fresh name packaging artifact id
TrueVFS Kernel Specification jar truevfs-kernel-spec
TrueVFS Access jar truevfs-access
TrueVFS Kernel Implementation jar truevfs-kernel-impl
TrueVFS Driver ZIP jar truevfs-driver-zip
TrueVFS Component ZipDriver jar truevfs-comp-zipdriver
TrueVFS Driver JAR jar truevfs-driver-jar
TrueVFS Driver TAR jar truevfs-driver-tar
TrueVFS Driver TAR.GZIP jar truevfs-driver-tar-gzip
TrueVFS Driver TAR.BZIP2 jar truevfs-driver-tar-bzip2
TrueVFS Driver ZIP.RAES jar truevfs-driver-zip-raes
TrueVFS Driver TAR.XZ jar truevfs-driver-tar-xz
TrueVFS Component TarDriver jar truevfs-comp-tardriver
TrueVFS Driver HTTP(S) jar truevfs-driver-http
TrueVFS Driver ODF jar truevfs-driver-odf
TrueVFS Profile Default jar truevfs-profile-default
TrueVFS Component ZIP jar truevfs-comp-zip
TrueVFS Driver SFX jar truevfs-driver-sfx
TrueVFS Component JMX jar truevfs-comp-jmx
TrueVFS KeyManager Specification jar truevfs-key-spec
TrueVFS Component Instrumentation jar truevfs-comp-inst
TrueVFS Driver FILE jar truevfs-driver-file
TrueVFS Profile Full jar truevfs-profile-full
TrueVFS Profile Base jar truevfs-profile-base
TrueVFS Extension Logging jar truevfs-ext-logging
TrueVFS Component IBM437 jar truevfs-comp-ibm437
TrueVFS Extension Insight jar truevfs-ext-insight
TrueVFS Access Swing jar truevfs-access-swing
TrueVFS Extension Pacemaker jar truevfs-ext-pacemaker
TrueVFS KeyManager Swing jar truevfs-key-swing
TrueVFS KeyManager HurlingWindowFeedback jar truevfs-key-hurlfb
TrueVFS Extension PaceManager jar truevfs-ext-pacemanager
TrueVFS KeyManager Console jar truevfs-key-console
TrueVFS Kernel Implementation jar truevfs-kernel-impl_2.12
TrueVFS Kernel Implementation jar truevfs-kernel-impl_2.10
TrueVFS Kernel Implementation jar truevfs-kernel-impl_2.11
TrueVFS Extension Pacemaker jar truevfs-ext-pacemaker_2.10
TrueVFS Extension Insight jar truevfs-ext-insight_2.10
TrueVFS Extension Insight jar truevfs-ext-insight_2.11
TrueVFS Extension Insight jar truevfs-ext-insight_2.12
TrueVFS Extension Logging jar truevfs-ext-logging_2.10
TrueVFS Extension Logging jar truevfs-ext-logging_2.11
TrueVFS Extension Logging jar truevfs-ext-logging_2.12
TrueVFS Extension Pacemaker jar truevfs-ext-pacemaker_2.11
TrueVFS Extension Pacemaker jar truevfs-ext-pacemaker_2.12
TrueVFS Profile Base jar truevfs-profile-base_2.10
TrueVFS Profile Base jar truevfs-profile-base_2.11
TrueVFS Profile Base jar truevfs-profile-base_2.12
TrueVFS Profile Default jar truevfs-profile-default_2.10
TrueVFS Profile Default jar truevfs-profile-default_2.11
TrueVFS Profile Default jar truevfs-profile-default_2.12
TrueVFS Profile Full jar truevfs-profile-full_2.12
TrueVFS Driver pom truevfs-driver
TrueVFS Component pom truevfs-comp
TrueVFS Profile pom truevfs-profile
TrueVFS Archetype Profile maven-archetype truevfs-archetype-profile
TrueVFS Profile Full jar truevfs-profile-full_2.10
TrueVFS Profile Full jar truevfs-profile-full_2.11
TrueVFS Samples jar truevfs-samples_2.12
TrueVFS Archetype Access maven-archetype truevfs-archetype-access
TrueVFS Samples jar truevfs-samples
TrueVFS Samples jar truevfs-samples_2.10
TrueVFS Samples jar truevfs-samples_2.11
TrueVFS Archetype pom truevfs-archetype
TrueVFS Kernel pom truevfs-kernel
TrueVFS Integration Tests jar truevfs-it_2.12
TrueVFS Integration Tests jar truevfs-it_2.11
TrueVFS Integration Tests jar truevfs-it_2.10
TrueVFS KeyManager pom truevfs-key
TrueVFS pom truevfs
TrueVFS Extension pom truevfs-ext

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