Lift Paypal jar lift-paypal_2.9.0-1
Lift Imaging jar lift-imaging_2.9.0
Lift JTA jar lift-jta_2.7.7
Lift OSGi jar lift-osgi_2.7.7
Lift Persistence Components pom lift-persistence_2.8.1
lift-archetype-jpa-basic_2.8.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-basic_2.8.1
Lift Squeryl Record jar lift-squeryl-record_2.12
Lift Examples pom examples_2.7.7
Lift Wizard jar lift-wizard_2.8.2
lift-archetype-blank_2.7.7 maven-archetype lift-archetype-blank_2.7.7
lift-archetype-jpa-blank_2.10 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-blank_2.10
Lift Wizard jar lift-wizard_2.10
Lift Widgets jar lift-widgets_2.9.0
Lift Couchdb jar lift-couchdb_2.8.0
Lift Addon Modules pom lift-modules_2.7.7
Lift Widgets jar lift-widgets_2.7.7
Lift Wizard jar lift-wizard_2.9.1-1
HTTP Authentication example war http-authentication
Lift Oauth Mapper jar lift-oauth-mapper_2.8.2
Lift Json Scalaz jar lift-json-scalaz_2.9.0
lift-archetype-basic_2.8.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-basic_2.8.1
Lift Sites pom lift-examples-parent
Lift Paypal jar lift-paypal_2.8.0
lift-archetype-basic_2.7.7 maven-archetype lift-archetype-basic_2.7.7
Lift Json Scalaz7 jar lift-json-scalaz7_2.9.1
OSGi Examples for Lift - Hello jar examples-osgi-hello_2.7.7
Lift Modules pom lift-modules_2.9.0
Lift Scalate jar lift-scalate_2.8.2
Lift Squeryl Record jar lift-squeryl-record_2.9.0
lift-archetype-hellolift jar lift-archetype-hellolift
Lift Archetypes pom archetypes_2.8.0
Lift Ldap jar lift-ldap_2.8.0
Lift Scalate jar lift-scalate_2.9.0
Lift Xmpp jar lift-xmpp_2.9.0-1
Lift Site Skin jar lift-site-skin_2.7.7
Lift Wizard jar lift-wizard_2.9.1
Lift OSGi jar lift-osgi
Lift Persistence Components pom lift-persistence_2.7.7
Lift Couchdb jar lift-couchdb_2.9.0
HelloLift example application war lift-hellolift_2.8.1
Lift Imaging jar lift-imaging
Lift Wizard jar lift-wizard_2.9.0-1
Lift Wizard jar lift-wizard_2.7.7
Lift Archetypes pom archetypes_2.9.1
Facebook Connect Example Application war lift-hellofbc
Lift Framework pom lift-framework_2.9.1
Lift XMPP jar lift-xmpp_2.7.7
Lift Machine jar lift-machine_2.9.0-1
Lift Ldap jar lift-ldap_2.9.0
Lift Imaging jar lift-imaging_2.7.7
JPADemo-web war JPADemo-web_2.8.0
Lift Squeryl Record jar lift-squeryl-record_2.8.0
Lift Web Framework pom framework
Lift Json Scalaz jar lift-json-scalaz_2.8.1
Lift Jta jar lift-jta_2.9.0
Lift Modules pom lift-modules_2.9.1
Lift Imaging jar lift-imaging_2.9.0-1
Lift Framework pom lift-framework_2.8.2
Lift Standard Example war lift-example
Lift Flot widget example war lift-flot-demo_2.8.0
Lift Jta jar lift-jta_2.8.0
Lift Machine jar lift-machine_2.8.2
Lift Squeryl Record jar lift-squeryl-record_2.11
Lift Oauth Mapper jar lift-oauth-mapper_2.8.0
Lift Openid jar lift-openid_2.8.0
Lift Squeryl Record jar lift-squeryl-record_2.8.1
lift-archetype-sbt_2.7.7 maven-archetype lift-archetype-sbt_2.7.7
Lift Squeryl Record jar lift-squeryl-record_2.8.2
HelloLift example application war lift-hellolift_2.8.0
Lift Framework pom lift-framework_2.9.0
Lift Ldap jar lift-ldap_2.8.2
lift-archetype-jpa-basic_2.9.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-basic_2.9.1
Lift CouchDB jar lift-couchdb
Lift Modules pom lift-modules_2.8.0
lift-archetype-jpa-basic maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-basic
Lift Facebook jar lift-facebook_2.9.0
Lift Jta jar lift-jta_2.8.1
Lift Ldap jar lift-ldap_2.9.0-1
Lift Web Framework pom framework_2.8.1
Lift Openid jar lift-openid_2.9.1
Scalate Example Application war lift-hello-scalate_2.8.1
Lift Site Skin jar lift-site-skin_2.8.0
JPA Demo Master pom JPADemo-Master
Lift Ldap jar lift-ldap_2.10
Lift Flot widget example war lift-flot-demo
Lift Xmpp jar lift-xmpp_2.8.2
Lift Web Framework pom framework_2.8.0
Lift Facebook jar lift-facebook_2.9.0-1
Lift Machine jar lift-machine_2.8.0
JPA Demo Master pom JPADemo-Master_2.7.7
Lift Persistence Components pom lift-persistence
Facebook Connect Example Application war lift-hellofbc_2.8.0
lift-archetype-blank_2.8.0 maven-archetype lift-archetype-blank_2.8.0
JPADemo-web war JPADemo-web_2.7.7
lift-archetype-jpa-blank maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-blank
JPA Demo Master pom JPADemo-Master_2.8.1
Lift Modules pom lift-modules_2.9.0-1
Lift Machine jar lift-machine_2.7.7
Lift Json Scalaz7 jar lift-json-scalaz7_2.12
HTTP Authentication example war http-authentication_2.7.7
Lift Web Framework Parent Aggregator pom lift
Lift Textile jar lift-textile_2.9.0-1
Lift LDAP jar lift-ldap
Lift Archetypes pom archetypes_2.10
Lift Ldap jar lift-ldap_2.11
Lift Ldap jar lift-ldap_2.9.2
Lift Paypal jar lift-paypal_2.8.1
Lift Paypal jar lift-paypal_2.9.1
Lift Framework pom lift-framework_2.8.1
Lift Ldap jar lift-ldap_2.9.1
JPA Demo Master pom JPADemo-Master_2.8.0
Lift Amqp jar lift-amqp_2.9.0-1
OSGi Examples for Lift - Hello jar examples-osgi-hello
Lift Wizard jar lift-wizard_2.11
lift-archetype-jpa-blank-single maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-blank-single
Lift OAuth Mapper jar lift-oauth-mapper
Lift Json Scalaz jar lift-json-scalaz_2.8.2
Lift Imaging jar lift-imaging_2.8.2
Lift Openid jar lift-openid_2.8.2
Lift Scalate jar lift-scalate_2.9.0-1
Lift Textile jar lift-textile_2.9.1
Lift Wizard jar lift-wizard_2.9.2
Lift PayPal jar lift-paypal
Lift Xmpp jar lift-xmpp_2.9.1
Lift Amqp jar lift-amqp_2.9.0
Skittr Example war skittr-example_2.8.1
Lift Web Framework Parent Project Model pom lift-parent_2.8.1
Lift Amqp jar lift-amqp_2.8.0
Lift Facebook jar lift-facebook_2.7.7
lift-archetype-mvc_2.10 maven-archetype lift-archetype-mvc_2.10
Lift Openid jar lift-openid_2.9.0
Lift Amqp jar lift-amqp_2.8.1
Lift Web Framework pom framework_2.7.7
Lift Textile jar lift-textile_2.7.7
Lift Archetypes pom archetypes_2.7.7
Lift Json Scalaz7 jar lift-json-scalaz7_2.9.2
Lift Imaging jar lift-imaging_2.9.1
lift-archetype-jpa-blank_2.8.0 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-blank_2.8.0
Lift JPA jar lift-jpa_2.7.7
lift-archetype-jpa-blank-single_2.9.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-blank-single_2.9.1
Lift Openid jar lift-openid_2.8.1
lift-archetype-jpa-blank-single_2.8.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-blank-single_2.8.1
Skittr Example war skittr-example
Lift Amqp jar lift-amqp_2.9.1
Lift Archetypes pom archetypes_2.8.1
Lift Textile jar lift-textile_2.9.0
lift-archetype-jpa-basic_2.8.0 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-basic_2.8.0
Facebook Connect Example Application war lift-hellofbc_2.7.7
Lift Paypal jar lift-paypal_2.9.0
Lift Couchdb jar lift-couchdb_2.9.1-1
Lift Squeryl Record jar lift-squeryl-record_2.9.2
Lift Machine jar lift-machine_2.9.1
Lift Modules pom lift-modules_2.8.2
Lift-sbt jar lift-sbt
OSGi Examples for Lift pom examples-osgi
Lift Couchdb jar lift-couchdb_2.9.2
Lift Scalate jar lift-scalate_2.9.1
Lift Mongodb Record jar lift-mongodb-record_2.8.2
Lift Squeryl Record jar lift-squeryl-record_2.9.0-1
HTTP Authentication example war http-authentication_2.8.1
Lift Widgets jar lift-widgets_2.8.2
lift-archetype-sbt_2.9.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-sbt_2.9.1
Lift Amqp jar lift-amqp_2.8.2
Lift Base Components pom lift-base
lift-archetype-sbt maven-archetype lift-archetype-sbt
Lift Examples pom examples_2.8.1
Lift Machine jar lift-machine_2.8.1
Lift Archetypes pom lift-archetypes
Lift Jpa jar lift-jpa_2.9.0-1
Lift Site Skin jar lift-site-skin
Lift Wizard jar lift-wizard_2.9.0
lift-archetype-blank_2.8.1 maven-archetype lift-archetype-blank_2.8.1
Lift Couchdb jar lift-couchdb_2.8.1
Lift Xmpp jar lift-xmpp_2.9.0
Lift Facebook jar lift-facebook_2.9.1
Lift Web Framework Parent Project Model pom lift-parent_2.7.7
Lift Jpa jar lift-jpa_2.9.1-1
Lift Json Scalaz7 jar lift-json-scalaz7_2.9.1-1
lift-archetype-basic_2.8.0 maven-archetype lift-archetype-basic_2.8.0
lift-archetype-jpa-basic_2.7.7 maven-archetype lift-archetype-jpa-basic_2.7.7
Lift Jta jar lift-jta_2.8.2
Skittr Example war skittr-example_2.8.0
Lift Web Framework Parent Project Model pom lift-parent_2.8.0
Lift Json Scalaz7 jar lift-json-scalaz7_2.11
Lift OAuth Mapper jar lift-oauth-mapper_2.7.7
Lift Examples pom examples

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