fresh name packaging artifact id
TrueUpdate Artifact Specification jar trueupdate-artifact-spec
TrueUpdate Core jar trueupdate-core
TrueUpdate Manager Core jar trueupdate-manager-core
TrueUpdate Installer Core jar trueupdate-installer-core
TrueUpdate Manager Specification jar trueupdate-manager-spec
TrueUpdate Message jar trueupdate-message
TrueUpdate JAX-RS Client jar trueupdate-jaxrs-client
TrueUpdate Agent Core jar trueupdate-agent-core
TrueUpdate Agent Specification jar trueupdate-agent-spec
TrueUpdate JAX-RS Client jar trueupdate-jax-rs-client
TrueUpdate JAX-RS Server jar trueupdate-jaxrs-server
TrueUpdate Utilities jar trueupdate-util
TrueUpdate Artifact Maven jar trueupdate-artifact-maven
TrueUpdate JMS jar trueupdate-jms
TrueUpdate JAX-RS Utilities jar trueupdate-jaxrs-util
TrueUpdate Agent JMS jar trueupdate-agent-jms
TrueUpdate Manager JMS jar trueupdate-manager-jms
TrueUpdate Server Maven jar trueupdate-server-maven
TrueUpdate JAX-RS Utilities jar trueupdate-jax-rs-util
TrueUpdate Shed jar trueupdate-shed
TrueUpdate Artifact Implementation Maven jar trueupdate-artifact-impl-maven
TrueUpdate JAX-RS Server jar trueupdate-jax-rs-server
TrueUpdate Agent Servlet jar trueupdate-agent-servlet
TrueUpdate Manager Servlet jar trueupdate-manager-servlet
TrueUpdate Installer Tomcat jar trueupdate-installer-tomcat
TrueUpdate Sample Implementation Java EE ejb trueupdate-sample-impl-javaee
TrueUpdate Agent EJB ejb trueupdate-agent-ejb
TrueUpdate Agent Implementation Java EE ejb trueupdate-agent-impl-javaee
TrueUpdate Manager EJB ejb trueupdate-manager-ejb
TrueUpdate Manager Implementation Java EE ejb trueupdate-manager-impl-javaee
TrueUpdate Manager Plugin OpenEJB jar trueupdate-manager-plug-openejb
TrueUpdate Server Implementation Maven ejb trueupdate-server-impl-maven
TrueUpdate Installer JSR 88 jar trueupdate-installer-jsr88
TrueUpdate Installer Cargo jar trueupdate-installer-cargo
TrueUpdate Archetype GlassFish maven-archetype trueupdate-archetype-glassfish
TrueUpdate Archetype pom trueupdate-archetype
TrueUpdate Installer pom trueupdate-installer
TrueUpdate Artifact pom trueupdate-artifact
TrueUpdate Archetype Tomcat maven-archetype trueupdate-archetype-tomcat
TrueUpdate Sample pom trueupdate-sample
TrueUpdate Sample Application Java EE ear trueupdate-sample-appl-javaee
TrueUpdate pom trueupdate
TrueUpdate Server pom trueupdate-server
TrueUpdate Server Application Java EE war trueupdate-server-appl-javaee
TrueUpdate JAX-RS pom trueupdate-jax-rs
TrueUpdate JAX-RS pom trueupdate-jaxrs
TrueUpdate Installer OpenEJB jar trueupdate-installer-openejb
TrueUpdate Manager Application OpenEJB war trueupdate-manager-appl-openejb
TrueUpdate Manager pom trueupdate-manager
TrueUpdate Agent pom trueupdate-agent

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